Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sharing some "happy" things

I thought it was time to share some happy things. My mom got to come home from the hospital this afternoon and is doing better. So many thanks to all of you who keep her in your prayers! and also for Nancy.. who got to leave the hospital last night.

I am home right now and looking forward to a good sleep in my own bed tonight. But.... I wanted to post something happy so I'm posting some photos of the treasures Jan and I found antiquing on the way to and from KC last weekend.

These little cuties are Jan's. She had the "couple" on the left..but found the little guy on the right along the way. (the "couple" ...weren't a couple... one came from Maine and one from Nebraska... but Jan played match maker) lol. They get along so well! lol

This sweet little coffee pot is now mine.

this was one of Jan's purchases

and this salt and pepper set , was one of mine. I think it looks like Dan and I. lol ( is he making a face at me ... and I'm about to use a wooden spoon on him?????) lol

and mine...

and mine.... ( the bowl in front ...the other bowls and glasses behind are all from Jans collection)

ummmm..... and mine....

these little cuties are Jan's

and so are these.

Let's just say...we had us "some fun" , on the hunt! lol I got a couple other things... I still have to take photos of , that were packed away in the car.. so I'll post those tomorrow, along with some photos of Jan's collections and her house. I posted some photos from around her house before.. and no matter where I go, someone always says... "I love your sisters house!" I keep promising to post I'll do that tomorrow.

( proud mom warning****) lol
The other thing that made me happy was a email I got from Wes , with this little video clip, of him playing something new he had written and was playing using his new vintage amp... so I thought I would share.
I took my music off my blog...( just for today) , so that you could check if you wanted to without the blog music playing over it.



Jessrose21 said...

Glad to hear your mom is home and doing better!

janel said...

Oh, I love it all....Wes' video is wonderful!
:) :)
Sleep tight!

~missprissme said...

coffee pot...mine...I'll send you my addy and that son of yours... mine too. hehe. I have a couple of single daughters.

Deb S. said...

love all your treasures and Jan's!that Wes is one very talented guy! thanks for sharing with us.
nitey-nite and sleep tight.

Catherine said...

Glad your Mom is home, is she staying with you? Sleep tight and loved the video - I agree he is one talented guy!

Nat said...

so glad to hear your mom is back!

Shawn said...

So glad to hear your mom is at home. Love all your little treasures. I think I have a pink bird just like that! :)

Micki said...

Glad your Mom is doing better! Thanks for sharing your finds from the trip - how fun! Working on finishing up my house now, I think it may not become a gift for anyone but me! THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH for joining us!

Sugar Bear said...

Wes is very talented. I'm so happy to hear your mom is home. You had a wonderful fun at the antique store. Fun finds.

Sharon in NE said...

dang that missprissme...maybe I'll flip her for the coffee pot and/or Wes.

I'm happy your mom is home. I'll keep her in my prayers. (:) hugs

kverzani said...

Good to hear that your Mom is need to get some good rest..Let the family worry about dinner for themselves. This might be a good night for pizza or take-out. If your not rested, you won't be any good to the ones that need you. Enough of my lecture...LOL

The coffee pot really belongs to me. I lost mine and this is it...LOL Really, it's a cutey...would look real good on my Hoosier

MJ said...

Am glad that things are starting to look up for you. Sleep well! You deserve it!

Precious Treasures said...

I LOVE the pink bird!!! It was a fun trip.

Our prayers are with your mom.

Pattyjo said...

That is good news that your mother is home and doing better. Prayer does change things.
Is it possible, that your sister and my sister are collectors of the same type of things? LOL It was like looking at Terrys things.