Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This and That

I have a tendency towards really random posts the way it is ,but this one will probably take the cake in that department. lol So many little things to share..but none of them really related to the other.
First... I'm feeling like giving a little something away... so here's a little sneak peek. I'll announce it tomorrow. I dont know why...but I just have so much fun gathering little goodies and preparing little giveaway boxes. I'll show you all the goodies, and start the giveaway tomorrow... so be sure to come back to put your name in for a chance to win.
I spent the day with my mom today. She had a doctors appointment and some things that needed to be done, so we did those..and in between we stopped for lunch here. It's not a re-done fast food restaurant.. it the real deal.
Cute huh? I can remember coming in here as a kid.. and it looked just the same. It's good to know there are still places as quaint as this around.

We all did a walk though of one of my favorite haunts...and these are the treasures I came home with. I debated and debated, and even walked away from the baby scale once...but it was just too cute , in great shape and the price was I went back for it. Why do I need a blue baby scale? Why do I need most of the things I buy? lol
I loved that red checked metal tray ... and that sifter, is just like the one my mom has. I only she said hers still has a 39 cent price tag on it. ha

I have to tell you... when I see my sweet mama look this great... I'm a happy camper! She has come SO far since she was in the hospital. She couldn't walk across the room then, without being out of breath and having to sit down. She did great today. Thank you so so much for all of you prayers for her!!!

When I got home later this afternoon, this afternoon,
this young man came for a visit.
Who is this you may ask?
MY SON! YAY.... a hair cut!
He's a good kid and
I love... him with hair or
with (less hair)... but, I have
to say I like it much better
like THIS! lol ( I didn't even
go to the "chin hair zone" today.. ...
one thing at a time) ha
Love ya son!


If you get a chance... check this out ( "MY FRIEND" LAYOUT) . It's a Project Idea on EK Success website...that was done by my sweet friend Catherine, about the two of us! How fun it that? Talk about something that, makes your day! Thanks Cat!!!
The other thing I have been meaning to do , is thank Sally , from Inkyheart for tagging me. Thanks Sally!!'s the questions I have to answer and the people I am tagging.
Four jobs I have had in my life:
1) Mr Donut (first job when I was 15)
2) candy striper ( I guess that was really my first job..other than babysitting when I was a kid)
3) daycare
4) para educator (teachers aide)
Four movies I could watch over and over:
OH.. my family would laugh if I answered anything other and NONE. I have a hard time sitting through one movie... let alone watching it numerous times. I'm just not much of a movie watcher.
I do like
1) Christmas Vacation
2) Wizard of Oz
3) Big Fish
4) Funny Farm
Four places I have lived
um....not to exciting here either. lol
1) the first house I lived in when I was really little in Fremont NE
2)moved to the new house when I was in first grade , and lived there until I graduated from high school(in Fremont NE)
3) An apt with my two girlfriends , in... (you guessed it).. Fremont NE!!
4) Then the house we lived in from the day we got married untill 8 years ago when we moved to the new house is ...........NORTH BEND NE. (a whopping 17 miles from Fremont) lol
Four TV shows I watch
not much better at this, than movies ... lol ( I stink at this game) I do "listen" to the tv when I'm working ..if that counts.
1) Forensic Files
2) Cops
3) Wil and Grace
4) Two and a Half Men
Four people who email me regularly
1) Sandy
3) Neely
4) Janel
Four favorite foods
1) Pizza
2) Chocolate
3) anything my mom cooks
4) pumpkin pie
Four places I rather be right now
1) someplace warm and sunny(by the ocean)
2) having a margarita at Mazatlan with Jan and Keith
3) hanging out creating with my friend Catherine in her studio
4) the Black Hills (when it's warm)
Four people I tag
2) Liv
3) Tera
4) Liz
Okay , one last thing to leave you with. Neely just sent me this link. Check out these cute little PAPER ... "TILLY AND THE WALL"s. They even give the pattern so you can make what you want! FOR SERIOUS CUTENESS!!!
(if you look at the first photo..Neely is in the middle)
Okay, that's all for now
Have a great rest of the day friends~


missprissy said...

haha Mr Donut was my first job too. Fun tag...I'll go play now that's about all I have energy for.

stampqueen said...

Heyya - my boy just got a hair cut yesterday too - he was lookin pretty shaggy :) I got a bunch of mine cut off too!!!
Going to the Science center in Mobile tomorrow so will do the tag tomorrow - My first time being tagged - how cool - Thanks!!!!
Glad to hear your Mom is doing so well!!!!!
Take Care

Jessrose21 said...

Hey, random is good! That baby scale definitely was meant to come home with you. ;)

Your mom is really looking well which is so good to hear.

Country Liv . . . said...

Whoa! I thought you were hiding a 3rd son! But, yep, that's Jarad! I totally agree, less hair is much more Jarad! LOL!
Your Mom looks soooo good! My gosh, isn't she just amazing?! Now, if you all could come and visit I could introduce her to my 84 year old Dad (he needs a new girlfriend)!
The sifter? Mom had one exactly like it! I still have the tablecloth and napkins that matched the sifter which matched the red and white porcelain table. (which in turn reminds me of the little diner stools in your photo).
It's strange, I'm so much older than you but we have a lot in common.
Oh, thanks for the tag! Now let me see about answering those questions.

Country Liv . . . said...

I forgot to tell you that the little Tilly's Wall people rock! I might go and make some for my grandson.

Country Liv . . . said...

Okay, so I'm spastic AND forgetful: my Dad is too old for your Mom because he will be 89 in June. Duh!

Robyn W said...

thanks you for the the link to tillys wall people, i love them

Elly said...

I love random posts!! I do the same, I can't help it, but some times there's so much to tell! I love, love, love your bargains! That reataurant is really great, I wish there were more of that places everywhere. The new age is handy and nice, but I love the old ones!And I'm glad your mom is doing so much better!

Deb S. said...

i love the random post!!is there anyother way to blog?? lol! i know only how to do the random post! jarad looks very handsome with(or without) his short haircut! he is such a nice young man.
by the way, did they have a pink baby scale? ;)

Shawn said...

I love that lo that Cat did! Random posts are fun I have those all the time and Mazatlan is a yummy place to eat. We haven't been there in awhile, I need to remember that when we are back home and include it along with runza :)

Heidi said...

Your random post are fun to read! Before I had kids I worked at a restaurant like the one in your picture. We served sandwiches and tons of old fashion malts. I love the baby scale and the sifter. I can remember from when I was little both my grandma and great grandma having the same one-brings back lots of memories being in the kitchen with them. I'm glad to here your mother is doing so good!! She is so Beautiful!! Your son is a handsome fella too--my son never wants to get a haircut either-lol!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your wonderful comments!!


DeniseLynn said...

So happy to hear that your momma is doing well!

debbiedee said...

Vicki, I love reading your blog. I too am from NE. I was looking at some of your pictures and Comstock is much smaller. Population 62-ish! Ü
The blog candy sneak looks YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you like Chevy Chase!! I thought you might think it funny that I sstarted a fletch fan club at my college long ago(early 1990s)...and people actually responded to our flyers we hung up. THere were other Chevy fans who called the number and recited lines from the movie to us!! So funny! Kristin

Michelle said...

What a nice post! your son is cute! my son has chin hair too, only his is blonde :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful projects. Thanks for sharing. Please include me in your drawing for the bingo box.
Myra Bettis