Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Inspire me 4 (blog challenge)

I look so forward to the blog inspire day at "I inspire me". Lana's been putting up all our projects for the inspiration every other Wednesday.. and today is the day!
The inspiration this week , was something from your closet.. clothing , bags, shoes, ect.
Check out what the other girls came up with HERE. It's so inspiring and so fun , to see how they were inspired, and what they did with that inspiration.
We really would have to have you play along!!! All you do is post a link to your project.
I'm so amazed at how doing this inspiration blog with these girls has helped me to remember to try to look at the things around me differently.. you can pull inspiration from so many things you see everyday. is my finished layout..
and this shirt, purse , along with the shoes below, are what I drew my inspiration from. The first time I saw this paper , it reminded me of this paper, I had and have been wanting to use.

The open scallop was inspired by.....

these shoes.
That open scallop is from a new AccuCut die. The die actually has that scallop running down two sides. For this layout , I just used it on one side.

I have always really liked butterflies. This is a new "Martha" punch ... I just placed it over a Heidi Swapp ghost (butterfly shape).

What photo is , little sweetie pie Kirstyn.

Needing inspiration? Go look in your closet.. really.. you'll be suprised!
Do a layout, card or altered project and then post your link here.
Okay.. wanna hear how my night went? Sleepless! lol I was getting ready to head for bed about 12:30am... when my cell phone ran... SCARED me to death. It was Wes. He was in Omaha and his car was stalled. He and his friend Pat had been to the Dave Matthews Concert. They have been planning this for a long time. They have been best friends since grade school. Pat is married now with a little they dont get to do as much together. It was a fun night for them...until.. the car wouldnt start. They had tried to jump it .. but nothing. He was so appologitic..but really in a bind. Dan is working 10 hour days right now and was sound alseep.. so I jumped in the car and headed for Omaha. Way down by the Quest Center. Finally got there about and hour + later. He used my car to try and jump is car again.. and this time it WORKED! Yay! Atleast then he didnt have to have it towed, and then go back to Omaha today to figure out what to do with it. He didnt want me to drive back to Fremont alone.. so Pat drove Wes's car and Wes and I followed him in mine. His car was fine all the way back... so from Fremont .. I went home.. back to North Bend... and Wes and Pat headed the other direction.. so Wes could drop Pat off at his house (over by Cedar Bluffs) on Wes's way back to Lincoln. (because he had to work this morning). It's now 3 am. I get home.. and lay my cell phone on my night stand, because Wes is supposed to call me when he gets home okay. I just lay my head on the pillow.. and the phone rings AGAIN... it's Wes... the car isnt going to make it.
I got back up and headed towards Cedar Bluffs (about 25min). Finally Pat is home.. and Wes comes back here with me.. I get out of the car and Wes takes my car and starts heading for Lincoln.. so that he can be at work this morning. By this time it's 4:30am!
He'll be bringing my car back after work.. so then I guess will figure out what needs to be done with his car. But oh well.. it's daytime now.. things are SO much easier to deal with when it's NOT the middle of the night! I always tell my kids ... I want them to call if they need help with something.. no matter what the time is. I've always told them never hesitate to call, instead of driving if they've had anything to drink... anything like that. I'm glad he called, because standing in down town Omaha , that time of night.. is not safe either. But.... oh my... I will tell you this much... the days of staying up that late, have been over for me .. for quite some time now. This mama was spent this morning!!!! lol I might need a nap. lol


That little experience was nothing compared to what I went through at O'Hare , trying to get home Sunday night. I wont even go there...let just say. NOT fun!
On a happy note... the sun is shining , and it's a new day! So.. carry on! lol


Sugar Bear said...

Thank goodness everyone was safe and sound and you all made it back to bed - even if it was very late (or should I say early). You are a great mom!

Sharon in NE said...

Christmas list: AAA membership for Wes. Trust me. When I got one for our daughter, Kelsey, living in Lincoln, it was completely worth it. That girl is always locking her keys in her car or somthing else is happening in which she needs it...24/7.

Earlier today, I was at the Inspire me blog, well actually, I was on my Google reader not really paying attention to whose blog it was looking at. I was mindlessly going along looking at the pictures when I saw these shoes and then Kirstyn and I thought now wait, I'm not on Vicki's blog, but I would swear those are Vicki's feet. So I went to the beginning of the blog to see which one I was reading and realized it WAS your feet, but as part of your inspiration for Inspire me. Goodness, we have GOT to meet. If I recognize you by your feet, that's just becoming silly.

Sharon in NE said...

Oh! and one more thing, I see Wal-mart sells Martha Stewart stuff now. woo hoo! We may not have a Michaels, but I still have her butterfly punch!

stampqueen said...

I had to giggle when Sharon said she recognized you by your feet - it would have been the shoes that told me it was you ... :)LOL
Love this layout with the black and white and a touch of pink - so Beautiful!!!
Glad you got Wes back ok - I am glad I have a year or so before my kiddos are driving....

Bunny B said...

I love your LO! It's GORGEOUS!

janel said...

Girl, you need more than a need a week of sleep. Take care. You earned some stars for being a wonderful mom on this one...and i know that Wes realizes it too.
Sleep tight .... :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

beautiful layout.. and wow.. thats a lot of driving for a night!

rose said...

oh this is beautiful,love the colors with the hint of pink wonderful inspiration
Oh what a great mother you are !! think you have earned some sleep in points.I would think christmas break down recovery membership worth every cent and glad you all arrived safely home

Anonymous said...

What a good Mamma you are...but that's what we do right? I remember a few nights of those myself. Love your work, especially your Crafty Secrets projects.

Chris said...

wow glad all made it home safely. I nominated you for a brillante weblog award:D

Tabitha W. said...

ahhh...the love of a mother! i hope you were able to sneak in a nap :)

the layout is just gorgeous! and i'm totally giggling over the feet recognition comments!