Monday, May 12, 2008

This and that

Today was my class at Building Families Boutique.. so I didn't tear into any big projects today, just finished up getting ready for that. Also did some laundry and catching up on things from the weekend... but not much creative. When I got up this morning I looked out and totally enjoyed seeing these cute little pots of Gerbera Daisies my sis gave me yesterday. I knew I wouldn't have time to get them potted today, so I just sat them there is enjoy... and I really AM enjoying them. I went out and snapped this photo just as the sun was going down this evening..and they were just as enjoyable tonight as they were this morning. So Sweet!

Speaking of little clay pots. I have a little gathering coming up.. and these will be next to each plate. I saw these tiny little pots at Hob Lob and a just couldn't resist them.

The class went really well tonight. 15 total. I snapped a quick photo of some of the layouts as they were finishing up.


who were so generous to donate all the papers and the quotes for this months class!!!

and... look.. ANOTHER box of scrap goodies that the girls from Precious Treasures have been donating for the classes.
I hope you all know how much the girls there appreciate all you do to make these classes possible!

Okay... here is another fun thing I just have to share with you. Check out the spread that "Tilly and the Wall" have in this mag................................

These are just a few of the pages
Kiana is in the photo above and Jamie below.

Kiana on the left and Neely ( my niece) on the right.

Top left Kiana and top right ...Neely.

Neely bottom left, Kiana bottom right.
They also have to guy in the band..(Nick and Derrik)..but I guess this photo shoot was all about the girls. lol
Neely said they had a good time in New York filming for Sesame Street. She said they were there from like 9am to 6pm filming for a under two minute song.
I'm so proud of these kids and so happy that they are getting to see all these places and experience all these amazing things.
If you want to see a new little clip of them and one of their new songs , you can see it here

Neely has her Masters in Education and teaching and substitute teaches when ever she is not on tour with the band. I think she's been mostly with 3rd graders lately.
She is an amazing person , it tickles me that she talks as much about her students and she does about touring with the band. She loves those kids. She must take after my sis, she's been doing daycare for over thirty years now.
PS. Another bit of great news. My mom had her appointment with the cardiologist today, and got all good news! She doesnt have to come back for 6 months!!!
Thank you all for all your prayers for her!!!


Sharon in NE said...

Great new song Tilly & the Wall has coming out!

Glad to hear your mom's med reports were good.

The layouts from your class look good! How nice of Quick Quotes!

chelemom said...

Wow!!! Your niece is a gorgeous gal! What a great LO! So glad to hear your mom is doing better!!!

Shawn said...

quick quotes has some really nice stuff I had taken their canvas class at ckc. Can't wait for Sesame Street to air, you'll let us know right? We do usually watch it everyday, a fav of Bethany's. So glad to hear good news about your mom!! The feeling we had when they told us corey's dad was cancer free was a relief! Have a good day! :)

Sugar Bear said...

Class looks like fun! Congrats to your niece! Fab photos. Yay for mom! Great news.

Bunny B said...

Glad to hear about your mom's news! :)

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh, Vicki, I'm so glad Sweet Momma got such great news! Makes your heart swell with awe when prayers are answered. Big hug to her.

How is Molly?

I tell you, your family is getting more famous by the minute! Tilly & the Wall are soaring!