Friday, February 01, 2008

Is it Friday already???

I had plans of posting this project yesterday, but I was so tired by the time I ran all my errons yesterday, put groceries away, cooked dinner... and all the other good stuff... well...I fell asleep. lol Seriously, I went in and laid on the bed for a minute... and that was it. All I'll say about that is... It felt great! It was so good to catch up on some sleep.
This is a project I did using new Tattered Angels Products. I had this wooden box from Hobby Lobby.. ( again.been sitting in the supply closet a while), so I decided to use it for this project.
I sprayed the box ( inside and out) with Glimmer Mist first. After it was dry , I added the papers , Chipboard ect..

The background paper on the left side, was white to begin with. I used the new GLIMMER SCREENS to make the scroll pattern.

I stamped the tag with the new Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage "Cherish" stamp set. And embossed it with ( Wine colored) Top Boss embossing powder from Clearsnap.

I used this printed chipboard piece on the front. ( so if the box was closed , this is what you would see).

The chipboard comes printed , and is self adhesive, I just inked the edges a little for this project.

Oh ... bummer.. the phone just ran as I was posting this, and it was Scrapbooks Etc... They requested a layout. Sounds good huh? Except for the fact that it's no longer available. DARN! It will be published in Scrapbook Trends, and that's great because I love Scrapbook Trends!... but this would have been my first layout published in Scrapbooks Ect... and this is the second time it's happened that they requested a layout that was already out for publication. Oh... here's hoping they dont give up on me. I do look forward to seeing my little "Burger King" in print soon! ( you hear that Griffin?)

Okay, over that ,... and back on track now. I wanted to share with you , something really exciting. You may remember some time ago , me talking about the fundraiser for Dave and his family. Well, after the fundraiser, there was much research and discussion about whether it would be more reasonable to start the repairs on their current home, or for them to consider a new home.

Thanks to all the hard work Julie Higgins , and all the others have put into helping Dave and his family ..................Feb 23 ,Dave and his family will be moving into their new house!
I am so excited about this for them , I could just cry. They are SO deserving!!

This house has been all redone, and is just as cute as can be. Some volunteers even built the ramp comming up the side of the house from the driveway , so it's easy for Dave to get Wilamae from the van into the house in her wheelchair.
Seeing how people go out of their way to do good things for someone else , like this , is just so touching! My dear friend Julie , will never ever give herself credit for all the time and effort she has put into this ... so I will! inspire me to be a better person. Thankyou for all you do!


Elly said...

Your box is so lovely! I love the vintage look! Have a nice weekend (and sleep well!)!

Shawn said...

I love that picture of Grandpa and Grandma so neat! Your box is so pretty! I bet they call soon asking for another lo I think they should choose one of your fancy pants lo :)

Cathy said...

Beautiful! I haven't tried Glimmer Mist on wood yet! I must give that a try! Thanks for inspiration! Have a great CHA!

~missprissme said...

I am seeing the sneak peaks of the sweet kids set CS. It's making me crazy I just h2h that set. How exciting about Dave's house. Sweet story.

Country Liv . . . said...

Hi Vicki!
Wow! super job on the box, it's awesome. Is that some of your family in the pic or is that another of your thrift shop finds?
Oh what a darling little house! It looks like something you made!(Wouldn't you like to take some paper and glimmer mist to it! LOL!)How happy you must be for your friends-the ones who are moving in and the ones who give of themselves so unselfishly.
Have a great weekend,

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thank you so much for sharing the new home for Dave and Willamae, I love it!(sniffle)

And THANK YOU,Julie, for all you have done. You are God's hands here on earth. And an inspiration for all of us, to make a difference and go the extra mile.
xo Lidy