Thursday, May 08, 2008

Slow but ...sure?

"Slow" is for sure.. when it comes to my Internet , right now. We have been struggling with this for so long now, thinking it was our server. Well, it's not.. but we are in the process of getting it fixed. Hopefully by the end of the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed! ( because this slow ( high speed Internet) is driving me nuts!
Here's another little altered bird house I finished last night.

I just cant stand all these fun papers I haven't been using.... so it felt good to use some.
I had an appointment to get my oil changed today, and was in Fremont ...when my friend Deb, just happened to be babysitting for her new little I had to go have a peek. WHAT A LITTLE DOLL!

She is just such a content baby. Never fussed once.

And I get the idea that her Grandma likes her , a little bit. lol

She six 6 weeks old today.

I got my "ALtEREd ARtS" in the mail yesterday ...

... and it was fun to see this in there. The Stamps , wings and crown are all Crafty Secrets.

And this was a total surprise. The bottom photo is me with the Editor ,Cyndi Duncan. It was taken at CHA in the Crafty Secrets Booth. ( that would be why I have an apron on) lol

Tomorrow evening I'm picking mom up and we are going to Lincoln to watch Nathaniel's choir performance... ...cant wait! I have been trying to make it to one all year, and the dates just haven't worked out until now. It will be a fun outing for mom and I.
Poor Wes, when I talked to him on the phone earlier, he was pooped. He had bike patrol training today. He works security at the State Capital, and they have to be certified in bike patrol. He said, it involved ,going down steps ..jumping curbs ,ect... he was worn out. But.. now... officially certified! lol
Hugs.. all around!


janel said...

So many neat things to post about, can't decide what to say first. Oh, what a darling bird the way you used the buttons. Well now that baby is absolutely precious. What a beautiful smile..and you can see Grandma's love in that photo. I have a visual of the bike training...and smiling to myself, you know he loved doing the steps, etc. Too bad you weren't there with camera in hand.
I don't know Altered ARts...that is one I will need to search out...all the Crafty girls..SO cute!
Thanks, and I apologize for the long response!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey friend. I've been having trouble with the speed of my 'high'speed internet for the last two days. Photos don't want to appear, I just get those annoying little boxes.
That Kaylie is such a beautiful baby. Deb is so lucky to have her nearby and I just know that photo of the two of them will be a favorite with Deb.
Bird houses and published and photographed, I feel honored to know such a talented celebrity! Wouldn't it be nice if all celebs were like you!

Charmingdesigns said...

What a beautiful baby!!I'll have to go check out that mag.Your birdhouse is darling!! What glue do you use??Cant wait to see what you come up with next. Laurie

Bunny B said...

Beautiful baby! :)
And I love your birdhouse!

Deb S. said...

Aww Vic,thanks for coming by for a visit and taking so many great photos of my sweet pea!
I think your latest creation is darling,of course!
And now you are in altered arts! wow! So cool,good for you!

Shawn said...

Computers can be frustrating! Your birdhouse is adorable!!!

Natasha Burns said...

what a cute baby!!! wow she is only 6 weeks? and content?!!!
Love the birdhouse, it's so sweet!

Catherine said...

congratulations on Altered Arts pub - so deserving!! I am so loving all your projects lately - especially the bird house the other day! You rock my friend....

rose said...

what a beautiful birdhouse love it!
sweet pictures of the baby,beautiful smile on her face
oh I would love to go down lots of steps on a bike,bet he is so exhausted though
Oh think Iam going to have to search the magazine out looks so interesting!
thanks for comments left on my blog

MJ said...

The photo with Deb and her granddaughter is marvelous. I see a future project lurking...

stampqueen said...

Congrats on the Altered Arts pub. - I have been meaning to look at that one...
Cute birdhouse, and one very pretty baby!!
Take Care

Precious Treasures said...

She is a doll!