Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scrapbooker's Clubhouse Celebrity Sketch Extravaganza

Scrapbookers Clubhouse has a great event going on right now that you should totally check out , if you have a chance. It's a Celebrity Sketch Extravaganza that last from May 12th -May 21st.. and they are having a ball over there. I can't wait each day, to see who's next.
So far...
Day 1 Becky fleck from Page Maps- her sketch
Day 2 Katie the Scrapbook Lady - her sketch
Day 3 Angie Pedersen from Scrapbook Industry news - her sketch
Day 4 Nic Howard- her sketch
Day 5 Andrea Weibe- her sketch
Day 6 Valerie Salmon - her sketch
Day 7 my day... YAY!
Day 8 ?
Day 9?
Day 10?

You'll want to check in, here to see who's still to come. Cant wait to see more. The sketches have been fantastic and the girls over there are so friendly.


Thanks Ali for inviting me... and thanks ..girls at Scrapbook Clubhouse for having me!


Any way's my layout and sketch

***If you do a layout using this sketch... be sure to show me.. I'd love to see it! (smiles)
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


Charmingdesigns said...

I love yours...maaaaybe I should give this a shot! Laurie

Ali said...

Vicki! Thanks for being with us today-- Scrapbooker's Club House is such a fun and friendly place and we are SO glad you were able to "sketch" and "scrap" for us! Love ur sketch and accompanying LO... it's fab. I'm working on mine as we speak! :o) **TY again!**

Nicole Drewniak said...

thank you Vicki for being part of the Extravaganza! I am working on my take on your sketch so I hope you will check back and see mine and the others. :0)

rose said...

oh love your sketch and how your layout turned out,very nice
Aim lifting and linking for sure!

Melissa said...

LOVE this Vicki! What a fun sketch!

MJ said...

Great sketch! I plan on saving it for future use and will email you with the page!

stampqueen said...

I love the little dog tag - too clever!!! And such a cute pictuer of Molly!!!

janel said...

Oh so cute...and perfect to do a darling layout of sweet Molly. Just wonderful.
Have a great week, and we will catch up soon!

stacy said...

love this sketch. i will for sure be using it in the future. don't have a pet, but i have 3 little ones. your sight is awesome. thanks for all the ideas

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great sketch Vicki! I love the way you added a "dog tag" into the title- Very cute!

Sugar Bear said...

A very sweet layout. Love that photo of Molly.

Charmingdesigns said...

I tried to email you last night, but it was sent back to me.Did you watch the CMT and Sugerland last night??Laurie

Catherine said...

Love your sketch, and that pink teddy lovin' dog is sweet!!

Anonymous said...

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