Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lucky Me!

I know I've said it time and time again, but I truly am amazed by the good friends I have made through blogging. People from miles and miles away, states , even countries away, who I have (most times) never bet in person, but feel a bond with like I've known them all my life. One of those very special friends is Liv. What a dear dear person! She shares so many great stories, on her blog, ...thoughtful, insightful tid bits..ect... all mixed with her wonderful sense of humor! ... (beside the beautiful things she creates). Anyway...she's been teasing me that she was working on a surprise for me. Well, last night , I got to see it.
Is this beautiful or what? I was so touched!! She snagged one of the photos I had posted of mom and I from Mothers Day, and..this is a beautiful digi layout she created with it.

Created by: Liv Hudson
her blog


Another talented and sweet blog friend gave me this blog award today. Thank you so much Eva. Check out Eva's beautiful Mixed Media art... here on her blog.

"Sweet Home Blogger Award"

for sharing, beauty, love and joy through my blog, I am so honored. Now I will pass this award on to 5 people that have inspired me with their blogs.

I would love to give this award to these bloggers
Laurie at "Charming Designs"
Karla at "Karla's Cottage"
Karla at "Sugar Bear Designs"
Michelle at "Rose Garden Romantic"
Lidy at "French Garden House"


Okay... I have been "Fairy Obsessed" lately. lol This one of Kirstyn was done using Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Wings and Crowns from the Earthy Paper Pad and the Radiant Paper Pad. (The Earthy paper pad, has 2 sheets of butterflies, in each pad and the Radiant Pad has two sheets of crowns) I am working on some others using the "Altered ART " stamp Set. What a great set for making Fairies. You can check it out here. ALTERED ART stamp set
The words , she's holding are from the Childhood, Image and Journal Notes.

I added some stickles to the tips of the wings.

Paula sent me a photo of the other fairies she finished after our little get together the other day. They turned out so cute.
I forgot and wanted to post that the fairies we used that day , where from Stephanie is on their DT and was so kind to share them with us.

I have to share this great photo with you of my niece Adriana running her Marathon a while back. We are SO proud of her! WTG Adriana! Her mom and dad are runner also.... so it's a family affair. Sure wish they lived closer .. so we could go cheer her on! You go girl!


We don't have big plans this weekend. Wes is having friends at the cabin... so here's hoping he doesn't get totally rained out. It did clear off today, and the wind is drying things out...but that doesn't mean the rain is gone. Keep your fingers crossed.
Like I said , we don't have big plans, but I do plan to use ..this baby! ha! We finally got a new grill!
I have some kabobs...that are sounding pretty good about now. lol

Molly's checking it out! lol
Enjoy the day, whatever you have planned!


rose said...

wow liv what a beautiful piece you have created for Vicki
I just adore all the fairy`s running around at the moment!!
Looks like Miss Molly,is hunting human food down,she knows what this is! remind me I need to get mine out and wash it all down,but Iam playing with my pastel papers from CS and creating!! so maybe tomorrow !!
Have a great weekend!!

MJ said...

As a result of your influence, I wandered past a garage sale a few weeks ago and purchased old piano music and old children's books including a complete Winnie the Pooh. We've been reading thru Winnie the Pooh (so I haven't started wripping it apart yet!) and I have specifically reserved one piano book for scrapbooking. The rest have been rescued and I'm not sure whether I can scrap with them. We all take baby steps, one at a time! Have a great weekend!

Country Liv . . . said...

Thanks, sweetie, for the kind words. You deserve to be cherished by others! Congrats on the blog award, too!
The fairy you made holding the words, it looks like a whole doll not just a one dimensional cutout! How did you manage that?
I hope Molly doesn't get into the 'people food' since she's suppose to be on a diet-and from that shot, Wow! She really does need to cut back some!(to hear me talk, you'd think I was skinny!NOT).
Have a fab time with the new grill and hubby. If he can't figure out that it's him that's suppose to stand in front of it, just get his 'foot rug' from the bathroom and put it where he needs to stand! LOL! Won't let him live that one down.

KimmyS said...

Well Vicki - you have such a beautiful soul and therefore other peeps like to give back... I adore what Liv did for you, it's so gorgeous!

And I am so digging those cute fairies *sigh*

Hope you have a wonderful weekend

Michelle said...

That digi layout is fabulous! I love all of your fairies! They're so cute scattered around.. The grill is amazing. Your dog looks like he's waiting for a morsel to fall on the ground. Thats what my dog does, anyway..

Charmingdesigns said...

That is a wonderful layout of you and your mom!! I really have a hard time believing I can be an inspiration to anyone...I am always inspired by everyone...and you are the best. Thank you!Have a wonderful weekend dear friend!! Laurie

Shawn said...

That is really sweet of Viv. It is so nice to see good gestures happening in the blog world :) Have a safe memorial day!

Sugar Bear said...

Hmm, I got a weird message when I just tried to post a comment so here goes again!

Thanks so much for the award! You are too kind. The layout Liv did is beautiful - the photo really fits it perfectly. The fairies are so fun. The shiny new grill should be lots of fun this weekend!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a beautiful piece Liv created for you! You know the most creative people, and nice ones, too.:)

Thank you so much for the award, and right back at you. I love coming here to visit you, friend, for more glitter, glue and inspiration than anywhere else.
xo Lidy

Catherine said...

What a lovely piece she made for you, yeah! I am loving all those fairies you've made, they look so lovely altogether!

Sharon in NE said...

Oh Vic, what a sweet layout Liv made you. Something to cherish for many generations. I love the pic of you and your mom; it speaks volumns and to turn it into such a beautiful layout is so wonderful!

Linda Cain said...

these fairies are so stinkin' cute. I LOVE all the pictures of your spool people...and animals!
Linda Cain