Friday, February 29, 2008

My sisters pretties

I promised one of these days I would share some more photos of the pretties of my sisters. I snaped some pic's the day we got back from KC. I was loosing light ...but here they are. She has so many beautiful things and such a way of displaying them. It's total eye candy , from one end of her house to the other.

She is the "Cake Plate Queen"!!!

I 've shown some photos of this before...but it was a while ago. This cabinet is mine...but I just didn't have a place for it at the time, so I asked Jan if she wanted to use it. It was sitting in my Grandma's garage when I saw it...filled with paint cans ect... I could see the potential if it was just cleaned up. Just look when Jan has done with it! It's gorgeous! I keep teasing her... telling her.. now I want it ...(with everything of her's in it!) lol I don't think , that's part of the deal. Darn!

She has been collecting for some time now. Her and Keith know all the best antique places from one end of the country to the other. Then find new treasure every time then travel.

Every little detail is beautiful in their home.

It was so fun , antiquing with them, because they are so knowlegeable about names and dates of all the different things. I just like what I like ...and dont know much about all that...but it was so interesting. I told them they are just a "plethora" of information! lol

I love this set!!!

More cake plates, here.... and...


Sometime ... I'll have to just post photos of all Keith's antique clocks.

I love this lamp Jan made.


Okay... as if that wasn't enough photos.... I'll share with you , the other treasure I found last weekend.

I think Keith thought I was crazy when I asked him , if there was room for this in the car. lol But I knew I had the perfect place for it in my studio. It's just an old drawer... made into a shelf to hang. I changed the papers in the back to some of my favorites.

You can see here ...the top ( the front of the drawer).

That cigar box with ribbons in it, was one of my other finds. I wish is would have said "Dunn" instead of "Dun"...because "Dunn" is my maiden name..but I still like the box alot.

I had fun filling it with goodies.

I just moved some thing around on the shelf above my work table.

How fun is this? Jan got it for me.

and I loved this little print.

and why I love this little jar and tiny colored pencils ,.. I have no idea...but I do! I've had them for some time...but they just please me!

This week as just flown by so fast .. I cant believe it. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers this week. Every prayer, every blog comment, email and phone call... all made me realized even more how blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. You guys are the best! Thank you so much!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sharing some "happy" things

I thought it was time to share some happy things. My mom got to come home from the hospital this afternoon and is doing better. So many thanks to all of you who keep her in your prayers! and also for Nancy.. who got to leave the hospital last night.

I am home right now and looking forward to a good sleep in my own bed tonight. But.... I wanted to post something happy so I'm posting some photos of the treasures Jan and I found antiquing on the way to and from KC last weekend.

These little cuties are Jan's. She had the "couple" on the left..but found the little guy on the right along the way. (the "couple" ...weren't a couple... one came from Maine and one from Nebraska... but Jan played match maker) lol. They get along so well! lol

This sweet little coffee pot is now mine.

this was one of Jan's purchases

and this salt and pepper set , was one of mine. I think it looks like Dan and I. lol ( is he making a face at me ... and I'm about to use a wooden spoon on him?????) lol

and mine...

and mine.... ( the bowl in front ...the other bowls and glasses behind are all from Jans collection)

ummmm..... and mine....

these little cuties are Jan's

and so are these.

Let's just say...we had us "some fun" , on the hunt! lol I got a couple other things... I still have to take photos of , that were packed away in the car.. so I'll post those tomorrow, along with some photos of Jan's collections and her house. I posted some photos from around her house before.. and no matter where I go, someone always says... "I love your sisters house!" I keep promising to post I'll do that tomorrow.

( proud mom warning****) lol
The other thing that made me happy was a email I got from Wes , with this little video clip, of him playing something new he had written and was playing using his new vintage amp... so I thought I would share.
I took my music off my blog...( just for today) , so that you could check if you wanted to without the blog music playing over it.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


just home long enough for a quick update to let those of you who had emailed wondering where I am and what's up.... the last few days have been a whirl wind of emotions. Sunday night a friend had a tragic house fire. It has been devistating for our entire community. She lost her daughter and two grandchildren(ages 2 and 4), her home and all of her belongings. It has just been heartbreaking beond belief. She is now recovering in the hospital from smoke inhalation. It has all just been unbelievable.
Yesterday, I took my mom in to the pulminary specialist , because she has been having trouble with shortness of breath. After seeing one doctor , and then the other, the decision was made to put her in the hospital for some tests. She is doing well, but we are keeping a close eye on her. She is on the same floor .. and just a few doors down from my friend who had the devistating fire.
I stayed at the hospital with mom over night last night, just to keep an eye on things and be close. ( my brothers and sisters have all been there also, and calling and keeping up on things).
About 3 am this morning my cell phone rang and it's my cousin Jerri , saying she is in labor ( on third floor ..of the same hospital)..... so I got to be part of seeing this beautiful baby girl , be brought into the world. I can only say that the past 72 hours have been a sleepless emotional whirlwind... and my mind is still reeling from it all.
Thanks for your emails, for caring and for your concern. I am heading back to the hospital to be with mom .. so I wont be able to answer my emails for a day or two... I thought this would be the best way to touch base with you all.

Please keep Nancy in your prayers... she has a rough road ahead.
As for my mom... she is an amazing ... strong woman..with lots of kids, grandkids and greatgrandkids watching out for her.
And this photo of a beautiful new babe... a precious gift ......reminding us all of the miracle of life.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Retreat Weekend

Wow, that weekend just flew by.. I cant believe it's Monday! What a fun weekend with the girls from Midwinters Fantasy Retreat. Thanks so much to Sara Mabin , owner of "The Paper Pixie", for asking me to come... it was a blast!
What a super fun and friendly bunch of girls. They made us feel so welcome!

Always fun to make new friends.

I have lots of photo to share from the retreat,but I also wanted to share some with you , of the places we stopped and took in , on the way.These were some great antique stores in Weston Missouri. (Thanks Shawn for the list of hot spots to check out). I didnt even know there was a Weston Missouri. Well, to tell you the truth, I didnt even know there was a Weston NE for a long time.. and it's not that far from us. ( Our oldest sons name is Weston)... I just loved the name. lol

Boy did we see some goodies here. ( oh... and great Fudge too). yum!

Also in Weston.

Our room was beautiful!

Tomorrow I'll share some of the goodies we purchused, at our stops.

We got to the Hyatt in Overland Park about 9pm Friday night, and the girls were alread hard at it in the crop room. This is Alta... the Paper Pixie Mascot. lol

Yep... me and my sissy!

I should have gotten a photo of Keith in here also... He was fantastic to us... driving us all over... loading , unloading... hitting all the great antique and food spots around KC. He know's his way around there, that's for sure.


These girls were die hards... let me let you..they cranked out some amazing things. It was so fun to get to look at the projects these girls had been working on. Amazing bunch of advanced paper crafters...for sure!

and with a sense of humor too!

We did two classes on Saturday. The Crafty Secrets Chipboard house was so fun to do with these girls!! They just took the idea and ran with it...their finished house were amazing... each was so personal and individual... totally creative. Here are just a few. Some of the girls were going to finished theirs with just the right photos , when they get home...but they've promised to send photos... I cant wait to see them.

my friend Amy used another house after she finised her vintage shappy house and did this one for the table for her sons graduation this year. How's that for diverse? I'm so impressed!!! Just shows two very different ways to use the house.
AMY has photos of her class projects and of the retreat posted here also

Amy's daughter Ruthy. You cant believe the creativity of this 8 year old.

All these girls did such a beautiful job. I LOVE seeing each one when class is over. Once the photos are in ...they are just so personal.

Thanks for such a fun time girls... We had such a great time!

I have so many photos to share. Tomorrow I'll show you the photos of the treasures Jan and I purchased.... and then for those of you who have been asking for more photos of my sister Jans house and cake plate collection.... I'll share those tomorrow also.
Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend also!