Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fourth of July

A while back I worked on this July 4th, card, tag , banner set ..using Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage images and papers.. so thought I'd share them today. You can also see other examples on the Heartwarming Vintage Blog and get a free sheet music download.

The papers I used are mostly from the Earthy Paper Pad and the images are from the Seasonal booklet.

The stars and strips pattern is already on the paper, I just used my glue pen and some fine silver glitter to it.

Here's a simple little banner. All of the images I used came from the same booklet (Seasonal). And after using all these.. there are still some left.

Here the sections are .. a little closer

I can certainly tell the 4th of July is just around the corner..there are signs of it everywhere.

I have to say .. when I ran into town to the post office this morning... this guy caught me a bit off guard. yikes!
Pretty big gorilla for a little town. lol

And .. no matter HOW small the town.. you always have these.
I'm not a huge fan and fireworks.. but hey if somebody else wants to blow up their hard earned money... go for it.. I'll watch. lol
Just like all the other holidays.. sometimes I think we loose the real reason for celebrating the day. *** I'm sure my boys are hoping they dont get the "how lucky we are to have our freedom and how many have died making sure we do" talk from me this year.

I kind of miss the big shindigs we used to host out at the cabin , every July 4th. Maybe we should think about doing that again. The last few years I haven't taken on anything to major as far as entertaining for the 4th.. simply because it's such a busy time with CHA coming up soon.

That and ...the fact that the boys are older and usually have their own plans , makes a difference also.

At this point I'm so glad we live in the country, because the dogs absolutely freak when they hear fireworks. ( and trust me ..they are a bit skittish with all the storms we've been having).

Another thing I always thinking about around this time of year .. is my Grandpa always saying the corn should be "knee high by the 4th". Well... this year is WAY past that. All this rain has helped that along. This is the field just to the West of our tree line.

I'll have to take a better photo of the ditch... FILLED with lilies in front of the house... the entire ditch all the way down to the intersection of the two gravel roads is just full of them. They are so pretty right now. I just snapped this photo as I was pulling up to get the mail. You can see how tall they are .
I used to be a winter person..but not anymore! I'm loving summer!


Angie said...

LOL, I was just thinking today, our corn has some growning to do if it's going to be "Knee high by the 4th of July" I love living in the country too.

Awesome 4th of July projects.

Michelle said...

Everything looks so festive! Its fun having celebrations! I'm looking forward to ours!

janel said...

My mom, the original Iowa girl, must be smiling down at all the farmers with their corn crops knee high. She used to de-tassel the corn when harvest came around...makes me smile thinking about it. Love that corn photo. Your home is so lovely...and gives one the feeling of lots of love!
Happy 4th to all of you.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Sounds like it is a family tradition to get the "lucky" talk. I think it is good for kids to hear! go for it, they will think there is a problem if they dont hear it this year!

Sugar Bear said...

Lovin all the patriotic goodies. I agree - fireworks are a waste of money. It is fun to watch larger shows though. My SIL's neighborhood goes all out each year and each family gives $200 or more to buy fireworks! Total waste of hard earned dough in my book. At least use it for craft supplies LOL!
Happy 4th!

Sharon in NE said...

Ah yes, that's exactly where I'm going tonight...to buy fireworks with my 16 year old son to "entertain" us. Because I will only have him at home a few more years and (crossing my fingers) as long as he doesn't blow off his fingers, blind himself or us, destroy the property or give our pets heart attacks, it will be celebrations that we'll look back on and say those were good memories. (In the event any of the above occurs, it will really suck.) Happy 4th!