Thursday, July 24, 2008

CHA and a new Fancy Pants Project

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I looked back through posts to see if I had posted this project yet..and I didn't see it.. but if I did , forgive me. After getting all those posts ready before I left for CHA, and then not being able to post them.. I'm so confused about what I posted here and what I haven't. lol
This is a project I did with the new Fancy Pants "All Fall" line. I did it and backed it with a heavy chipboard piece , so that it can hang from this Pants Hanger that I altered to match.

Here it is with the whole thing with the hanger. I love altering these pants hangers to display layouts also.

they clip tight and hold it in place really well.
You can see the new matching chipboard and decorative brads here.

I did some hand stitching to this chipboard piece. All the patterned chipboard pieces are self adhesive.
I have to share with you some photos from the Jenni Bowlin booth. Oh.. I just wanted to lay in the middle of the floor in this booth and take it all in!!! I love everything JB. This booth was filled with inspiration! EVERYWHERE!

All of the shelves where filled with beautiful projects.

This is her new paper line. The buttery color is sooooo beautiful! It's the Victoria line. You can see more.. here on her blog.

oh.. and the tickets....

Her props were all so cool and I thought it was so clever how she painted the backs of her shelving units with (what I think was Chalkboard paint).

Classy and fun

Jenni and her husband on the left. She is just so nice.

Here , you can see how she utilized the backs of the shelving units with the chalkboard look, buy highlighting layouts she's displayed.

I was in heaven is this booth!
Another Amazing booth was Graphic 45. Wow.. just stunning.

You can not imagine how beautiful this buggy really was. The photo doesn't begin to do it justice. You can click to see it larger.
Their papers where beautifully displayed in these frames.
I'm sure it took them quite a while to get this booth set up.. because it was amazing.
To tell you the truth.. I got so caught up in the booth set up.. I did really "look" at the papers themselves. I guess I'll go online to do that. lol


I had to spend some time chatting with my sweet friend Tammy Tutterow. So kind and SO talented. Here we are in the Pink Paisley booth were she was working.
They had a great booth with so many great samples to look at. They've got some amazing new things coming out. I'm so excited about their new glitters also.

Okay... I've finally worked my way through most of my CHA photos.
Today, I'm working on some layouts for upcoming classes.. so I better stop chatting and get to it! lol
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Oh... one more photo to share... isnt this cute?


Tammy Tutterow said...

Oh gosh, I love me some Vicki Chrisman! So glad we got to visit for a bit!

Anonymous said...

Your's is about the 3 post I've seen on Jenni Bowlin's booth! Everyone must have loved it! I'm in love with the pictures...everything looks just gorgeous! I've never heard of the brand before, so must keep my eyes open for it. Of course, I can always shop online!!

rose said...

oh ,oh ,oh just love the Jenni bowlin papers and I have just found graphic 45 and Love there papers,I think I would have wanted to lay on the floor at this booth,oh so my scene that is sheer heaven to me!
OH love the layout with the Fancy pants and the stitching on the chipboard amazing,laughing so hard here because I was out shopping and found some pants hangers thinking umh these would look good altered lol!! and here you are with the same thought and idea`s

Michelle said...

Wow! I would be drooling to see all this stuff in real life! what an exciting adventure!

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

I saw that you are getting ready for some classes...Where do you teach?

I just loved seeing the photos of all the stuff from CHA. I so missed going this year. I guess I will just have to live vicariously through everyone that did get to go.

Shawn said...

Love your lo! All of the cha stuff is fantastic!

janel said...

Oh golly. There is so much eye candy I can't comment on it all. I saw peeks of the Graphic 45 and thought it looked wonderful....JB....well, I do want it all! Wonderful...makes me just feel good

Your FP designs are so cute. Love that paper, and your altered pants hanger...darling. Love how you stitched the chipboard...creative you.

Thanks for all the photos!

Cathy said...

Thanks for posting the photos of the Jenni Bowlin Booth! Amazing!
I already have a shopping basket full on her site! Now I know it's a definate must have for the store!!!
Adore those hangers, too!!!

MJ said...

Paper. Heaven. Sigh.

Vicki said...

Wow! Love your wall art with the new FP line. Just beautiful and such details. JB is a fav of mine too. Her display would have me on the floor too. But, that Graphic 45 is to die for! Rose posted this for me to see and I fell truly, madly, deeply, in love with these vintage products. Amazing!

Sharon in NE said...

I love Graphic 45s products and I am thrilled to see how impressive they were at CHA. Great photos!