Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to my sister

Yep...that's right,,,, today is my sister Donna's Birthday! Sending Birthday wishes to AZ. Hope you had a wonderful day sis!
The sun was shining and it was gorgeous here today. I worked in the yard, washed the car. swept out the garage.. ect.... and loved every minute of it..just because I was SOOO thankful to finally have such nice weather, and be able to be outside!YAY!
I had invited the kids and my mom out to grill tonight. Wes couldn't make it , because he was working an extra shift, but Jarad, Kate and mom came out for dinner.
Jarad and Kate , picked mom up and brought her out and and then took her home at that end of the night... so that worked out really well.
We didn't have anything fancy ..just burgers..but it was really a nice time.
(we did have angel food cake and fresh strawberries for desert...yum)

I guess my kids must be used to me taking pictures now...because I had to laugh , when at the end of the evening , Jarad said, "mom , why don't you take a picture of all of us now, because we're going to have to get going soon". lol

I wanted to be sure to post the link here for the fantastic tutorial on how to fold the manilla folder Book I was telling you about. I took photos of the different stages for a tutorial..but here on Julies blog "Paper Jewels" , she has it all done up perfectly.. so be sure to check it out. They are really fun and easy.

I have to tell you about the wonderful thing Amy and the other girls at Precious Treasures have been helping me with. I have been trying to gather supplies for my volunteer classes at "Lutheran Family Services" Building Families Boutique.
Amy (owner of Precious Treasures), has set up a place at her store where the girls can donate, their extras or supplies they are no longer in need of , for these classes.
It is going to help out so much, and I appreciate all the donations.. and I know the girls in the classes are going to be thrilled with having supplies to continue the classes.
THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU FOR HELPING OUT!!! Thanks Precious Treasures ..for getting involved , and helping out with this cause!

I was so thrilled to see this box of supplies for the classes! And.. I just had to take a picture of the "for Miss Vicki". Too cute!

Everything in here, will be going to good use!!
Hope you all had a great weekend and are all rested up for the new week!


Bunny B said...

Happy Birthday Donna!! :)

Precious Treasures said...

We are so happy you are giving these moms the opportunity to scrapbook. We have another HUGE box this time to send your way. We will start another. If you need help with the classes we have volunteers also.

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

janel said...

What a fun post. Happy Birthday to your sister, and your mom is looking great...and Kate and Jarad are so cute!
Thanks for all the info on the manilla folder album, it is darling!
Hoping Molly is feeling better.

Tabitha W. said...

happy birthday vicki's sister!

thanks for posting the link to the mailla folder book. i havebeen wanting to make some type of gardenplanner and this will be perfect!!

Pattyjo said...

Anything brewing with Kate & Jared?
I guess I'm a romantic at heart.

Country Liv . . . said...

Please give my best wishes to your sister for a wonderful birthday!

I'm so glad you had a great Sunday with your family. Sweet Mama is looking good. I saw Molly's rear end in one of the photos-is she better?

Did you hear about the twisters that hit Missouri? Close to Jill and Kara! Read about the cyclone that hit Burma? Maybe 10,000 dead! What is happening to our world? And I keep complaining about a few little squirrels! Keep sweet!

Kate said...

Alright, the time has come.. I must come clean, I've been reading your blog... pretty much since I found out you had one! I love it, it really is just like talking to you and even though I'm not all that into scrap booking I'm always impressed by your art. I figured since my name and pictures of me have started to show up more, I should probably fill you in on my secret! (It was only a secret because Jarad thought I was a goofball for being one of your avid blog readers!!) Anyway, I noticed that Pattyjo asked about Jarad and I... and I was going to offer up a little story I've recently written that sums it up, and it's on my blog. Yes, I too have a blog but I have no subscribers, I started it as a journal for myself, but ultimately I'm offering it up to you and any of your readers that want to know a little more about the Jarad Kate Story :) That's all for now, Enjoy your Day!

Kate said...

This might help too-