Monday, April 07, 2008

Layered Flowers

I had so many emails asking me about how I made the flowers on the tussie mussies in yesterdays post. I decided to show you how I did mine and post some links to variations. The ones I make did for the tussie mussies are very similar to the first one I made on this altered project that I posted back in May. HERE I cant take credit for the look of the flowers, because I've certainly seen lots of variations , on projects , here and there. There are lots of great variations out there. There is a great project with detailed directions for "Vintage Jewlery Flowers" that are Gorgeous in the "Scrapping Spring Project E-book" from ScrapScene... and it includes a pattern! Along with a bunch of other Great patterns and projects.

You can check that out here. ScrapScene

You can also see samples here on Chris's blog of a different spin on layered flowers.

Here is a project I made months ago when I first fell in love with these little flowers. HERE

and tissiue paper flowers HERE


And here's a bunch of different examples of different flowers, using punches, ribbons and stamps. HERE

And if your in the mood for checking out cool "Vintage" flowers , check out Natasha Burns stash of Vintage millinery HERE.


This is just what I did to make them for this project. I'm sure we've all layered die cut or punched flowers to get a similar effect. These are just a bit more whimsy because they are hand cut. ( That along with crumbling the lightweight (and sometimes brittle) vintage sheet music, really gives them that worn look.

1). You can actually make them whatever size you want and add as many layers as you want (depending on how "foofy" you want them. This is the sized and number of pieces I used on this one. 2-large, 2-med and 2-small flowers.

You can just cut a kind of "general" flower shape like this. Just so they have a somewhat "round" shape to them.

Since you have to do two of each... cut two at a time, so it goes faster. (brilliant ..I know) lol

2) When I'm finished cutting .. I ink the edges lightly.

3) Then I crumple them in my hand (lightly). The vintage sheet music is sometimes really brittle.. so be careful. .. Sometimes... spritzing it with a LIGHT mist of water before crumpling is good, esp on thick papers. Just be sure to let it dry Completely before working with them again.

4) Layer them together, largest to smallest, with just a tiny bit of glue in between. Enough just to hold them in place while you put the wire through.

5) I use wire to hold mine together and add the button, usually because I'm adding my flowers to dimensional altered projects.

6) I just use my small punch and punch two holes for the wire to feed through, appox the same distance apart that the button holes are... so I can fee the wire through them also, to attach the button.

7) I run the wire through the twist it in the back.

Wah.. Lah!

I told you it was EASY! lol

The one below is held together with a large flat brad instead of wire...then I just glued a large button on.

I used a decorative brad to hold this one together.

He's a different spin on it. I just used my scalloped scissors to cut graduated sizes of circles.

The one below was done by just cutting "V" shaped pieces , out of graduated sized circles.
I used these punches, and punched only one of each size.

You just don't want to cut to far into the middle , so that is holds together and you have room for the wire or brad, whatever you use.

Okay.. there you go!
Have fun!!!


Charmingdesigns said...

Wow! Thats great! Ok, now I need to run find me some music!lol oh, speaking of music..I always love the music that you play! laurie

Heidi said...

Vicki, thanks so much for the Wonderful Layered Flowers tutorial!! I love making layered flowers. Kind of funny when I think about it and I don't really know why but I have never used printed paper for making flowers. I guess that's kind of a duh moment, huh? LOL! Thanks for the great inspiration!!

Linda F. said...

HEY! Idea number 3 for my little house...a flower house! Hmmm...this may be "it"! LOL!

stampqueen said...

I love the flowers made with sheet music!!! Will have to try that - I often take apart old silk flowers and layer them with a brad or a button - the light colored ones pick up ink well so then I can coordinate :).
I know I have a book of old sheet music somewhere in my stash - keyword somewhere....:)

Sharon in NE said...

Aaaacckk...I should have waited until this evening to look at this. I want to stop what I'm doing and go make one or two ....
I love them!!! First I have to go to my piano bench and find some sheet music...tee hee...copy it on some yellowed paper...okay, maybe I'll trying making just one...don't tell anybody. ;)

Pam/Iris said...

Love your flowers Vicki, I need to make some out of sheet music now, LOL!!

Your tussie mussies are gorgeous!!

janel said...

Oh, how I wish I had all my Grandmother's sheet got tossed, can you imagine?
Great idea sweet genius!!!! Love your work!

Country Liv . . . said...

Lots of great info-the links are fab. Hope you are having a nice spring day.

alteredaimee said...

SO totally doable! Love it. Thank you Vickie.

Emma's Paper Patch said...

what wonderful flowers! will have to try them out on something...really love the sheet music flowers.

SmilynStef said...

Ooooooo ... gonna have to try those ... it looks so cool with the music and text pages ... wonderful!

Catherine said...

What a great tutorial, thanks for sharing with us them!

Shawn said...

Love your tutorial! :) Now I'm off to work on a project myself :)

lauren said...

holy macaroni...those are COOL!!! i'm sooooo making some of those!

(ps: your header is GORGEOUS!) (dang...i wanna to re-do mine now!) :)

denise said...

This is fantastic! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing. I know that it must have been a ton of work to put the tutorial together.

Denise G

Precious Treasures said...

Love the tussy mussy's! I will have to try to make some for Pauls wedding. :)

Deb S. said...

Thanks for sharing how to make those darling flowers,love them! You did such a great tutorial I think I may actually be able to make some myself! :)

Trish D said...

Thanks so much for the directions. Love all the variations (each one absolutely stunning). I even managed to make one!

Kara Ward said...

So cute...I am ready to make a bouquet! Yum-O...Kara

MJ said...

I am caught between wanting to be your neighbour so that you could scrapbook my kids stuff and being horribly relieved that you don't have easy access to my music. I have childhood piano books, vintage piano books and later year Royal Conservatory and advanced piano books (plus saxophone music) that you'd just love to get your hands on!

Chris said...

OMG awesome tutorial. and thanks for the blog plug :D

Michelle said...

thanks for the idea for the flowers! I love them

Scrap for Joy said...

Layered paper flowers are one of my favorites. I use them on almost everything I make. Yours are beautiful and sure to be duplicated by many of us-thanks for sharing them.