Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Round Page Frame Project

Decided I'd share this PageFrame Project I did a few day ago.. since today was a "housework" sorta day, so I didnt get much "creative" done.
I used two round Page Frame rings for this (they're about 7 inches), and the PageFrame clear Butterflies. I sandwiched a piece of transparency between them . Then added the paper circles I had cut and then the clear rings. This is the front.
This is the back. I wanted to hang it from fishing line , as a mobile.. so both sides needed to be finished.
I did four clear butterflies total. Two on each side. I used the PageFrame butterflies to trace around to cut the ones out of Patterned paper. The Page frame butterflies where easy to bend enough to put the wings up some. I have it hanging from a ceiling hook , over by the window.. and it looks so pretty when the sun it shining in. ( now.. if the sun would just keep shining!) lol

I have to tell you about something exciting that is happening May 1st! My sweet friends Michelle White and Helle Greer, are opening their new store. If you are anywhere near San Diego...you have to check it out. Michelle and Helle are just the sweetest, most fun and talented girls... I just know their store is going to be FABULOUS!!!
Just check out these photos of the store on their blog, here PAPER TALES BLOG (I spy Crafty Secrets!) lol
I spent most of the day doing things around here, ...just housework kinda stuff. I even washed some windows. I think it's because the sun is shining , I'm finally in the mood to get a few things done.

I even picked up a couple of hanging plants for the front porch. I haven't gotten anything much , as far as flowers yet...because it's just been to cold at night some night. There was still frost a couple of mornings ago..so better safe than sorry. ( these are lessons that have been learned the hard way here in NE) Don't get in too big of a rush.. because you never know if Spring is Really here or not. lol

Thanks everyone for asking about Molly. She got a new frisbee today and we played a bit outside this afternoon. Hard to tell yet, if the anti inflamatories are helping or not.

Molly is about 6 , Ally is about 8.... look how grey Aly is getting. We laugh and say, she is starting to look like a raccoon! lol

Geeezzz... we just love these crazy pups so much ..it's ridiculous. lol

I made a run for a few things this evening... check out this sunset I got to enjoy on the ride home.

Cant end a day an better than that!


Charmingdesigns said...

Ummm new shop in San Diego huh. I'm going to be sooo close, wonder if I should go just a bit further down and go visit!! Love your circle!! Laurie

Sharon in NE said...

You have got so many wonderful ideas! Love that sunset...my son saw that too come home from Fremont as he was there playing JV baseball. He waved hi in your direction.

Country Liv . . . said...

Thank goodness I checked back before going to bed! I was a little anxious to hear something about Molly and I didn't see a post for soooo long. ;)

The PageFrame mobile is so carefree feeling! I think that's why I like the idea of creating on something see through. Everything looks better behind glass (even me-I'll take my photo behind the glass kitchen door to prove it). I really like those little green balls, they really seal the deal.

Okay, Now I'm going to bed. Nighty, Night!

Kathryn J. said...

I'm so glad I waited until my chaotic last few days were behind me to catch up on your blog...it really is a treat for me to see your projects! I was WAY behind...all the way to the pink wasp killer blog...you go girl, I would have done the exact same thing!

Nat said...

love the page frame project- so amazing!!!!Oh and your friend's store look yummie!

Anonymous said...

Hello Vicki !!!

I discover american`s blog. You make amazing things. Wonderful and full attraction.

Your beautiful work have caused me to admiration. You have amazing ideas ( Frames with butterflies and other - I have fallen on knees)

My work are here ( www.atelier-retro.blogspot.com )

I salute - Lengow

Anonymous said...

Those frames are adorable! Your geraniums look wonderful! Still a little too cold here to put something that pretty out. Your sunset looked beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

It one more time.

I have observed all work.

You are CHAMPION of world.

Really, I am under impression.

All good - for you.


Pattyjo said...

Beautiful View! Your life is filled with beauty!

janel said...

What a darling project. Love how you used the transparency. Such a "springy" feeling.
Hoping that by today Molly is more like herself and feeling perky. Enjoy the sunshine!

myfrogprince said...

what a sweet project. Vicki, your dogs are so cute!

aimee said...

Hi Vicki! Today I gave you an award on my blog and wrote some mushy stuff about you. Check it out if you have a few minutes.

Juliana said...

Awesome photos--and I love that page frame card!!!! Not sure I understand it--but it is BEAUTIFUL!!

Precious Treasures said...

Road trip to San Diego! I love it when new stores open.

I love the picture of Griffin, that is too sweet!

stampqueen said...

Love the clear circle frames!!! So cute with the butterflys!!!