Sunday, April 13, 2008

Paper Ruffle tutorial

Well, as far as the weekend went ..there was a change of plans. ( you can read about it below this tutorial , if your interested). So since I didn't have lots of photos from the weekend to share with you, I decided to to this tutorial, on paper ruffles. I've used these on a number of projects , and have been asked, about by a few of you.. so her goes

**** First are a few example of projects I've used this on , in one way or another. I didn't have time to make another project with the paper ruffle I had finished after doing the photos for the tutorial.. so I just used it to add to this storage jar in my studio.

Here are a few more examples. You can make them as thin or as wide as want, and whatever length you need.

The example that I did for the tutorial.. all the folds go the same way and they are stitched down, through the middle. The shorter ones , used on these examples, have a space in the middle, and folds go out .. all one way, on the left and all the other way on the right.

I didn't realize how much I do this...until I started looking for examples on projects in my files. lol

On this example below, I added two strips of paper, and just adhered on on top of the other before I started folding.

I used vintage sheet music (again) lol...but you can use any paper. IF you use sheet music.. it works well if you use a long piece (two connected pages) like this, to create a long ruffle,

I just fold it over and cut.. ( since my cutter only cuts 12 inches). Once I open the paper up , after cutting, I have one straight long strip then.

I start folding like this... just trying to keep my folds "close" to the same distance apart.. so that the folds look fairly consistent, when you're all finished with the strip.

If I want it to hold really well, ...(especially if I'm going to wrap the ruffle around something), I just use my sewing machine and do a straight running stitch right down the middle. It goes really fast, and really helps hold it together well.

(as you run the stitching down the middle..just be sure you're making sure you have the folds laid down properly)

If your going to ink it, it's easiest to do it when you all finished. Just catching the edges and the folds with your ink pad.

If you want to wrap your ruffle around a jar or altered project, ... you can just run a piece of double sided tape , the length of the back.. it works great.

Pretty easy huh?

What happened to the weekend plans , you ask? Well, it was still a fun weekend , but just not what was originally planned. lol
I started the weekend out on the wrong foot , late Friday afternoon, when I ran down to throw a couple of other things into the washer , that was already running. I didn't realize that the towel I picked up off the counter to throw in the washer... had my CELL PHONE under it!!!... So, when I tossed the towle into the washer.. I heard a strange "PLUNK"... and look into the washer, and see a light... it was my phone! (just floating along). Ahhhhhhhh

All I can say is thank goodness Alltel is open late....because I had to go purchase a new cell phone.

My cell phone is pretty important to me , and the fact that I was the one driving this weekend.. the weather was ify , ect... I really wanted to have a working phone.

*** There was no help for my old phone, and it stunk to have to cough up the $ for a new one...but I got a PINK cover for my new that cheered me up a little. lol ( pathetic ..I know)

( the other good news was.. after air drying my old phone for a while... if though it wouldn't "work".. I at least got it on long enough to retrieve the number out of my contacts)
So, once that was taken care of ...I washed, vacuumed and gassed up the car.. so we'd be ready to leave early in the morning. Then... got myself to bed at a decent time, so I'd be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the morning. ( okay.. I'm NEVER bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning ..but I would at least be "up" and ready to go)lol

I was just pulling out of the garage to head to Fremont to meet the girls, about 6:20am Sat morning, when Liz called , to say Julie had gotten the stomach flu, during the night. OH BUMMER!! On top of that the weather was really ICKY! Well, long story short .. we decided we would just try to reschedual ...because it just wouldn't be the same without Jul's. Pam, Liz and I decided we since we were up and ready to go, we would meet for breakfast. We spent a fun couple of hours together, and tried to toss around dates that might work in the upcoming weeks. It was disappointing ...but I know we'll have a great time when we finally get to go.


Even though those plans fell through.. there were more on the horizon. lol Jan and I talked , and decided we would go to Omaha shopping for the day. But before that , we met and took mom to lunch , and visited with her for a while. She (mom) had plans to go to a birthday gathering for a friend that afternoon, so she did that , while we headed for Omaha.

Jan and I had such a fantastic day just hanging out together and gallivanting around. I love "Z gallery", and find the colors and designs there so inspiring at times.. so we spent some time there , after we left Archivers.... then Micheal's, Lowes ect...

After that we had plans to meet Neely and Keith for Dinner. Yummy Chinese, and great conversation. It was a really great time.

While we were chatting at dinner Neely was telling us about a project she was working on for the new Tilly CD. Each of the Tilly's are doing photos or art of some sort for the new CD. (plus they have asked some other artists to contribute their work). Anyway... Neely was going home to work on trimming 250 photos and adhering them to the cut pieces of paper.
She's such a busy girl, between being on tour, teaching when she's back ,( and they leave for NY in a week to do the Sesame Street thing)... so we offered to help her. Here we are ... "assembly line style" in Kinkos. lol Isn't this what all families do at 10pm on a Saturday night? lol

We had so much fun!... We laughed until we cried a number of times. What a Hoot!
I was so drained when I got home...just from laughing!!!

I have to say... the weekend didn't go as planned. ....... But it turned out really nice anyway.

(just heard from Julie , and she's starting to feel better. Plans are in the works to reschedule)


Michaele said...

Thank you for posting the tutorial about making paper ruffles! Papercrafting is my newest "I-haven't-got-a-clue-but-this-looks-really-inspring" craft of choice. Is there a minimum width you'd recommend cutting the paper to or does paper hold up well no matter how narrow the ruffle is?

janel said...

First, I am so happy the weekend ended up fun and you were together with the people you loved. The new cd will be even more extra special, huh?
2nd...that ruffle is more than adorable, and I think I will head out to find some vintage music sheets...the stuff of my Grandma's that I do have, I don't think I could cut up.
Here's to a wonderful week.....and fun pink phones! Have a good one!

Shawn said...

Love your tutorials! That's too bad about your weekend plans, maybe if it ever warms up everyone will get over the sickies.

MJ said...

Sorry to hear that your weekend didn't go as planned. I hope you will be able to reschedule soon! Still, you managed to make the weekend fun with all your gallavanting! I've never heard of Kindos so don't know what that store is ~ maybe a craft store?

Love the ruffle; I can't get over having to use my sewing machine on paper. I've heard that paper does quite a trick on sewing machines so I'm unwilling to subject my machine to paper which is a real shame as I like the sewing effect.

Good luck with the new phone! Do cell phones float or sink in water?! LOL!

Sugar Bear said...

Lovely ruffles. Thanks for sharing the details. How awesome to have such a wonderful and close knit family. I received your awesome box of goodies! Can't wait to start creating!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Ms Vicki! It's nice to hear that you had a fun weekend but knowing you no matter what you did would be fun. Good to hear that Sweet Momma is out and about-is that girl still driving? I have trouble keeping a car on the road and I'm about 20 years younger than she!

You know, I'd like to get my hands on some sheet music; everything you do with it just looks extra special.

Have a great day,

Deb S. said...

so glad your weekend turned out to be a fun one,how could you not have fun with your family right? love that paper ruffle,i'm going to have to give that a try!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial Vicki! It's always nice to see the process. Hope you are well!

KimmyS said...

Those ruffles?? Seriously??
THEY RAWK my socks off. So imple yet so effective. Thanks for the tutorial

Precious Treasures said...

I have done those paper ruffles many times as Anna Griffin showed how to do them on one of the scrapbook shows. Leave it to the talented Miss Vicki to one up Anna Griffin and sew them. hahahahaha I love tha idea as they are such a pain to glue them just in the middle. You are awesome! :)

aimee said...

Awesome tutorial. I can think of about a bazillion things to put those on. (just like the paper flowers)

Sorry you washed your cell phone. I washed son's last week and I was sooooo mad at myself.

Hopefully you will be getting the weather we are having today soon. It's close to 70 and beautiful. It feels super.

Sharon in NE said...

oh the paper ruffles! Sorry your plans didn't work out exactly as you thought, but they sounded liked they turned out fun anyway. Its good to go with the flow and take what comes at us.

stampqueen said...

LOVE the paper ruffles!!!! Glad your weekend was fun anyway!!! I hear the weather was nicer today!!!
Take Care

Charmingdesigns said...

Ok, the flowers were a big I've got to give this ruffle a try. soooo cute!! Love the tag! Glad you had fun anyway, and now you have something to look forward to!! Laurie

Country Liv . . . said...

Just dropping by to tell you that I found the prettiest little birdie pin cushions that look like something you would drool over! You should drop by this site and check out her slide show.


Susan said...

Thanks for the awesome tutorial on the darling paper ruffles! Glad your weekend was fun despite the changes and sorry about your phone. Have to tell you that after seeing Natasha's little wire nest on your blog, I just had to order one for me! It came today and I love it. Bet you didn't realize you were spending other peoples' money too!
Hope to see you at the GASC in Arlington in June. Is Sandy having a booth again?
Susan T

Catherine said...

thanks for the great tutorial...can't wait to try it...

Beth Leintz said...

Glad you were able to make the best of your weekend and get a PINK phone to boot!

You make the paper ruffle look so easy....but I'm scared of my sewing machine!

Natasha Burns said...

wow thanks for the tutorial, how great!

D@nielle said...

oh that looks so cool, I'm definately trying that soon.

Ali said...

Vicki, Loved the tutorial! Thanks - never thought of doing that. Love to sew on paper! Glad you had a nice w/e after all. Sorry abt the phone but the new one is CUTE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial will try that.

Lucy Edson said...

Great tutorial, Vicki!! Love the look of those ruffles made from the sheet music! TFS! :)