Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going with the flow

Well, you know .. sometimes it's all you can do.. is just go with the flow. I had all kinds of plans for today, and woke up with a migraine , so that all changed. It's better now.. so I'm thankful for that.. but it just wasnt a very productive day.
I did have to go out this afternoon to run to the post office here in town quick, and on the way .. look..truck full of sweet corn and produce on the side of the road. Looks pretty yummy huh?

I think Wes is stopping home tonight , so I already had a roast in the crock pot. This will be a yummy addition. I've been meaning to show you the vintage salt and pepper shaker I found last week. ( looks perfect with the corn and tomatoes huh? ) lol I've got this read and yellow thing going in my kitchen all the sudden.
Speeking of Red and yellow.. and my kitchen. The layout I did a while back on the "I inspire me" blog of my Grandma and her extention club girls, it got picked up for the Dec. issue of Scrapbook Trends. Yay! I'm so happy, because I love that photo! ( and because I think it would make my Gram smile).lol
Speeking of things making people smile! I can not begin to tell you how much this made my day yesterday when it arrived. Out of the blue I get this box of vintage goodies from a blog reader.
I will tell you something .. if you are an artist at heart... there is nothing better than someone saying you've inspired them. If anything I ever do , in any way inspired someone to create something.. and enjoy the process of creating it... ...THAT is the ulitimate complement.
Thanks Linda from TN .. for making my day!
One other fun thing ... My layout of Nathaniel and Brent is out in the Aug issue of Scrapbook Trends.

I have gotten the biggest Kick out of reading the Childhood Memories everyone has been posting. Thanks so much for sharing them!
******OKAY... I am now addressing the issue of the blog MUSIC> lol I took the music off my blog yesterday, mostly because I had put links to other things in that post that play music.. and it's annoying when two things are playing at once....but I have been giving alot of thought to whether I should keep the music or not. Simply because I've heard comments in alot of forums saying lots of people would rather not have music playing when they visit a blog. Really, who am I to think everyone has to like my music? lol It's just that I love music so much.. I just want to share. lol
I guess there is a mute button if you would rather not listen, or the volume can be turned of on your speakers but...
I've heard some people say they have more than one window open on their computer at one time, and blog music is distracting.
Anyway... since I took the music off Ive already gotten emails saying "where's the music?" I'm sure some like music on , and others , not so much.
Maybe I'll set it up , so that you push play and listen if only if you want to?
I'd love to know how you guys feel about ... the music/no music thing.
You can either post here, or email me at vickichrisman@hotmail.com
hmmm.... dilemmas!
Tomorrow my mom is having another procedure on her eye, for her macular degeneration. She will be coming her to stay for a few days, so we'll get to enjoy her company. She has to stay inside and out of sun totally for 5 days.. so manybe being her will be a bit less boring for her, than just staying at home alone. (I dont know.. we're certainly not to exciting around here) lol
Aly and Molly look so forward to the extra attention when Grandma is here. She can say "no". They nudge..she pets! lol
Hope you all have a great rest of the day!


Jewels said...

Hi Vicki,
I love your blog! I wanted to leave a quick note about the music. I would never leave someoneone an unsolicited comment about this, but since you asked, I prefer people not have music that automatically plays. I usually end up liking what is being played, but if I had to vote one way or the other . . . I wouldn't let it discourage me from visiting your blog, though. Take care! Jewels

stampqueen said...

Oh girl I am sooo jealous - that sweet corn looks heavonly!!!! We can't get really 'good' sweet corn here - not like home anyway!!!
We just got back from a weekend trip so just catching up - hope you be feeling better!!!

Gail S. said...

I like the music but I will still check out your blog every day if it sings to me or not! I love to read how whats going on in the eastern part of the state and also what creative things you come up with. That is nice your Mom is coming to stay with you while she is recovering.

Shawn said...

Oh that corn looks fantastic! We just dont get corn like we do back home :(

Tabitha W. said...

I have a music player on my blog. It never occured to me that it would bug anyone, because to be honest I put it there for me. I keep it open while surfing the web. These days it's my only chance to listen to music (for adults). When I pull up another web page that's playing music it's no big deal to hit pause on their (or mine, depending on what's playing) player so that they aren't competing. Besides, I've discovered lots of great music I may not have heard of before from other people. I say let it play if that's what you want...there are bigger things to worry about, but that's just me :)

Tabitha W. said...

btw, congrats on the publication. and i am totally salivating over those tomatoes and corn! yummy!!

janel said...

hey there,
Oh our sweet corn is just beginning and I can hardly wait..those tomatoes looks so red and juicy. I am so sorry you had a migraine..I hope you feel better..they can just hang on forever. I hope tomorrow goes well for your mom.I know she will love being with you after the procedure. Thinking of you.
Something I noticed is that the site loaded for me much faster with no music...I guess it is a toss up..Whatever you decide..I always look forward to every post.

bnovacek said...

i am so sad that i can't have sweet corn this summer :( braces aren't so bad-except missing out on corn on the cob!

glad you're feeling a little better :)

a home far away said...

Hi I just wanted to let you know that your blog is lovely and the text also:-

Have a great day

Hugs from Gunilla in Singapore

Bev said...

I love music.....buuuut, when I pull up a site at work (I know, I know!) sometimes it scares the begeezers out of me cause it comes in too loud! I'm just not prepared!

I vote for the option of an option, that way, when I visit site, I can listen to the music and if I can't listen to music at that time I won't be thrown from my chair!! LOL!!

Thanks for putting the issue out there and letting me put in my 2 cents!


Anonymous said...

Vicki, the corn and tomatoes look so good! I love the yellow and red salt and pepper shakers...cute, cute, cute! The treasures received in the mail look wonderful and I'm sure they will be used soon. Music doesn't bother me, since I always have my computer on mute unless I feel like listening. Best of luck on your mother's procedure. My FIL has macular degeneration so know what it involves.

rose said...

oh that corn looks so good,oh yummy I love it with lashings of butter
oh music,I love music and enjoy it on everones blogs,If I have mine on I just pause it to listen to the other so YES for music
enjoy your Day and glad your migrine cleared

rose said...

oh forgot
congratulations for the Dec issue of Scrapbook Trends been selected

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Vicki, I love your blog and love the vintage salt and pepper shakers with the red and yellow lids.
Our tomatoes aren't ripe yet and then corn is just about ready. I could almost taste it from your photo.
As far as the music, if I don't liek what someone plays, I just shut the sound off. But when we had dial up (I live in the boonies in NE and we just recently got DSL) I couldn't read any blogs that had music because it took so long for them to come up. So maybe that's why some would rather not have music.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Yumm! The corn and tomatoes look SO good!! Enjoy your mom's stay!!

Sharon in NE said...

Roast with fresh corn and tomatoes...oh my...that sounds wonderful.

Regarding the music, I pop off the volumn if I have my own music playing or I don't care for whatever is on, so I don't think it's a big deal when someone has it on their blog. I think it's like the bloggers banner. It's their personal touch. It says something about them. I wouldn't change it.

I'll be praying for your mom and that the surgery goes well.

And what a sweet thing Linda from TN did!!

Vicki said...

Love the color contrast in the corn/tomato picture! Two of my fav summer vegies. I love your LO in the new ST mag. Just awesome. And, do you remember the "Kissy" dolls? "Just ask Kissy, if you want a little kiss, press her arms like this, you get a little kiss"?
I loved her and my DS had Chatty Kathy!!

Vicki said...

Forgot my two cents about the music! I took the music off of my blog for a while, but decided that I enjoyed it too much, so I added it back. I sometimes let it play while I am doing other stuff on the computer. If someone doesn't want to hear the music, they can always turn their volume down!

Sugar Bear said...

I'm usually reading blogs while on breaks at work and I always have my computer on mute so as not to disturb others.
The corn looks yummy!

KimmyS said...

I am so loving the pictures of the corn and the pot - is that strange??? LOL. But seriously you have the nicest photo compositions.
On another note -> the blog music. i have to be honest but since all the craze started that peeps added automatic playlists to their blog I have gotten my speakers on mute constantly. I find it very distracting. But I love it when peeps embed little music videos within their posts, that way I can check them out if I wish.

Oh and before I forget CONGRATZ on the pub!

lois said...

I miss your music....I really love hearing it - I figure if I am visiting someone elses' site and don't enjoy the music there is always the MUTE button....I was at a local scrapbook store and heard snow patrol - now before I'd seen it on your site I would have never known who sang that song and I have heard it countless times....I love hearing what inspires someone else as well....obviously you would not listen to it if it were not inspiring or you did not like it...I think it is something special when someone shares what they enjoy with the rest of us....Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us...L (costa mesa)

MJ said...

Oh! Fresh corn! I can hardly wait for my first cob of 2008!

Precious Treasures said...

I never get to hear the music as here it is after midnight and I am laying in bed next to hubby (who is snoring) getting my daily dose of reading blogs. hee hee