Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

We had one windy and rainy night here last night, and it caused me to loose my Internet connection. I hate when that happens. grrr...
It's National Scrapbook Day be sure to hop over to Scrapbook Dimension and Party with the girls. Check it out here! Scrapbook Dimensions NSD Blog Party!
Yesterday was a fun day with the girls and a fun day to get to be " a friend of Eclectic Paperie"
Thankyou to Daisy and Joy for featuring my blog.
Here's were you can sign up for the Eclectic Paperie newsletter, (and check out their website).

Check out the Eclectic Paperie Blog for some cool photo of the Crafty Secrets booth , from CHA winter.
It was fun to see this about CS in the eP newsletter also...
Daisy's Pick - New Crafty Secrets StampsCrafty Secrets new stamp collections that were released at Winter CHA show have finally made their way into the eP product mix. They are oh-so-cute! The new stamps are great line art images just calling out to be colored with your Copic Markers. It will be hard to decide which ones you need to have, too. Also visit the eP Blog to see more samples from Winter CHA. Their booth always catches your eye from the details of their displays and the beautiful projects from their design team.

eclectic Friend - Vicki Chrisman
We were thrilled to meet Vicki Chrisman during Winter CHA at the Crafty Secrets booth. Her bubbly nature and constant smile are infectious! We've admired her work while visiting her blog at This Art That Makes Me Happy. She has so many heartwarming stories that she shares along with her beautiful projects. I asked Vicki several questions and here are her responses:
Who or what inspires you when you create?I really feel like so many different things inspire me.. nature , colors , textures, music, photographs, the products themselves, and other artists and their work. I like to have my favorite supplies displayed in my studio , along with vintage finds and other things I love.. to help spur my creativity.
Do you have a favorite snack when you are in the throes of creating beautiful projects? eekk... scary question. Well, snacks are always good, but I have to have my diet Mt Dew by my side. ( it helps the creativity, you know) lol
What is your favorite MUST-HAVE tool that you reach for when you paper craft?Again, I'm never good with choosing just one. I would have to say.. besides the basics.. (scissors, trimmer , and adhesive), I would have to say, a file for sanding edges, AND my sewing machine for stitching. ( don't sew fabric, and didn't even own a sewing machine until I started papercrafting.. and now I cant live without it.)
What kind of adhesive would you suggest for the acrylic albums?I know everyone has their own preferences, but I love Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L (photo tape). It's a great double sided tape and works well, for paper and also ribbon. For small gems, and embellishments, I use Crystal Lacquer or Diamond Glaze. Both dry quickly and dry clear.Enjoy
Vicki Chrisman's blog by visiting her at This Art That Makes Me Happy. Make sure you read her May 1st blog entry. It will warm your heart and leave a smile on your face.

How Fun and how nice!.. thank Eclectic Paperie!!!

Thought I'd share what I worked on last night. This was a $ store shadow box. It started out with a (ugly) print in it.. but I could certainly see the potential in the box itself.. so ...time to tear the back off and get started. lol
I painted the shadowbox it's self this blue.. ( it was originally white). Scuffed it up a bit and added some ink. Everything inside is Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. Papers from the Earthy Paper Pad, and Bird image from the Birds and Botanical Journal and Image book.

I love that's so easy to cut out the elements if you want to. Great flower and leaves.

I added some "Robin's Egg Blue" Glimmer Mist to the eggs, because they were just brown speckled. (Well the photo was a Robin.. I figured the eggs should be bluish) lol I know Glimmer Mist has TONS of colors..but it was kind of funny ,that I had "actual".. Robin's Egg Blue. (that's the actual name) lol

When I was finished I added some "Bronze" Glimmer Mist around the edge of the paper, and then it all (even the front of the frame) , got a spritz of "Iridescent Gold"

It was so fun to get together with the "Creative Ones", over at Stephanie's , yesterday. She had us for lunch also.. and it was wonderful. ( when we walked in , the entire house smelled like homemade rolls!) yep... Homemade rolls! They were wonderful! Stephanie showed us how to make these fun little folded mini albums out of a file folder. She had two already finished...that where beautiful. I took photos of the steps, and Stefanie is going to send me the link of where she first saw them.. so eventually I'll post a "how to" , when I can give proper credit. They were really fun!

Let 's just say , we had a hay day with Glimmer Mist on these. lol

I didn't get mine all finished, (I don't think any of us did..but at least you can see them with the GM on them here)

Check out the table and our hands!! Woo Hoo.. now that's a creative bunch of girls having some fun! It was great! Thanks Stephanie!

Oh.. one more thing I had to share.... Stephanie's house is darling but this is the ultimate fun... This is the chandelier that hangs above her tub in the bathroom!!!!
Now that's what I'm talking about!!!
Ok...better go get a few things done... but as long as there's no storms that take out my Internet again tonight... I'll be back tomorrow. lol
Have a Super day friends!!!


Charmingdesigns said...

I sure enjoyed this post. Cant wait to see a how to for using file folders!! Can I join you all next time. gals are having way to much fun!! Laurie

Country Liv . . . said...

What a great post, Ms Vicki! I was missing you, so glad the net is back up for you. I'm really interested in the folder albums too. When you did the shadow box, did you get out all your stuff and start picking and choosing or did you have an idea beforehand? My mojo isn't working (I think the blasted squirrels stole it)and I'm having a really hard time trying to find it. How's Molly?

Jessica said...

I love your shadowbox, especially the lace trim and cut-out flowers!
Anybody who has a chandelier in their bathroom is either very wealthy, or just really fun!

happiness blooms said...

Man Vic, you can get more done in a day than I can even dream about!
Congrats on being an eP Friend! (Joy & Daisy are just the BEST!)The shadow box is amazing! I love that you had Robbins Egg Blue GM at the ready! LOL

Michelle said...

I love that shadowbox! Its fabulous! It looks like you were having too much fun being creative!! Where did you get that lace on the shadowbox?

aimee said...

That shadow box!!! Oh my gosh it's gorgeous! I am so into birds right now.

You girls look like you know how to party! What a fun day! I'm glad to know there are other women walking around out there with glimmer mist under their fingernails. :) I'm not alone.

janel said...

So so much creative news. Such a great post. Love the robin project, it is darling. And, now, I am going to fin some file folders and play with my Glimmer mist.
You are so creative and SO productive.
Looks like you had a wonderful day.
Thanks always for the inspiration.

Jewels said...

Hi Vicki!
I have a Manila Folder Book on my blog, complete with a slideshow tutorial here:

I credited Taylor VanBruggen, which is where I first saw it. A link to her is in my post. Hope you find it helpful!

Judy & Sheri said...

Great time had by a group of friends is such joy!!! And you guys look like you were having so much fun...Great project!!!