Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunny Saturday....yay!

Today was a beautiful warm sunny day... and boy I have to it's about time! lol It's been a long dreary winter, and nice weather has been a long time coming.
My friend Chris and I like to make Venice antiques our meeting place. She lives in Omaha.. so it's really close for her and not a bad drive for me either. (esp on a day like this). Today was their big swap meet.. and although I knew I couldn't make a day of it with Chris.. ( shoot for next time)... mom and I stopped for a bit on our way into Omaha. Mom had been wanting to look for shoes in Omaha... so since I had to run in today.... shoes were the mission.
But first we walked around the swap meet a little bit. It was so nice,.... but with the uneven ground I was a little worried about mom walking there.
But I think she really enjoyed it. Lots to look at, and lots of people there.

It kind of tickled me , how much she got into it. I was thinking about how she was probably looking at some of those things alot differently than I was. I always think... "I wonder who this belonged to? , what was their life like?, what it was like to use this in everyday life? ...ect".
Mom was saying things like... "I used to have one of these... wonder what I ever did with mine?, I should have hung onto mine, I cant believe they can get that much for that old thing! " lol
I think I could spend a entire day,...just looking at STUFF

I did something really stupid... I saw a little table that I really thought was cute... great price...but I didn't want to carry I thought I'd just buy it on the way back to the car. Really , what are the chances someone else is going to buy it , in just a few minute. Well....turns out the chances where pretty good! Darn!

( the table is not in this picture.. it was long gone by then)
Below is what I ended up coming home with ...mostly just come great cigar boxes ( I use for storage in my studio)... and a jar of wooden spools. ( I'm feeling the need to make more fairies.. so cant take a chance of running out) lol It's kind of funny, I think I've had the bag of wooden spool I have for 15 years and have never used one. Yesterday I use them in a project.. and now today, I'm buying more? lol
Oh.. the other thing I bought , that isn't in the photo, is maracas. Yup... maracas. I know "The Tillys" are always on the look out for vintage maracas. I called Neely to see if they could use them before I got them. She said "yes definatly" ..and was thrilled. YAY!

We hit, the swap meet, Sams, Rockbrook Camera to replace my lost lens cap), Target, Fashion Bug, lunch and who knows where else. ... poor mama. I kept asking her if she was tired..but she said she was fine. I always dropped her at the door before parking , and tried to keep the walking for her to a minimum. She did so well.
When we got home she wanted me to look at her flowers and see how many buds were on her iris's. There were lots!
It's so great to see everything budding out and coming to life.

I love the smell of peonies!

Mom said she had went to Walgreen to get some film for her camera to take some pictures of her flowers. I said mom... "you know I have my camera with me at every given second, right?". lol
I took some for her.

I had to make one last stop before heading home... and looked across the street to see ...
the carnival is in town

I don't really think my boys are going to let me take to the carnival(lol) .. so I'm outta luck this time.
I guess I could take my nieces and nephew ..but then I'dhave to ride the rides ... eeeek.. and that's a NO GO! Rides are not my thing. ( I went on the Tea Cups with Dawn and Becca at Disney World and about lost my lunch)... that's almost too embarrassing to admit.

But it's always fun to everyone else enjoying them!

Oh.. and mission accomplished...

mom got shoes


rose said...

ROFL!! about buy more spools!! and looks so busy,wow I would have had a field day!!!!
OH moms flowers are beautiful and looks like she had a great day out with you
Enjoy rest of the weekend and looking forward to the expanding family now you gotten more spools!!!

Michelle M White said...

How fun!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

Your day sounded wonderful. Stacey and I spent the day together, had lunch then started looking for a new couch for her. It was so fun...and over 100 degrees, It got so complaining!! So sick of the rain!!Our little town has an Iris Festival, and parade..We have a huge peonie farm just down the road, we plan to go take pictures tomorrow. Have a nice Sunday!! Laurie

Country Liv . . . said...

What a lovely outing you and Sweet Momma had! She has more go power than I do; I make 3 stores and I'm ready for a nap! Thanks for sharing.
You know what? You have the nicest bunch of blogging friends! Rose and I have been exchanging emails! Doesn't the Internet make the world very navigable!
Happy Sunday!

KimmyS said...

Yeah, I do that ALL the time that I think "I am gonna buy that one on the way back" and it is ALWAYS gone....darn!

Love the cigar boxes and the spools though and the shoes for mom....I *heart* them!

Ali said...

What a wonderful post. I loved every word Vicki! And your Mama's hoes are sweet!

stampqueen said...

The swap meet looked really great!!
I love your Mamma's flowers - I have an iris that color - he's one of my fav's. I have 2 little peonys that I started this year - this is my second try with peonys down here - they really don't like the heat, but I love them so will try one more time...
Have a good weekend!!!

Delaney Gates said...

Hmmm, I can't decide which looks the most fabulous: the peonies or the cigar boxes... :) Looks like a wonderful day!

Elly said...

Of course you needed some more spools!!! Your fairies are absolutely adorable!!! Sounds like a very happy day! Love the flowerpictures, they're beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It's looks and sounds like you had a great day! I love your mom's shoes!!

bnovacek said...

i'm sad i didn't run into you at the flea market! glad you had fun with your sweet mama!

Sharon in NE said...

Love stuff!!