Tuesday, February 05, 2008

NEW Crafty Secrets Chipboard

I this post I thought I'd show you some of the new Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Chipboard albums, and what you can do with them. They come in a number of different shapes, and can be used as an album, to make a swag or garland, or used individually, like I did with this one.
** ( Heart shaped chipboard*Papers from the "Earthy Paper Pad"* Bird image from the "Wacky" Book and "Hardware" stickers* stamps from "Mini Memories")
All of those leaves and flower pieces were cut from on of the sheets of paper in the "Earthy" paper pad.

Each Kit comes with 4 peices( and also different smaller frames. On this I used the oval frame), so here's what I did with the other three hearts. I just havent decided what I'm going to put on the center piece yet..still thinking...but I love the colors. All these papers are from the "Radiant" Paper pad.
**(Radiant papers and new "Flourish" Stamps)

I love using this patchwork pattern, just by punching out random paper pieces with my square punch, and then going over it with the tracing wheel once they are glued to the chipboard.

These new "Flourish Stamps" are so beautiful!

Okay... here's another of the chipboard shapes. This one , made into an album.

I used Glimmer Mist on the oval frame on this one, and then went over it with my tracing wheel.

**(papers from the "Earthy" Paper Pad, images from the "Wacky" booklet, and "Family" Stickers.)

lol... another of my adopted families. Well, I thought they looked like nice people. lol

and they have cute kids. lol

Okay... another album... another shape!

I used Diamond Glaze in the windows, to look like glass. The window frame , is one of the Chipboard shapes that come in the set.
I used Glimmer Mist on the window frame also.

These are the new "ABC TopHat" alphabet stamps.

These heart shapes come in this kit also. Glimmer Mist and then "Flourish" Stamps added to them. Image from the "Seasonal" Booklet.

(Oh and these photo's arent a pretend house... it's really mine). lol

I am IN LOVE with these "Flourish" stamps!!! Every one of them is just so BEAUTIFUL!!

All the Chipboards come with one hole punched, which is great because you can easily use them for a swag , a book, or individually... and even add another hole if you want.

I sprayed Glimmer Mist directly to the chipboard on the right , then when it was dry, I stamped the flourishes.

More of the gorgeous flourishes.

Pop over to the AccuCut Blog and check out the new "Apricot Alphabet". Traci Armbrust (senior designer for AccuCut) has a gorgeous layout posted, and then the "Smile" layout just below hers, is mine. Both done using the new alphabet.
Okay, like I havent shown you enough photos today? I just have to share a couple more.
We have another snow storm heading our way, so I decided to run to NB to mail some things and also pick up bread, milk, stuff like that.
The photo below, really sums up why I love living in a small town! I dont know why I love that photo so much, but I DO!! I just looked up as I was coming out of the post office and this is what I saw.
Heading home...this is what I saw. NOT liking this so much. Our house is in the group of trees to the left.

Not sure how much we are supposed to get..but it's really starting to blow now. Brrrr...
CA, has got to be warmer than this right? 3 more days!


Deb S. said...

wow have you ever been a busy girl!!! i love your heart with the birds,made me smile when i clicked on your blog and i think the house book is so cool...oh and the flourish stamp & i love it all.hey,could you take me with you to ca?? i'd love to ditch this weather for a bit! HA!

Angie said...

I don't know how you create such amazing things, it's all so beautful! Well except the snow, it was beautiful in December, now I am craving spring.

Jessrose21 said...

OK, first of all, do you sleep? LOL! Second, my jaw literally dropped when I saw your first gorgeous project! I love those little birdies and this has to be my favorite thing you've ever made. The cut-out flowers and leaves look so beautiful.

(Angie) Norththreads: said...

What lovely ideas these are, beautiful!!

janel said...

Such gorgeous work. Love it all! I can tell the wind is blowing across the road....looks mighty cold too. I think our snow is at your house now...almost 50 today, so warm is coming. More snow for us! :(
I agree...I wonder when or if you sleep!

HB said...

Girl, don't you EVER sleep?
Every one of these projects is amazingly GORGEOUS! I was literally drooling by the time I hit the last pic!

Monica Yvette said...

Great photos as always. I like the way you use unexpected items like leather(faux?)and crystals. That photo you took in your town is classic. I would've snapped that shot too.

Catherine said...

Wow, love these Vic! The flourish stamps do look pretty lovely....and I think my favorite shape is the heart....I know these will be a hit for CS!

Scrap for Joy said...

When I first looked at this blog entry, my first thought was..."Doesn't Vicki ever sleep?". I just read everyone else's comments...I'm not the only one who thinks that! Your creations are always beautiful but the heart chipboard with the birds and the family book are my new favorites. I can't wait to see all of the new CS lines...I'm stashing money away. Have a great time at CHA!

stampinjane said...

I love the flourishes you used too!
Are they Crafty secrets? I think I have to have them! jane

DeniseLynn said...

Oh Vicki - each time i visit your blog I am thrilled to see the great art you create!! And then when I read about the weather I think YUCK ... and I sigh because after you get it it makes its way straight to me. Our weather man warned us all it's coming; (as usual) all the wind and snow and yuck. Oh how I long for spring. Anyway your art makes me smile - oh those flourishes are yummy! The first heart with the birds is just scrumptious! thanks for sharing.

Sharon in NE said...

I am speechless. (Alert the media) Everything you have created is ME. (no...NOT the adopted people. I'm not THAT old.) I can't figure out though, was it ME before you and your blog or have you given me a new appreciation for this beautiful vintage art. I don't remember. I just know I am so captivated by it.

Cathy said...

You are amazing! Such beautiful work! I'm always inpired and amazed!

Country Liv . . . said...

Alright, Vicki! Enough is enough. I read yesterday's blog this morning and am trying to figure out how you read all this stuff and graze the internet blogs and sites and make all of these items. AND you CUT out all the leaves and flowers and such from a background paper too? I thought you said you didn't have any elves? I'm with jessrose21, DO YOU SLEEP, LADY? I'm still trying to get my catalog up and running! LOL!

All your creations are absolutely stunning. Your photos are top notch.

Hope you have one great time at CHA and you warm up!


Kacey Elliott said...

Beautiful Vicki! Absolutely beautiful! I love, love, love that quilted heart, the colors are magnificent! You never cease to amaze!

MJ said...

It's been a while since you've taken us on a drive! The old Coke Cola sign is lovely!

I watched the movie, "Mr Woodcock" this past weekend with my dh & it is supposed to be set in Nebraska. Was looking for you & Deb throughout the film but no sightings of you! What a fun movie! It was likely filmed in Canada (LOL!)