Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mothers Day and Nathaniels Program

I wanted to wish you all a wonderful Mothers Day. Hope you all get to spend the day doing something just for YOU!
We'll be spending the day tomorrow with momma and the fam. Below is just a little sort of visual tribute to my sweet momma. Some new photos , some older photos and older layouts...but one thing never changes... I have a wonderful momma!

Mom and I , a few years ago.

On her 85th Birthday.

( that's me sitting on my mom lap) my Gram and Great Gram

My mom is the second one in from the left.

Both these layouts were pubbed in Scrapbook Trends.

Love ya mom!

Last night mom and I went to Lincoln to see Nathaniel's Choir program. On the way there, Wes called and said he could go also, so when we got to Lincoln we picked him up at his house. I didn't realized Jan and Keith were coming too, until I talked with her on the way there. The crowd is growing. lol When we got to Weslyn campus, we were walking across the street to the Art's Center were the program was, and Wes heard someone call his name...there in the car passing by was my brother Ray and sister-in-law , Linda. Lets' just say , there was enough of us there to take up a pretty good section of eats. lol I love the fact that my family is so supportive of the things the young ones in the family are involved in. It was so worth it all to see the look on Nathaniel's face when he was up on stage, scanning the crowd to see who was there , and spotted us all. HUGE SMILE! ( or maybe that was from embarrassment ,since we all had our arms flailing in the air..trying to get his attention?) lol

They did a wonderful job...and he looked so handsome! How the time has flown... middle school is right around the corner. ( Nathaniel is my sister Donna's Grandson .)

We all went to Granite City for Dinner afterwards, and had such a nice time.
I love this photo of Nathaniel giving his mom a little Mothers Day Love.
Brent and Diana are such wonderful parents , and it shows.. Nathaniel is a great kid!!!

Yep... it's Nathaniel with his old Aunt Vic.

Thanks for letting us share your fun!
Okay... now put up your feet friends..and


Shawn said...

That is so neat that you all were able to go! Wonderful pictures! Hope you have a great Mother's Day too! :)

rose said...

what a family turn out wonderful!!
Great photo`s and beautiful tribute to mom
Have a wonderful mother`s day!

janel said...

My eyes are leaking! What a wonderful family!
Brings smiles to my face!
Happy Mother's Day to you!

Judy & Sheri said...

It is wonderful you all got together to share an important family time!!Great pics of your MOM!!!

Monica Yvette said...

You and your mom are so cute together, Vicki. I really like the black and white photos. Happy Momma's Day to you:)

Ali said...

Hi Vicki! Thanks for the Mother's Day Wishes! Back atcha, too! LOL

That was a wonderful outing you were all able to go to; Nathaniel is a handsome kiddo! The current pics and older pics of your Mom, grandma and G-grandma are totally fabulous - what trasures.

BTW, your Mom is a BEAUTIFUL lady.

Catherine said...

looks like you had a wonderful time, and how fun that everyone got to come! Happy Mother's Day my friend!

Sharon in NE said...

What wonderful memories that will be for Nathaniel (especially everyone waving at him). snicker snicker

Love the photos! Big hug!

Country Liv . . . said...

Ms Vicki, thanks so much for sharing your Sweet Momma and the rest of your family with us. The photos are priceless; I wish I had been a shutterbug when my mom was alive. I bet Nathaniel's heart was just bursting with pride that he had so much family to come and support him! Just gives you a warm and mushy feeling to think of all of you just showing up like you did.
I'm a little surprised the elves didn't whip up some kind of banner or wall hanging celebrating the occasion for you to share with us. Bummer. LOL!
I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day too! Did you get your photo taken with the boys? Share please!