Friday, March 28, 2008

A Place for Art .."Sweet Chips" House

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I've been working on this "A Place for Art" house shaped book from Crafty Secrets. I used paper from the Classic Paper Pad, and stamps from the Altered Art , and Hardware sets.

I outlined using the Sakura(startdust) pen.


Here's another thing I've been wanting to post. My Niece Amber is a Hair Stylist, and she was asked to do the hair for the bride on the cover of this magazine, and in the photos below.

Here is the promo for the the salon she works for "Salon Jack" , and Amber is the one talking in the video.
Beautiful work!... We're proud of you Amber!!!

Today was a pretty uneventful day , until it came time for this.... THE DREADED RIDE TO THE VET!!!! lol
Poor Molly had to have blood drawn to have her Thyroid checked again, and get caught up on her shots. I schedule the vet appointments for when Dans off work, so we can take his work van, instead of the dogs shedding in mind. (always a plan) lol. I always plan to take both dogs, because they both usually needs their nails clipped . Every time we go to the Vet, it's like a three ring circus has come to town!!!
Aly is FREAKED, and Molly is OUT OF CONTROL!
The constant "DING" of the door when it opens and closes in the office , has Aly about to have a complete meltdown and Molly is trying to get up on Dan's lap ( she only weighs 67 lbs).
Who ever told the Vets office that is was a good idea to have a pet CAT, in the office, that just walks around to taunt the dogs? lol Actually Aly was so freaked out about the "Ding" of the automatic door bell in the office, she didn't even notice the Cat. We live in the country so our dogs don't see many cats...but Molly knew it looked enough like Huge squirrel, for her to be interested.
At least it wasn't as bad as the last trip to the vet, where the girl brought them out a bowl of water, because they were panting so hard, and when they called our name to come in , and I stood up . Molly knocked the water dish across the room and I slipped and practically fell in it!
Molly was such a baby today, even the vet said, "she's a bit of a drama queen". lol
Aly, on the other hand , did fine, once she got away from the doorbell!
Why is it , when I leave the Vets office, I always feel like that mom who's kid just made a huge screaming scene at the checkout in the grocery store??? And everyone rolls their eyes as you walk away. lol
My dog is unruly!


Shawn said...

LOVE your sweet chips book what a fun book! I have those altered art stamps on my wishlist :) Annie totally freaks too at the vet thank goodness Bethany is a good helper and I try to make the appts when Corey can help but that doesnt always work. I hope they are doing ok, Annie has had probs with reverse sneezing, too bad our dogs can't talk and tell us what is wrong!

Cathy said...

What a great sweet chip book! I love the way you have everything displayed in your room for inspiration! I can totally relate to the 3 ring circus when it comes to going to the vet! I usually have to come home and take a nap afterwards...totally exhausting!

Jessrose21 said...

Your book is so beautiful! I love the cover with the window and all the trimmings. Great color palette; I like how there's so much detail but it's not overwhelming.

Nat said...

this book is so adorable- love it Vicki!!!

happiness blooms said...

Vic, you must have the BEST collection of vintage laces! The Sweet Chips house is soooo amazing! Every detail is perfection!!!

janel said...

Again, and again, I look at your work and am amazed. Beautiful, detailed, and full of love. You are an inspiration!

Micki said...

Love it Vicki!

Elly said...

Owww Vicki, your house-album is stunning!!! I love everything, the colors, the stamps, the papers, the pictures, it's perfect!
Have a nice weekend!
Btw, how's your mom doing?

stampqueen said...

I love that house - love the colors, I don't care if its spring I love fallish colors and the tans and creams!!!
My dog and my old cat don't mind the vet at all - they get to meet new people and get treats - but the little BC's (bratty cats) - I have never heard a cat scream, growl and just all out hollar as loud as our 'little' gray one can - he is all out mean!!!

Kara Ward said...

Okay, the stories about your baby dogs are so funny. I have been in your shoes. Coco growls...just smiles. A lady at the vet...moved because of the mean dog aka Coco. Uugh. I just want a minute in your brain. The book is wonderful and your studio is way too clean for as much as you create. Kara

Precious Treasures said...

Singer, artists, hair stylists, there is so much talent in your family. :) I will have to go pick up that magazine as my son is getting married.

chelemom said...

What an incredible book!!! WOWZERS!!! You never cease to amaze me with your continuous talent!