Monday, March 24, 2008


This is a totally "Family Photo" scrapbook talk, or paper projects..just family stuff. I always say , I started a blog to share photos for the "far away" family members... and I don't separate "family" , and my love of "scrapbooking" , because for my they just go hand in hand. Family "is" the reason I scrapbook! So today... it's family photo day. lol

We had a nice day just being with family yesterday.

Of Course some of you will know who each of these people are..but for those who don't... this little Addison. My niece Amy and her husband Johns little one. ( Amy is my brother Rays Daughter).
Jayvier was enjoying his "big blue gum". It was a mouthful for sure. ha~! ( my nephew Cameron's little boy.) .. My Brother Dan and sisiter-in-law Lori's Grandson.

We were thrilled that Ryan was back from Denver to spend Easter with us.
Ryan and Nathaniel

(Ryan is my sister Jan's son and Nathaniel my sister Donna's Grandson)

Boy we had lots of new babes this Easter. Mom held them all, I think.
This is baby Alexa. (Jerri's babe)


Always LOTS of good food. I think that hand about to fill that plate, is one of my boys. lol

The kids had so much fun with bubbles!

New Babes!!!!!

Could that be any sweeter? ahhhh

I'll share the new Gazpacho salad recipe I made, later this week.. it was pretty yummy ( top left)
It's just not right if I don't make "Spring Salad" on Easter. (top right). I love that stuff.

Everyone found plenty to eat. lol


and more Bubbles

Amy and Grandma. ( Amy brother Ray's daughter)

Mom and Jan (my sis) with the babies.

Nataniel and Griffin sharing some tunes. (Nathaniel is my Nephew Brent and his wife Diana's son..and Griffin is my niece Kiley and her husband Brads son)

Ryan ( Jan and Keith's son)

My nephew , Brent.

And the family camera guy... my brother in Law Keith. He is an amazing photographer.

A little bit o' sweetness.

and the bubbles continue.

How great who life be, if we could all be this entertained with BUBBLES? lol

Kirstin looked so sweet in her new Easter dress.

and she was totally intrigued with the bubbles!!!

I laughed so hard when I saw this photo.

Baby Addison was all smiles, even though she wasn't feeling well.

Aunt Jan doing an Easter Craft Project with the kits.

Griffin, thought is was funny to see himself in Scrapbook Trends. lol

Baby Elexis

The Darling had made cards I got from Denise Lynn and Catherine! I didn't get to get a photo of the one from HB, because mom was showing it off...but thanks girls..they were beautiful!!!

There wasnt even on sliver of Grandmas Apple pie left.

Scott and Sue's family.

The kids all got these magnifying glasses for Easter...and Griff, was using his to check out Addison. lol... look how big his nose looks! lol

I think Addison's papa loves her. ( my brother Ray, with his first Granddaughter)

It was a really really nice day, even though it was way to cold to be outside. We had fun inside, with family, good food, and watching the little ones play. Hope all of you had a wonderful day also!


Deb S. said...

love all your great family photos! thanks for sharing your day with us vic! :)

Catherine said...

Looks like you had a lovely family day...thanks for sharing with us~!

janel said...

These photos reflect what scrapping is all, cherished times, togetherness, and new life! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family!

Sugar Bear said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day full of love and fun.

becky said...

you mom looks GOOD! so glad to see that! as always, the closeness of your family, is so it!

Precious Treasures said...

You are blessed with such a lovely family!

chelemom said...

Thanks for sharing! All those new babies!!! Glad you had such a great Easter with family!

Kara Ward said...

Next Easter is going to be even more fun with all those little babies movin' and groovin' around. I hope the bunny was good to you! Kara

happiness blooms said...

Vic, you should have posted a warning not to read this at 6am cuz it would make my hungry! ;)
The pics are FAB, the kids & babies are ADORABLE!! My favorite of all is the one of Griffin blowing bubbles! That one will appear in a scrapbook magazine for sure!

Shawn said...

What a great Easter! So glad your Mom is feeling better too:) Love all your pictures what a great family treasure.

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Vicki!
Wonderful, loving photos! Don't you just have the prettiest family ever? I look at all the young ones and see your features but Kirstin looks more like you than any of them! The food display was so lovely and made me want to "dig in!" I am glad to see that your Mom is doing so well! She definitely looked more like herself in these shots. Where are the photos of you and yours? And isn't Aunt Jan a doll to share art with the children?!
I didn't have any company Easter but this week a lot of my friends and family are coming to see me! Yesterday, Monday, Kim and the children came and we took them ice skating and forgot our cameras! Do you believe that? I'm totally a dork sometimes.
Stay warm Vic!

Sharon in NE said...

I am so close to my nieces and nephews even though they live in Lincoln, Dallas, Denver, Alaska, etc. And nothing is greater than our annual gatherings when we get together again and they bring their kids. It is SO sweet (and crazy).

Thanks for sharing your family with us. LOVE it.