Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Valentine Cards using Crafty Secrets "Clear Art Stamps"

Yes... more Valentine cards. lol
( see, no excuse for not getting some done for yourself.. I'm giving you a 8 month jump on it) lol

Thought I'd share these ..they are all done with Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamps

This stamp is from the "Cherish" set.

This one the "French Mail" set
Although I love to stamp.... I dont do all the "detail" coloring ..but these stamps are beautiful just stamped in black. The detail is amazing!

and this the "Cherub Set".

I just stamped the cherub image twice , cut out the wings from one set.. and added fine iridescent glitter before attaching them over the top of the wings on the main stamped image.

this is from the "Flourish" set
One flourish.. I just flipped it one way, then the other.

and one more from the "French Mail".

There are so many images on each set that make it so easy for you to build with.



For those of you who were asking about directions to make the Stick Fairies... I have a tutorial posted on the Fancy Pants Blog. HERE


Dawn sent a few more wedding photos from the weekend , so I'm sharing a couple. You can click on them to view them larger.

She was a beautiful bride.

The bride and the two other blondes are my sister Sharons Grandaughters.


Also wanted to share this photo of the Tilly's that is in the July issue of "Spin" Magazine

AND.... I now have the NEW Tilly CD... and it's FANTASTIC! The first song on the CD is one Neely sings.. and it's beautiful... I put it in the CD player in my car the minute I got it. Listening to her sing.. literally brought tears to my eyes. ***

On top of all the other fun Tilly news.. I am SO excited because ... Sandy... my dear friend ( and owner of Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage) , her husband and family are going to Vancouver BC on the 4th of July to see "Tilly and the Wall" perform!!! How cool is that. Neely has Sandy's cell number so they can connect and meet after the show.

*( my niece Neely.. is the one holding the guitar)


And just because she is so darn cute... here's miss molly. lol


The summer just get's more exciting as it goes.. I've been so excited about Cat coming for a visit in Aug... and now today I got news that my friend Marianne is coming in July. We lived in the same neighborhood from 1st grade on and then were room mates just out of high school. Her and I have always shared the same weird sense of humor... we "get each other". lol I can not wait to see her!
( hmmm... I'll have to see if I can dig up an old photo of us..from "back in the day" to share ).

Have a great day everyone!

ps. if you want to see more photos from Becky's party .. check out her blog here.


Charmingdesigns said...

Oh wow, those cards are right up my ally!!! Beautiful!!!! Laurie

Sugar Bear said...

Beautiful cards! Even with an 8 month jump I will still procrastinate. Yay for Neely and all the Tillies!

Shawn said...

Those cards are beautiful! I was playing around with some crafty secrets this morning also :) Love the wedding photos too!

Elly said...

Your cards are sóó lovely! Especially the French mail stamps are so cute! TFS!

KimmyS said...

OMG serirously Vicki - first you got me into wanting to make Halloween products and now I crave making Val day cards *snigger*

awesome as always - just wish we woulod have some UK retailers who stock a better selection of Crarfty Secret

Rainy said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the fairie link. I want to make some of these so bad. I just picked up my wooden spools yesterday that I bought from the classifieds. Have a great day.

stampqueen said...

Love the Valentines cards!!!! Love black/white and red!!!
Sounds like you have great fun coming this summer!!!
Got your pkg of googies yesterday - will play with them tomorrow - worked yesterday, took the kids to the waterpark today...

rose said...

oh beautiful cards,really like the stamps,Wonderful wedding pictures

rose said...

oh beautiful cards,really like the stamps,Wonderful wedding pictures

Michelle said...

I love the Val cards.. Since your post is kind of a LOVE theme the go along perfect!

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh Vicki! How I have missed you girl! and all your lovely creations.

Those valentines cards must be the most beautiful I've ever seen! Did you or the cupid elves design them? LOL!

Great to see Molly again too!
Love you,

Ali said...

Awesome post everything is gorgeous Vicki! And-- loved seeing
Miss Molly too of course! I swear she and Miss Lucie are related LOL!