Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just my day

well, the title of this post , pretty much sums it up. Sometimes you just have to have one of those days that you just run from morning till night. Especially since we don't live right in town anymore, I dread running in everyday , so I try to do it all at once, when I do go. Whew! draining sometimes. In the car. out of the car.. in the car, out of the car... But I did get alot done, in Fremont and then in Omaha,.. and I even got to squeeze in a visit with my dear friend Chris. We used to live just blocks from eachother , and walk together every night. She ended up moving to Omaha and me the other direction, so we just don't get together as often as we would like to. I was SO good to see her. Her son Nick, and my son Wes were in Kindergarten together... this week Nick and his wife had a baby boy. Chris is a grammy! lol Where in the world does the time go?
Well, you know me .. I did also enjoy my time in the car... with my music... today.... this...

Like a needed some more shoes..but these were just too cute to pass up. I guess I'm worth the whopping $12. Comfy for summer.
Chris and I hit the new Target store. I always check the dollar bin. Have you seen these there for 1$ I think they would be perfect for altered projects. Yup.. got me some! lol

I have to share this.. just because it tickles me. When Wes was here yesterday, I was running around here trying to get dinner going and a number of other things done.. one of which was getting the clothes in off the line before the rain started. I usually don't do this ,but let's just say.. I laid a somewhat "heavy" hint that I could use some help.
Dan got the meat going on the grill... and Wes... well....

*** Have you ever heard the saying .. "if momma ain't happy , ain't nobody happy" ??? lol Maybe they're learning. lol I have to say.. I really appreciated the help!
So I don't forget to post this now. Its funny, when I get emails from blog readers..for some reason the same questions seem to keep coming up. It cracks me up how often people ask me these questions.. so I'll answer them here.
!) What do you do with everything you make? Don't you run out of room to store it all?
Well... YES I do run out of room for it! lol I joke that someday my entire house will be made of PAPER. Actually, I do have a big walk in storage closet in the hall, that I keep class supplies and projects that I've submitted. Submitted projects, I hang on to , until I see if they get picked up for publication. (or I keep them for tradeshow samples). When time passes and they don't get picked up..then I usually give them to who's ever photo is on it, (if it has one on it), or give it who I think might have a place or use for it. If I like it and have a place for it , I might use it in my house. Some of the stuff I do , goes to the companies each month , and some or for assignments those get mailed off right away. Some are for swaps ect... So yeah.. there's alot, some go, and some I keep.
2) Does your room always look like that? lol... Oh... if you could only see my room in the middle of a creative whir wind or a deadline crunch!! You wouldn't believe the mess I can make!! I trash my work area...but when I'm done at the end of the day, it all has to be cleaned up and everything put back in it's place. I love organization! So ... answer to this would probably be..
I'm an organized mess maker!!!
3) Do you ALWAYS have your camera in your hand?
pretty much ...yes! How's that for a short and sweet answer? There are just so many fun opportunities for just "everyday" shots ..that , if I don't have it , certainly one will appear..and I'll be sad that I missed it. So either one or both cameras are always with me.
Also .. a number of you have asked me to let you know when the Tilly's are going to be on Sesame Street. Well, today they were in New York filming it..but Neely said it wont be on until this Fall. I did hear from a little bird that they will be singing "the Alphabet". (how cute is that?) I cant wait!

Okay.. after posting yesterday , about Dan's "bathroom rug placement".. I began to wonder what he would have thought about the way I handled the "wasp" incident that took place late last night in my studio, after he was sound asleep. I'm sure he would have questions my approach to this, as much as I did his rug placement. So it's only fair that I share. lol
I don't know what the deal is this year, but I have seen more wasps than I can even believe. They are everywhere. Well, last night I was at my work table .. ( mess'n in Glimmer Mist).. and I start hearing this buzzing and then "tick tick tick". I look up and see this HUGE Wasp bouncing off the ceiling time and time again. Well, this crazy Glimmer Mist Freak.. does what everyone one would do (?)... I grabbed the big pink Gerbera daisy that sits in the corner of my room, and swung it wildly ...trying to smack it! After about about 5 minutes of ducking , screaming , swatting ect... I brought in the big guns. I put the long attachments ( all of them) on the vacuum hose and proceeded to try to suck him up. Well,.. this wasn't going much better and he (the wasp) was TICKED! To top it all, either he (the wasp) morphed and split into two.. or another one came out of hiding! OH GREAT! Now ..two are dive bomming me! Finally... some how, the sucking power of the vacuum and my will to survive one.. and then the other!
Only a woman would approach this problem in this manner. lol ( well, okay, not every women...but I'm sure Dan would have done it differently.


Country Liv . . . said...

Oh my goodness-you have me lol! I can just picture you going after those buzzers with the vacuum wand! Where are the menfolk when we need them? But seriously, I've had this problem periodically too. Have no idea where they hide during the day or even how they get in.
The photo of Wes and the laundry is a hoot; be sure and share it with his bride to be so that she'll know in advance how handy he can be!
Now, about those items you've made that you don't know what to do with . . . .
Smiles all around!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh I enjoyed that!! My hubby isn't scared of anything...except bees, I think he would have done the same thing.LOL. We had a bat fly into the house one would have thought it was a swarm of bees.sooo funny. I laugh every time I think about the "bat dance". Thanks for sharing (cute cabinet you've got there!) Thanks for coming by. I'm going to have a little giveaway tomorrow...come visit! Laurie

stampqueen said...

Girl you are such a scream - I to have used the vacume to suck up bugs of various sorts :) - One day the kittens had a fly the were after...I thought they would tear down the window shades, they were jumping up on chairs and shelves, making flying leaps to the window...I finally had to get out the vacume before the kittens knocked everything off the shelves...
Take Care

Shawn said...

haha I've used our vaccum to suck up many flying insects. I think that is the only reason why they provide attachments!

rose said...

OMG Iam totally in fits here ROFL!!
I can confess I have and do the same thing lol!!!! but I was waitng for you to say you sprayed it with Glimmer mist!!!!love the alphas from the $ bin

DeniseLynn said...

oh my! I've not been on my computer for several days now ... I've missed soo much. vic, I am loving those flowers from yesterdays post!!!! And please keep me posted on the Sesame street gig - tell me when it will air!!! My 2 year old is nuts about that show. please have them say hi to Elmo for us!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for coming by!! I just love Sugarland!!! Laurie

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I just cleaned out the dollar bin with those stickers at our Target last week! (got some kinda mean looks, too) sorry, girls....I need all of those. :)
Loved this post. great music, loved seeing your laundry hanging outside, I miss that. I used to do that,maybe I'll start again.
xo happy weekend,

Beth Leintz said...

LOL! I thought you were going to say you sprayed Glimmer Mist on the wasp and it makes a great bug repellant, too! (Besides giving you pretty bugs!)

Cute cute shoes- and I always check the dollar bins at Target for craft supplies- they have GOOD STUFF!

Kara Ward said...

Okay...I have the purple Sugarland...and Enjoy the Ride...but where did the orange one come from...???? I am scared I might be missing one of their albums. You know I am their biggest fan...LOL. I bet you and I could sing the words to every song. I am loving "Life in a Northern Town"---Hey Ma Ma Ma....