Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On the run

Happy Tuesday! I've been busy today, ..doing things, other than creating. You know.. that stuff that just "has" to be done. Groceries, laundry, cleaning... all that fun stuff.
I'm having the "artsy ones" out for lunch and a creative afternoon tomorrow. I always like to make up some kind of "goodie" for everyone...just because I enjoy doing it. I used the pink glasses that my sis had set her little "gerbera daisy" pots in for Mothers Day. I just filled them with "scrap goodies" and tied them up with tulle and ribbon. I stamped one of the little Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage "Crown" stamps on the paper wine glass label thingy. ( can you tell I don't know what they are really called?) lol Anyway..then I added pink gems to the tops.
The Crown is from the "Altered Art" of Clear Art Stamp.
Oh..this little guy about broke my heart today. I was loading my groceries in the back of my car..when Griffin and his mommy were coming through the parking lot and stopped to say hello.
It was just a quick hello, because they were just stopped in the middle of the isle . I talked to G for a minute, and then all the sudden he was hanging his head and his bottom lip was sticking out (far enough for a little bird could have landed on it). When I said goodbye and told him I loved him.. he said he loved me too.. but the look on his face was killing me. I had to walk way. Before I was finished unloading what was left of my groceries into my car, I looked up and here was Griff and Kiley walking across the parking lot. Kiley brought him over to give me a hug. When they walked away I heard him start to cry. Ohhhhhhh.... kid.. your killing your ol Aunt Bic. lol I could see he was fine as they were going in the store. Kiley said he kept saying he wanted to go see Aly and Molly.
Oh.. if he only knew how close he was to getting to do just that...because as busy as I was today.. if he had cried one more second and looked at me with that sad little face, I probably would have ran after Kiley and begged her to let me take him for the afternoon.
I told him he could call me if he wanted. Later I noticed I had one missed call on my cell phone,( while I was vacuuming.. I'm sure). The message was Griff.... "Aunt Bic"? (she's not answering me)... then.. click.
I called back and we chatted a bit. All was well then,.. and I promised him we would play again soon. ( I was kidda hoping it was "me" he missed...but have a suspicion Aly and Molly may have a part in this) lol
* this photo was from our last play day
could you tell this face "no"?... NOT ME!
I was thrilled to day to see that the Lilly of the Valley are coming up. They are just my favorite. Reminds me of my childhood. Now... I just wish my lilacs would bloom.. everyone elses are. ??
I picked some and have them in a vase on my table.
Okay.. I'm fessing up. I wasn't going to tell that I got "another" pair of shoes a when I took mom to get hers on Sat. ( I know.. I have issues with this). I don't pay a fortune for shoes .. but I do have alot of pairs. ( don't ask). For someone who loves to be barefoot and hates to wear shoes.. I have ALOT. lol
I just have to tell you ..these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. That's because they are just like slippers. lol After the last shoes I posted , my niece Rhonda emailed me and said... " you should be wearing shoes with more support.. you're going to get bone spurs wearing those shoes".... lol........OH.. dont I know it. lol.. I have had bone spurs ..and they HURT..but

(dont tell Rhonda) shhhhhhhhhhhhh lol
Rhonda is my niece...but she is only two months younger than I am. ( that means I'm the elder here right? ) lol She's always pulling that "age card" on me ...telling me , "I'm" older.. so I have to use it to my advantage when I can. lol
I'm Looking forward to having fun with the girls tomorrow. I'll take photos to post. I'm thinking .. we might be working on fairies.


Krisstee said...

The pic of the little guy is absolutely priceless...........LOL. Can't wait to see a scrapebook page.

happiness blooms said...

Oh, that story about Griggin just about brought tears to my eyes! He is SO CUTE!!!
Vic, where do you get those cute shoes! It is so rare to find cute and comfort in the same sentance anymore!

janel said...

Looks like a great day tomorrow for the "artsy girls". Have a ball. My lilacs are just beginning, and I adore lily of the valley...but no place to grow them. They smell SO yummy! Enjoy the day, the fun, and I have a feeling that you will be having a little visitor very soon....what a doll he is!

Shawn said...

Bethany does that with my stepmom she loves to visit papa and nana, if only they weren't so far away
:( I also love lily of the valley's I hope next yr they spread so I can cute some and enjoy them. Do your doggies stay away from them? I've heard they are really poisonous.

Anonymous said...

I love your little pink glasses you made up for the gals! Adorable! Grif looks so sweet and enjoy him while he's little. I love your shoes too! They do look comfy. Oh, I love lily of valley too! The fragrance is oh so sweet but I like the fragrance of lilacs, peonies and roses too. I find it unfortunate that most of the roses you see any more, do not smell like they used to. So sad.

Sugar Bear said...

Cute shoes! Love those favors - I may have to take that idea! Griffin is so cute - I would be the exact same way and want to run after him. I'm quite sure he misses you as much as the dogs - you let him play with shaving cream! :) Have a great lunch.

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey, Sweets!
Love this post from its beautiful champaign glass gifts through little Griff and on to the cute shoes! Knowing your sweet heart, I was surprised that you didn't pick Griff up and cart him off to home with you!
I have missed reading everyone's blogs the last few days. It really is taking me a long time to read then post a comment because my 'resources' are being used for the upload of my files.

I think your sketch for scrapbookersclubhouse is awesome and I love that you used Molly for the layout. That really was a nice post at their site, I sent the link to my daughter because I had to brag on my blog friend!

Speaking of my daughter: Kim is having a terrible time being grandmother to 7 kittens. They have lost three and are now waiting on one more to pass. It seems that the stray that had them was a genetic nightmare and her kits were even worse. The local kitty refuge has agreed to pay for the stray to be spayed if Kim can catch her (she's feral). Kim has such a soft and sweet heart she really needs our thoughts and prayers about this.


rose said...

oh I just adore lily of the valley and the scent oh reminds me of my childhood. Love the little pink goodies you have made beautiful
Hope you have a fun day with the chores and more tomorrow!!

~ Mylene ~ said...

I'm a sucker for little guys with puppy eyes, too.

And for lily of the valley.

And for shoes.


Were we separated at birth? Ü

~ M

MJ said...

Griffin is sweet. I can see why you were tempted to relieve his tears and agree to a playdate with him and your pups!