Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just some Thursday stuff to share

Well, the midwest got hit with storms again last night. We didn't get much right here but Lincoln, Omaha and into Iowa got , wind, rain and tornado's. There were 4 lives lost and lots of injuries at a scout camp near Little Sioux. I cant imagine what those kids and their parents went through last night, and the devastation they feel today. I didn't want to start this post "sad" but it's just a huge part of that's going on here right now, and our heart go out to everyone who was effected.

On a much happier note... did you see the ScrapScene post on Matchboxes? There were some great examples of things people have done with them. You can check it out here if you missed it.

I have a number of them in my "to alter" boxes.. and just haven't done anything with them for a while.. so I decided I'd pull one out and make a little $ holder for this Birthday Bear.
The Bear is by Melissa Frances. I picked up a couple the last time I was in Precious Treasures, because I thought they were so cute and would make a fun little add on to a birthday package.
Sometimes when I need a birthday gift for one of my nieces or nephews.. I have a hard time knowing what to get them. I never know what toys they have , or what they might be into at the time. I figure this would be a good thing for a girl , atleast.

I just decorated this little matchbox and hot glued it to the little bear. The stamp is Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage . ( Party Queen" Clear Art Stamp set)
I guess you could fill it with $ or other "little" goodies. I pondered how to make little tiny cupcakes for a while..but finally gave up. lol (no...not real ones silly!)

I just covered the bottom of the inside with patterned paper..but you could certainly stamp and image or a saying inside.
I've been giving alot of thought to "inspiration" after yesterdays post on the "I inspire me" blog.
(btw ,there is another great inspiration added today), you can check it out here.
I was thinking about some of my favorite "older" books ,t hat I still love ,and find tons of inspiration from. I don't know why sometimes, we get in a rut of thinking we can only find inspiration in the latest and greatest out there. I've has some books for a long long time , that I still find very inspiring.. and these are two of them.

Just thought I'd share. If I were you , I'd pull out some of those older books, you might be surprised how inspiring they can be. Maybe it's because after some time goes by, you sometimes look at things differently.. and it spurs an idea you hadn't thought of before? Worth a try right?
If you have some faves... please share.

I had a bit of a headache today,.. probably because I didn't sleep well at all last night, worrying about my kids.. out in the storms. Wes was at a concert in Omaha and Jarad was bringing his new motorcycle back from Lincoln , after picking it up at the dealers. ( in the midst of the storm). He was there early..thinking he would make it back way before the storms started..but you know how that goes.. everything always takes longer than you think it will with things like that).
Just goes to prove you worry about your kids , no matter how old they get. We did hear from both of them a number of times through out the evening and then when they were both back to their homes safe and sound.
Anyway, once I got my headache somewhat under control, I was determined to get out and get the rest of those plants planted.

I was so excited about planting holly. My mom had a friend that would always give us fresh holly in the winter , around Christmas , and I loved it. So... now hopefully , I'll have some. Yippee!

They are all kind of small right now..but hopefully they will be great , once they all fill in.

I think this was one of the first times, I 'v been out there planting or working in my flowers, that I havent seen a snake! THANK GOODNESS! and me, I have my eagle eye looking out for them the entire time!! (I'll probably see 2 next time) lol
I kept all my little info tags from my plants, because I've always wanted to make a garden journal... we'll see?

Tomorrow is Taylors card challenge.. cant wait. All her sketches are great! I always look for forward to working with them.
and today is Taylors Birthday.. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!
See you tomorrow!


Shawn said...

My parents said the storms were bad, those poor families I just can't even imagine. Your flowers are beautiful! I love the smell of holly too :)

MJ said...

The pink flowers are so pretty! They resemble sunflowers! I've never even thought of planting holly in readiness for winter!

Snakes? Eeek!

Glad to hear your sons got home safe & sound last night.

Sharon in NE said...

Holly...I never thought about planting holly before. How nice that would be to have something "live at Christmas". I can't wait to see what kind of plant journal you come up with.

Those poor families having to live with the tragedy of losing their boys. I can't imagine that pain. I guess all we can do is pray for them and hug our own. (:)

rose said...

I cannot begin to imagine what the parents of the boys are going through at this tragic time,Glad you boys got home safe...
Oh the plants look great,I have holly planted it gets raided at xmas for making things
Oh how cute is the bear & matchbox so pretty

Catherine said...

Your gardens are the idea of the fresh holly - is it true that you need to have a male and female for those plants??

Hope you were storm free today!!

rose said...

you only need a male if you want the red berries polinate the female
if you do not want the berries it does not matter
Remember the berries are poisonous
to human & animals if eaten!!!!

janel said...

I have been thinking about you and just saw the news about the scout camp. Makes me so sad. Be safe and I know just what you mean about the worry .. I am so glad the boys are both safe. Such beautiful flower photos, and I think a garden journal would be wonderful. Have a quiet evening!

Judy & Sheri said...

Vicki it is so good to see someone else use their old books as well...I do that ALL the time. Just love a couple of my old ones and I tend to always go back to them when in need for inspiration. will always find something in them that works.
Glad that your kids made it home safely before the storms!!
And your flowers are beautiful. Don't know if I could handle the snakes thing!!!!

Lana said...

Lovely pics Vicki!! I've been thinking about you during these storms... glad your area is ok! The matchbox gift is ADORABLE! great post.. love the thoughts on using whatever, not nessarrily(sp?) the latest & greatest to find inspiration!