Wednesday, April 09, 2008

PageFrames clear album (Fall?)

I realized it's a bit weird to be creating "fall" projects... but at this point the weather pretty much feels like it anyway.. so just go with it ok. lol I've been wanting to do something with these photos of Jayvier , and I just got a bunch of new PageFrames things in the mail, so this is what I came up with.
PageFrames now has (two weights) of clear (printed) 12x12 sheets that you can cut in your diecut machine or already cut pieces , frames and albums. They also have pre-cut cards (lighter weight) or the (lighter weight) sheets you can cut cards from yourself. Each piece comes with a protective .. kind of shrink wrap coating over it..that you just peel off. It's great because it really keeps them protected until your ready to use them.
This album came already cut.

I did the front and back with the printed pieces, and used the plain pages for the inside.
I was using some photos that I already had so because of the size of the photos , I covered a larger part of the clear page than I normally do. But that's one thing I really love about the clear that you can decided how much of the page you want to cover...because the page behind shows through the clear parts anyway.

I didn't really have any rubons with a "fallish" theme, so I decided to cut out this little tree instead. I was unsure about it in the beginning, but liking it better now.

The papers I used were Crate, My Minds Eye and Websters Pages.


The day did start out sunny today, so Deb and I took a little outing to Venice Antiques.
Deb found better buys than I did for sure, but I did pick up a couple of things.
She got a great deal on this really nice dresser for $30. I wasn't sure it would fit in my car to get it home, so we thought we better measure...but it fit without a problem. ... and the girl HAS a new dresser.
Here's my "happy" and "sad" story. I was so "happy" when I found these 4 cool iced tea glasses, (note...there is only 3 in this photo).. that's because when I unwrapped them when I got home, I was "sad" to see that one was broke. grrr...

(oh...just a plethora of emotions) lol

my other "found" pretty.

It was a good time , and great to be out and about while the sun was shining for a while.
It's supposed to be rain turning to snow , over the next couple of days.. AGAIN. So today was probably the day to be out.
Why am I always talking about the weather??? lol I'm like "The Weather Blogger" or something. lol Can you tell, I am WAY tired of winter?
*************Stay tuned for weather updates************


Sandra Evertson said...

Fantastic collage work on the scrap frame!
Sandra Evertson

stampqueen said...

What a great little scrapbook!!!!
Very warm and muggy here today - was glad I was at work in the AC (we haven't turned ours on yet but it would have been on today if I had been home - I would like more spring please!!!).Its sposed to rain this weekend - of course I am off...good time to play in the craft room!!!
luv ya - mean it!!!

Shawn said...

I love that album very cute! Supposed to snow here tomorrow too. yuck :(

janel said...

Oh mercy, that PF is fantastic. I love it. So fun that you found all those goodies...looks like that CRV of yours has lots of space! I am bracing to wake up to snow myself...:(
Have a great day!

KimmyS said...

That album is gorgeous. The printed front and back are PERFECT for a fall theme.

Elly said...

Your album is really great! And your bargains too!

chelemom said...

This is incredible!!! You are too funny about the weather.....totally sick of winter here too!

Ruth said...

Love the page frames album Vic. Your creativity is amazing! Also looks like you & Deb got some good bargains. Have a good rainy day! Great day to stay inside and be creative.

Deb S. said...

oh vic sorry about your glass being broke! maybe you will be able to find one to replace it somewhere,like this the album of griffin,too cute.i'm soo glad we were able to ge that dresser in your car! thanxs vic it was a fun day!

Sharon in NE said...

I love the album.
What is with the weather now? Its snowing in Norfolk. My goodness...I don't think spring has ever had such a hard time springing before.

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey there Ms Vicki! Love the little album-it so nice to see someone use things that I can't! LOL! I'm too much of a "stickler" for order and the photos showing through just drove me crazy when I tried it myself. They remind me of three dimensional tic-tac-toe and I've always found that too confusing to play!

Love the great pretties that you found while out on your jaunt! Don't the "tea glasses" remind you of the kind of glasses that G. C. Murphy's used to use at their soda fountains for ice cream sodas? Wouldn't I love to have one right now!? Woo Hoo! I think I have some ice cream in the freezer-here I go!

Have a great day! Hope it doesn't snow! It's already too warm down here in the Carolinas; my grass (read 'weeds') is almost 8 inches tall but the ground is too mushy to use the mower!

Sugar Bear said...

Fall? What happened to summer? Great project.

Judy & Sheri said...

Vicki, I love your milk glass...I collect it and it is getting harder to find in my area!!!