Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dose udder peoples

Oh , I have to tell you, this has been a rough past few days. The nasty cold now has both of us down. I'm finally starting to feel some better, but Dan is now , where I was a few days ago. He was home from work today, and not sure he'll make it tomorrow. Boy , it seems like so many people are sick with this junk. Anyway I have to share with you the little bright spot in my day yesterday. I got an email from my sister-in-law, saying my sweet little nephew Griffin was sitting with her as she was looking at the CHA photos on my blog the other day. The title of the email was "Aunt Bic". I guess he was wondering who the people were in the pictures with me, because he said....

OH man,... that just made my day. I love that kid to peices!!!
Right before I left for California, the Design Originals Books came!!! I was so excited to see them... but since it was the night before I was leaving , I had to take them with me to look at on the plane.
I'm so happy with how they turned out. There are two different ones. Clearly Cards and Clearly Classy Albums.

It was fun to do these with so many of the other girls from the Page Frames Team.

Here's just a little sneak peek. The clear wedding album I made for my my niece Kiley and her husband Brad is in the album book , along with the Fancy Pants album of Kirstyn, playing in the flowers.

Here's just a few projects of my from the pages in the other book.

When the projects, supplies and directions for these books were due, it was a "busy" time, and was a bit of a crunch getting it all pulled together....but seeing it all finished is so worth it now! ahhh!

This weekend is the weekend I'm teaching at the "Midwinters Fantasy Retreat" in KC for The Paper Pixie. Today, I worked on these little "Thankyou's"
I cant wait ... it should be a fun weekend. My sister Jan, Brother-in-law Keith and I are making a weekend of it. We're all taking Friday off and hitting the road. Keith knows his way around KC, so he's our Chauffeur. We'll be checking out some antique stores on the way and whatever else calls to us.

I wanted to share a few more "happy" things with you. I am just SO lucky to have so many wonderful friends with HUGE hearts.... I really am.
Amy from Precious Treasures make this for me and brought it to me at CHA in California. She said, "you are always so busy, I figured the one thing you could really use is a day planner".lol
She made this with a photo taken a day that Jan and I were teaching there. It's all digital. Thankyou so much Amy! I love it!.... and I'll TOTALLY USE IT!

*** Speeking of incorporating digi... you have to be sure to check out the great projects and tutorials the Scrapbook Dimensions DT have been posting non stop on the blog. Those girls have jumped right in.. with some great stuff. Check it out HERE!

Then I get the mail , and find these handmade cards from my friend Shawn and Tera. Thanks girls!!!

Card and cute little crocheted peices
One last thing I have to tell you about , so you can check it out , if you havent already...is this...
It was linked on ScrapScene today , so some of you may have caught it then...but this is just SO worth Checking out.
The girls at "2 Scrappy Sisters" in KC were asked to be apart of creating a Military album and wall hangings for Extreme Makeover Home Edition and the video clip is so cool! Check it out HERE
Way to go girls!!!!
It was so good to see you girls at CHA... and even though it didnt work out for me to come teach , this trip to KC... I AM comming!! I wouldnt miss a chance to teach at your store!
Okay...enough for now...but I have lots of cool new Crafty Secrets Stamps to share tomorrow! Woo Hoo!


becky said...

how sweet of griffin! love the projects! hope you and dan both feel much better soon!

Deb S. said...

aww swet little griffin loves his aunt bic! nothing better than that,to help make you feel better. love all the beautiful projects vic.

Lana said...

WOW Vicki!! All those awesome projects in one book! I recognize so many of them ( my fave being the tilly & the wall with the lace bottom!!!) CONGRATS!! Get better soon!

janel said...

Out of the mouths of babes......so darn cute! So much on your blog..now I am going surfing on all your links!
Feel better soon! Dan too!!!!

Natasha Burns said...

Your nephew is so cute!
Congrats on lots of your creations being published! Awesome work and they look just great!

Shawn said...

Griffin is cute, love what he said what a great title that would make for a lo! Congrats on your publication those albums are adorable! Hope Dan feels better soon and that you do too :)

Catherine said...

Wow, congrats on your clear projects, they look divine in that book! total yum factor...Have a great day Aunt Bic....lol. He's a doll.

Nat said...

love the cute photo of griffin! And congratulations for the awesome pubs!!!

Micki said...

We can't wait to see you this weekend Vicki!

MJ said...

It must feel so rewarding, exhilarating and self-esteem confirming to see your work published! Congratulations!

Precious Treasures said...

Glad you liked it. I could nevver make you anything "hand made" as nothing compares to what you can do. So I thought digital you would not probably do. :) I have been wanting to get you a thank you for teaching and just never found the right thing. A planner is perfect as you are SO BUSY! hee hee I ordered one in for Jan and hoping it is here by tomorrow so I can bring it to the KC crop. I am so excited to get away to crop. See you tomorrow! woo hoo!!!