Sunday, April 27, 2008

Glimmer Mist Tips

I've gotten so many emails recently, asking me questions about
Glimmer Mist Techniques , that I promised to post a few more tips and a "sort of : tutorial here this week. lol

You can also get great tips and information here on the Glimmer Mist Creations Blog
and see creations and visit the forum here on the Tattered Angels Website.

So goes.

I guess the first thing I would say, is don't restrict yourself to just what you see or hear , can be done with Glimmer Mist..because all it is , is a new , really fun medium... for you to play and create do just that! You might discover something new, that no one has even tried. There are so many way to use it ..the possibilities are endless.
I'm just sharing a few of the ones I've tried, in this post.

** It's always important to remember to shake first ( the bottle , not you..silly)

With Glimmer Mist, you can put it on as light or as heavy as you want. There are just so many variables. How much you use, whether you let the colors dry between layers , or let the colors blend more , by adding while the other colors are just wet, ect...

I just used basic cheap manilla file folders, to show you these different techniques. Of course different colored papers , patterned papers, textured papers, chipboard , wood, ect... will all have a different look. Each on , cool, and unique from the other.

I love the blotchy look I get by spraying my GM a bit closer to the papers, and keeping the bottle more in one spot when I spray... like below.

But there are times you want a "misted look" without the larger dots of GM. The best way I could describe how to do this , is the way Wendy (creator of GM, and owner of Tattered Angels), explained it to me. She said, go from one side of your paper to the other , with one contant ..long mist. Like you put hairspray on. Keeping some distance between the bottle and the paper.

Adding the next color while the previous color is still wet, really helps them blend.
BUT.... I just discover this new way of achieving a really smooth blended look

In the photos below , I'm just using one color, but you can do the same with multiple colors like the example above.

Just spritz the entire area with the color(s) you choose..not even worrying about blotches or puddles.

Then just lay a paper towel down and rub over the top of the paper towel with your hand. ( you can also wipe with the paper towel.. to get another different effect)
note- the longer you leave the GM on , the more color will start to soak into the paper.
And... if you want, you can do this with another piece of paper, instead of the paper towel...then you will not be wasting anything.. and can use that piece of paper also.

When you pull up the paper'll have this smooth look. Almost more of a glimmery color wash.

Here's a more "layery", "altery" look you can achieve (with or without stencils or Glimmer Screens).. but I'm showing it done with Glimmer Screens.

For this more "altery" look , I'm using heavier amount of GM.. and using them .. one layer on another , while they are still wet... which allows them to blend even more.
I just started with the green folder from above..but you can just start by lightly spraying the entire area with a "fairly light" color. I usually always start with a lighter color and then add darker colors as I go. That lighter base color is what will show through when the stencil is lifted. The more color contrast between the color under the stencil and the colors on the rest of the paper, the more it will show up.

I then , just missed some darker colors over the top. If you put alot , or put it on fairly heavy, it may run or seep under the stencil or Glimmer Screen. I think that looks kind of least a little bit of it..BUT if you put it on heavy, and it seeps under too much, you'll loose the design of the stencil... so be aware of that.

You can pick the stencil up at anytime , move it to another area, add more or different colors , whatever you like.

(you can see here, where some of the color seeped until the Glimmer Screen)

You can just keep moving and adding until you get the look you like.

NOTE: When your added lots of color you can use a heat gun to help speed things along..BUT be sure NOT to heat the plastic stencil or Glimmer Screen. ( lift that off first)
You can heat directly with a brass stencil.


Lots of people ask... "how long does it take to dry"?

Well, it's water based, so just like water... it depends on how saturated your paper is. And... if your paper buckles a bit, if you've used alot.. it usually will just flatten back out as it dries. ( I cheat and iron mine, when I'm in a hurry) lol


Since it's water based, it washes off your hand and out of your clothes!

I had a roll of that light weigh table cover , left over from one of the boy's graduations.. and it has come in SO handy to put down a piece to work with "big or numerous " GM projects.

When I use die cut flowers to do lots of these folders for classes, I just roll out a big piece,.. do a bunch, and when I'm done, I let the plastic piece and the flowers dry..then I fold it all up.. (with the flowers inside) and put it away to use next time. Works great!

Below is just a sample , showing you how to keep a crisp design from your stencil or Glimmer letting each spritzing dry before adding another. It really only takes a minute to let thin spritzes of color dry in between... instead of adding heavy spritzes that might run under the stencil or Glimmer Screen. Both looks are great...depending on the look you are trying to achieve.


This is another thing I wanted to mention... remember you can use the positive, and negative of a stencil or Glimmer Screen.

After I've done this one...

I have this GM just sitting on here , waiting to be used (lol)

Flip it over on another piece of paper and utilize it.

Those are just a few ideas..but I'm sure once you start playing'll find lots more.
That's half the fun anyway right?
Thanks to all of you for thinking about and asking about Molly. We did take her to the Vet just a bit ago and he seems to think it may be arthritis. She will be taking anti inflammatory to see if that makes a difference. He said we should be able to see improvement within a couple of days, if that is the problem. If not, then we have to go the next step and have ex rays and other tests.. to see if we can get to the bottom on things. Poor thing... I can tell she just isn't herself.. so I sure hope this helps. Last summer she was doing back flips to catch the Frisbee, and that's what I want her doing this summer...cause she lives for that darn Frisbee! lol
I have to tell you this morning I was a bit nervous wondering if Becky was going to post pictures of our little practical joke last week. But thank goodness she spared us the photos. It was kind of funny though. When we talked about getting together, I eamailed her asking what she wanted me to pick up for lunch.. and being the funny girl she is .. she wrote back.. "I dont care... I'll eat a "poop sandwich" as long as we can get together". lol Well, it went from there . I called her the next day and asked her if she like mayo or mustard on her poop sandwich. Lets just say , 3 wasted, and very messy hours with plaster, paint ect... led to a really great afternoon laugh. I know... pathectic arent we? lol... well, trust me .. at the time it was really funny.
You can read about it here, if your interested. lol Becky's blog
Hope you all had a great , first day of this new week!


Precious Treasures said...

Tanks for the tutorial as I alway have trouble with the bigger droplets of glimmer mist. I cannot wait to get to work tomorrow to try the paper towel method. I love the look of glimmer mist.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL week!

Susan said...

Thanks for the update on Molly, please let her know we are thinking of her and wish her a speedy recovery!

Charmingdesigns said...

Yummm, (poop sandwich) LOL!! you are nuts!! Look at the vintage flowers I change the color with Glimmer the stuff!! Laurie

Jessica said...

Pretty tutorial! Thanks for sharing that. I hope the medication helps Molly real soon!

Country Liv . . . said...

Goodness! What a tutorial! You are really so kind to take the time to show all those different ways to use GM.

I'm glad for the update on Molly but I was hoping to hear something more definitive (as you were, I'm sure). Maybe she has 'iron poor blood' like they use to say in the commercial for Geritol. She looks tired and sad. If she has arthritis wouldn't it have shone itself more gradually? I mean, gee whiz, wasn't she just out frolicking in the snow about 3 weeks ago? Well, give her a treat from her online friends and a nice back scratch and tell her not to worry that I'm sure her Mommy will take care of her.

Oh, and the poop sandwich! LOL! I can see you going to all that trouble to make it! You all are a riot out there in the middle of this big old island. Not much to entertain you, huh? Just kidding. I bet you all have the best of times when you get together.

Well, I'm exhausted from listening to the varmints; they stayed indoors and played today because of the rain and tornadoes. I'm off to bed.

stampin_melissa said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial! I recently purchased some GM, but haven't had the courage to try them out yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am honored!! I love the Glimmer Mist and don't use them as much as I should because I don't have them where I would see them. BUT once in a while, I remember them and pull out one and spray away. No matter what method I use, it always looks beautiful!! Thanks for your tutorial!

Sugar Bear said...

I love Glimmer Mist and thank you for introducing me to it!

janel said...

Oh you are the best! Thanks...may just have to print this out to keep it fresh in my memory bank Love it!!!

stampqueen said...

Glad Miss Molly is doing ok - hope the medicine helps!!!! That's the main reason I had to squeeze time to stop in today!!! My 17 year old cat has started to get very thin in the last couple months but otherwise acts ok.
On to the glimmer mist - I was having so much fun shaking my big ol booty too :).
Poop sandwitch yum - sounds like I need to find you the recipe for 'kitty litter' cake - seriously its white cake crumbled (with some of it dyed blue with food color), chocolate pudding and tootsie rolls - looks horrible but tastes good - and of course the kids loved it!!!
For not having much time, I sure am windy today :) - we put a new liner in our pool today...
Take Care

Emma's Paper Patch said...

thanks for the tips...i don't have any glimmer mist yet, but our lss just got some in. you have beautiful samples. tfs

Tabitha W. said...

everytime i see you use gm i think to myself i really need to pick some of that up. that looks so fun!

i hope molly is chasing frisbees again real soon!

rose said...

oh glad molly is okay and you know what it is
Love glimmer mist and your tutorial is great,must try the paper towel technique I either have blogs or a fine mist,but love the sound of a smooth finish

Natasha Burns said...

Wow what a wonderful lesson in glimmer mist!!! i love that stencilled effect. Hope Molly gets well quickly!

Pattyjo said...

I will have to buy a bottle sometime and give it a try.

Micki said...

Thanks for the tips! I just used the bottle you gave us here in KC for the first time last nite on a card and loved the results!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips on the GM Vicky ! and love the music on your blog too
talk soon

eva said...

It´s lovely what you did with the glimmer mist! I was just looking at their webbsite wondering if I should try it? Thankyou for a great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tutorial, I was particularly in how to get a smooth effect, so the towel method is what I will use. I don't have Glimmer Mist yet, but they are on order, now I cant wait to receive them.

Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read that article. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.