Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day / Sunday stuff

The boys were home this afternoon and for dinner tonight. The weather was beautiful so we decided to grill for dinner. I was running into Fremont to take flowers to the cemetery and to run to the store , so I called mom ask her if she wanted to come out for dinner also. I hadn't made any plans , because with the boys work schedules it's always a day by day ( sometimes hour by hour) thing,.. before we know exactly who will be here and when. Today.. it worked out perfectly.

When I was uploading pictures, I laughed so hard when this one came up. Why cant my children act "normal"? lol As soon as I got to take a photo..they both make ridiculous faces. But that isn't what made me laugh.. it's the look on my moms face... looking at Wes, like "What in the world are you doing"? lol
Oh..those boys... They are about as serious as there mother. lol
Those boys do love their Gram, that's for sure.

I couldn't post today without talking about my dad. It's been over 20 years that he's been gone , and we all still miss him so much. My dad was the most giving person I have ever known. He would give the shirt off his back to help someone who needed it. He loved his family so much, adored his grandchildren and cherished my mom. We were lucky ,lucky kids to have a him for our dad.
The handmade book below is one I made probably 5 years ago or more... but I dug it out and looked through it today.. so I thought I'd share a few pages.
The book is held together with two rulers.. I drilled holes in. ( back in the day..before they came in kits) lol
It was published in "Altered ARTS magazine" at the time.
When I made it , I never had any intention of submitting it ..but I'm thrilled now that it was published.

This is a photo of my dad and I , when I was a little.

I LOVE this photo of my mom and dad, because it is "totally" my dad! He adored my mom.. so I love the fact that he's giving her a little peck..but my dad was also a total clown...the Styrofoam piece he's holding in front of them "framing them in" .. was from a microwave box, or something we had all given them for Christmas. The photo was taken when we were all at home doing our traditional Christmas Eve present opening at mom and dads. It was always a house full!! All of 7 of us kids, and our spouses , all the Grand kids , Great grandkids...and anyone else who wanted to come. lol
Today when I looked at this, I noticed something that made this photo even sweeter than it was before. I noticed when I looked at Dad's hand ..there is a little hand on top of his . Obviously one of the Grand kids. Too Cute!

Hope you all day a wonderful day!


Nat said...

this is such a sweet album you made and I love love love that you just detected the little hand on top of his'.

Sending you love :-)

happiness blooms said...

What a heartwarming (and beautiful) album about your dad! I can just feel the love you poured into making it.

A gorgeous table Vic! Hey, I would LOVE a piece of that dessert... YUMMMM!!

Shawn said...

That album was wonderful, it brought tears to my eyes. This is why I love scrapbooking so much. Thanks for sharing Dads are so wonderful. Glad you all had a great day!

Deb S. said...

glad you could all get together,sometimes it works best if things aren't so "planned" out huh? the table looks gorgeous! you know i love that album about your dad.

stampqueen said...

Love the album about your Dad - I gotta do mine one of these days!!!
27 years since my Dad's been gone... I have very few pics, we just didn't take that many and if we did he was often taking them (especially the videos).
Your table spread looks scrumptious!!! I guess I have little hope of 'good' pics of my kids (ie without the goofy faces) as I see they don't outgrow it LOL.
Take Care

rose said...

What a beautiful album you made of your Dad,simply stunning and wonderful memories.
Great pictures of mom and the boys
and the table looks wonderful,strawberry`s, oh love them just gotten some today but ick they are so expensive at the moment

KimmyS said...

Oh my world - that book is the sweetest! I can't believe that it is already years old....wonderful

Elly said...

What a lovely memories of your dad! You made a stunning album, I love it to pieces! Great pics of your beloved family and I noticed a yummie pie too....!!!!

MJ said...

Lovely album! The photo of your mom/dad in the styrofoam is priceless! Obviously, he was a ham who cooperated for the camera!

We'll have to call you "Vicki the Driller" considering your early attempts with the ruler! Cute cute cute!

Sharon in NE said...

Big sigh...that just gave me the warm fuzzies. Your past joys and your current joys. It's all good.

rbnwood said...

Vicki - How sweet of you to share the beautiful album you made about your Dad! Thanks for the heartwarming post.

Nodin's Nest said...

Oh I love your book. That would be a great thing to make for my son about his grandfather who is gone. Thanks for the idea!

bnovacek said...

even though i didn't know your dad, after reading about him, i can definitely see his influence in you :)

Michelle said...

I LOVE your Father's Day album! Its very nice! I love the papers!

Tabitha W. said...

what a beautiful tribute and treasured memories of your dad!

can i come to your house for dinner? that cheesecake looks divine!

Diana said...

I love the albulm you made about your dad. I was just thinking the other day that it's going on 20 years for me too. I lost my dad on 3/10/89 Your work is beautiful.

Diana said...

What a beautiful albulm you made for your dad. I too lost my dad almost 20 years ago. Your work is