Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Fancy Pants layout

Well, I finally got some mojo today , and worked on a layout. I've been doing mostly altered things, for a while, so it took a bit to get back in the grove of a layout....but with all these yummy Fancy Pants products, and this fun picture of my cute little niece and nephews .. I had fun stuff to work with.

A few posts ago, I was talking about great "photos", and how it seems that it's become such a huge part of scrapbooking. I have lots of photos I love, that aren't the best quality or perfect "pose". In this photo J was not wanting to look up ,because the light was so bright, right above him, that is was hurting his eyes. Poor little guy. He tried , he really did. But you know what.. I still LOVE this photo,...because it totally captures the moment... and a little bit of each of their personalities. I bet I took 20 shots of them... just trying to get them all together like this. ( and I think I had 2 other people helping me) lol... It was like a three ring circus... little bodies rolling everywhere, giggling, and carrying on ... it was a hoot! This photo will help me remember it just as it was! lol

The journaling reads: Getting you all to come together for this photo was a bit of a challenge. Who has time for photos when , you just want to play.

This layout is 100% Fancy Pants Products.
Paper line- Celebrate
Journal Cards - Remember
Ribbon-Sweet Pea
Pins- Harvest

I dry brushed acrylic paints over the clear die cuts... and adhered them with Diamond Glaze.

I'm loving my new big monitor but having a hard time feeling like the color is adjusted just right... so I'm still working with it.
It's difficult to be sure when I'm editing photos in photoshop, if the color is right. Bare with me until I get it all figured out. lol
Thanks for asking about Molly. She's enjoying the nice weather, but I'm still on the fence about how she's really doing , and if the meds are helping. She seem some better, but defiantly not ..totally herself.

Have you ever heard something "bang" or fall in your hear it, but cant figure out what it was? Usually you find a picture that fell, a box that shifted in a closet...ect...
I was in my room working this morning and I heard this loud "thud". The dogs started barking and running around trying to figure out what it was. I got up and looked all over the house... Nothing! (Remember we live out of it's not like it could be a neighbor.) I didn't find anything ,but kept wondering what it might of been, because it was pretty loud!
Later in the day, I went to open the back sliding doors to take the dogs out , and there on the deck , right in front of the door was a huge "dead" woodpecker. ( I spared you a photo)
NOW I know what that "thud" was!! ( I guess he thought he could fly right through it)
Being the animal lover that I am, I was so sad about this poor beatuiful bird . ... ( and NOT looking forward to having to pick it up)! Dan is going to the cabin after work to mow, so he's going to be staying out there tonight, That means, I either have to look at that dead bird until he gets home from work tomorrow night... or pick it up myself. Plus the dogs wanted at it BAD! They didn't know what it was, but figured anything causing me that much hysteria, must be something they would want to check out.
Oh... Man..! I tried to muster up all the courage I had, armed my self with about 6 walmart bags , and a huge pair of rubber gloves. ( not taking any chances here). I had to look the other way, once I reached for it, because I was freaking out. But I did it... I got it in to the bag, and disposed of it.


My geraniums are loving the warmer weather.

This is where I put that altered bird house I made last week. I thought it looked good with my other blue things on the kitchen counter. I change what sits on this corner of the kitchen counter about every couple weeks. I think it's because it's the first thing I see when I come downstairs in the morning... I like to see something I really enjoy.
My sister gave me that awesome bowl. We found it when we were antiquing on the way back from KC. The vase was on a clearance shelf at Walmart..but for $3 it makes me happy. lol

Okay.. that's about it for my day today. I know... pretty exciting huh? ha ha
oh... life in the country.


Deb S. said...

oh yuk,to bad about mr.woodpecker! what is going on with the birds lately?i bet my mom had 5-6 hit her sunroom this weekend and one kept dive bombing my poor cully this morning!!weird!
love where you put your cute birdhouse,looks the lo of the kiddos,cute!

Catherine said...

Wishing I was a fly on the wall for that scene :-) I bet it was pretty funny!! Loved your page, the new FP is awesome. xox.

BTW, what would you say about Nat coming too??

rose said...

love the layout,just gotta love all the elements on it,beautiful
Oh and that corner in the kitchen looks pretty good to walk right down to ,love the blue and the birs house is devine
OH sheek kebab poor woody woodpecker how tragic,they are beautiful to,must have died of shock

Charmingdesigns said...

My thuds are usually the cats knocking something off. Love your blues!! Bird house looks quite at home there...maybe the woodpecker wanted to check it Laurie

MJ said...

I left you a few days ago and come back and the last 2 posts have dead things in it. Happily, they aren't altered!

Loved your scrapbook page!

happiness blooms said...

OK, first... I would give $1,000,000,000,000 to sit in the corner of your studio and watch you create! This page is so far over-the-top amazing it isn't even funny!
2nd... I would give twice that amount to sit on your porch and watch you, armed with 6 Walmart bags and gloves, (screaming I'm sure)while you pick up that bird.
Sad for the bird (I love birds), but oh so funny to watch you! lol
Thanks for making my day!

Elly said...

Your l.o. is great! Love all that Fancy Pants stuff! And that picture is just wonderful.
I like your little kitchen-scene. That birdhouse is gorgeous!
I feel sorry for your Mr. Woodpecker, I hope you solved the problem already, but I can imagine you're not looking forward to this "job".

Nat said...

Loooveee this layout!!!!!

hehehe- what you think if I try to see how much a flight to Nebraska is ;-) Can't promise- but will lookie ;-)

Snuppeline said...

I'm so happy I found your blog! There is so much creativity and colors here, and I love it! You are so talented! If you don't mind I would love to link to your blog from mine? Is that ok?

Tonje (From Norway)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your woodpecker...the poor thing! I know what you mean about picking up something dead. Molly looks so sweet. My granddogger's name is Molly...she's a big black lab mix and crazy about grandma:) Your blue corner looks great with your birdhouse, bowl & vase!!!

Tabitha W. said...

i am totally giggling at the thought of you 'roaring'! so sad about the woodpecker. i had to dispose of a chickadee that my cat attacked. i had baby in one arm and the cat trying to climb my leg after the bird. i had to unceremoniously throw it over the fence into the woods. i felt horrible, but it's all i could do at the time.

love, love, love the new layout! and i agree, i think there is too much emphasis on the photos. while it may enhance the layout, the true purpose of a layout is to capture the story.

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Ms Vicki! Thanks for checking on me . . . I'm really doing great (on a new elixir)! I have been so busy paper scrapping and working on a digital kit to give away that I haven't been on the internet very much. Kim is still doing pretty good so thanks for the prayers!
Love your layout! Those children are so cute and remember: perfect photos aren't any fun! Weddings and such need poses but our everyday life isn't perfect so why should out photos be? Love all the Fancy Pants-they're one of my fav suppliers.
That is so sad about the woodpecker. Except for the red bellied woodpecker, most are on the endangered list. I once saw an Ivory Billed Woodpecker-they're gone now.
Molly's fur looks better-shinier and the color is good. Maybe she is getting better-I pray that it's so!
No critters, no critters, I'm so happy I could cry. I've actually been able to sleep six hours at a time! WooHoo!
Hugs, kisses, and jumps for joy,

Melissa said...

That layout is so much fun---just playful and sweet and I love looking at each inch of it!