Monday, May 05, 2008

Altered Mail holder and other stuff

I'm still digging in my boxes of Alterables, determined to get them used (instead of buying more to add to the boxes.) lol I am SOO bad about that. I see something (usually on a sale table) and I get all these ideas of things I could do with it, which is okay..but when you have 4 huge boxes full, it's time to work with what you have and STOP buying more) lol So that is my new mission! To dig into these boxes and USE this stuff!
Here's an altered mail holder I just finished.

It was fun to dig in to my paper scraps too, and just use bits and pieces of my favorites. Oh.. and in my world... what's an altered project without pom pom trim. lol

Oh , how I love coming downstairs in the morning to a sunny day and looking out through the sliding doors and see my flowers on the deck!

I got more fun mail today!! I told you about the Tussie Mussie swap I did with my friends Catherine and Shawn...well, Cat's came in the mail today. It's just so cool! Thankyou so much Cat!

And look at this little goodie attached to it.

Here's the back. This little piece is going on my key chain. I love it!


Tomorrow I am spending the day hanging out with my little buddy Grif. I cant wait. I hope it's nice out so we can go to the park for a while. I had asked Kiley if there was a day that he could come out and spend the day. I usually take him to Burger King or something , we have lunch and play and bit. ( and of course I take pics). Tomorrow I'm sure I'll take some pics, but mostly , we are just gonna play!
I'm thankful some of my nieces are close enough that I get to see them more often.. I miss the ones that live further away. Mom and I are going to Lincoln Friday night to see Nathanials choir perfmorm...that's something we wouldnt have gotten to do , before they moved to NE, so we are really looking forward to that.
I was lucky enough to have wonderful Aunts and Uncles in my life as I was growning up ( and still do). I think about how much my brothers and sisters have always been there and been supportive of my kids, and how much it means to them..and it really touches me. Phone calls, birthday cards, encouraging notes, coming to birthdays , graduations .. all that. I know my kids have always felt so loved and cared about by family. I think growing up just knowing there are people they can count on HUGE.
I want my nieces and nephews to feel that way about me someday.
This silly little radio really got me thinking about all this , after Jarad came in from the garage with it yesterday when he was here.
He said "mom ..look what I found! I have been looking for this!" I thought it was strange that he was so excited about this silly little radio...(when the kid has enough sterio equiptment to open his own store). lol He then reminded me of the story of how he came to have this radio.
One time when we were up to South Dakota to see family, we has stoped to see my Aunt Viv and Uncle Jake, (Jarad was just a little guy then). My Uncle Jake had a little work shed , with all his tools and gagets in it ... which was right up Jarads alley. Jarad was always SOOOO into electronics and things like that .. ( I mean , since he was REALLY little). Uncle Jake had this little radio in his work shed to listen to , when he was working. Well, Jarad, for some reason was just really intriged by it... so Uncle Jake took it down off the shelf and gave it too him. You would have thought he gave him a million dollars. Jarad held it in his lap all the way home and for a LONG time it sat on the nightstand next to his bed, ... it was a treasure to him.
Just goes to prove.. sometimes it's just the "little things" that mean alot!
(Edited)... I had to come back and edit this post and add this email I just got from my cousin , who's Grandparented lived in the same small town as my Aunt and Uncle did.
(below is the email from my cousin Patty)
"I’d bet anything in the world that the radio station your Uncle Jake listened to was “KWYR in Winner - the talk of the town-1260 on your AM radio dial”. It brought back so many memories for me of Grandma Winnie and Grandpa Jerry listening to the news and maybe a song or two after supper. The station stayed on the air just until the sunset. They played the song “Just a Song at Twilight” and the radio listening was done for the day. Such a simple yet peaceful way of life. I think those simple things are why we have such strong family bonds, for which I’m forever grateful, and hope to relay on to my children and grandchildren…….Patty"
Happy Monday!


Sharon in NE said...

I love it. I love the sweet, simple things in life that are full of memories. ( THAT'S why I can be a pack rat.)

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Ms Vicki! Lovely to see a new post for me to devour (you'd think I didn't have a million things to do)! What a lovely mail holder; you do make the most mundane a site to behold! And your story of Jarad and the radio-how sweet is that! When you are telling a family story I can see what's happening in my mind (koo koo? you say). I hope you and Griffin have a rocking good time tomorrow. "See" you soon!

stampqueen said...

Love the mail holder!!! I have the same trouble - I took a big boxfull to the base thrift shop to consign today and came home with the box just as full as when I came with new stuff - a breadbox, a small old library type card file, an birdhouse shaped thingy with little drawers and 2 bottles with flat sides (to stamp on) - like my closet isn't already full...
Love the little charm from your mussie tussie.
I remember my grandpa had a radio virtually just like that - in brown leather cover!!!!
Take Care

Deb S. said...

You are the queen of alterd things vic! darling mailholder!
love that jarad found his beloved radio,so cool!
tomorrow is going to be so fun for you and grif! he loves his aunt bic! :)

Charmingdesigns said...

Lets see, I just threw away one of those mail thingys, shoot! Your tussie is way adorable!! I remember we had a radio like that...ooow, that ages Have fun in the park! Laurie

Shawn said...

The swap was fun with you girls, Cat's was gorgeous I agree :) Love the old radio along with the story too :)

Jessica said...

I love that mail holder, especially the colors. I have a box of alterables, too, but not quite as many as you! LOL!

Precious Treasures said...

My grandma and grandpa had that exact same radio. I remember when I would stay all night with them and the weather was bad sitting and listening to that radio hoping school was cancelled so I could spend more time with grandma and grandpa.

michele g. said...

I to have a fond memory of a radio just like that. My grandmother had one that sat in her window in Calif. My mother now has it in her kitchen.

janel said...

What a great radio...and I remember listening to WHO from Des Moines, when I was little. My folks loved listening to the basketball games in the evening, and in the mornings I remember hearing the "farm report", and how much corn was selling for etc. Oh, this brought back lots of memories.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow, and can't wait to see your pics! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Love your mail holder and that story about the radio was sweet! It was a simple time and I loved it!

Sugar Bear said...

The mail sorter is so sweet. Lovely colors and love the pom poms. The radio story is so sweet. It is wonderful to have aunts, uncles, and cousins in your life.

Scrap for Joy said...

Your mail holder is so sweet. you have such a good eye with mixing colors and patterns. I checked out everyones tussie mussie's-they were all great. I can't live without ledger paper (I even like Making Memories ledger paper) or sheet music flowers, can you? Haven't cut into my CS Journaling booklets yet...still showing them to all my craft pals. Soon, though.

Melissa said...

Darling, darling Vicki! LOVE the sweet shabby mail holder and that tussie mussie is such a beauty--How fun for you!