Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Fancy Pants Goodies

Yesterday was a busy day.. so I was a bad blogger. It was a really nice day though. We went to the 90th Birthday of a family friend and got to see lots of people we don't get to see very often .. and then I met up with my friend Marianne who's here visiting from out of state. It was a really great day , all around.. AND the weather was gorgeous.

I have been working with the new Fancy Pants releases ... and as always..they're gorgeous! AND SO MUCH NEW STUFF! Check it out. You can click to see it larger. The is really just a taste of the new things being released. You can also see the FP gallery here, to see the projects the girls are creating with the new goodies. I just finished this little clear album using the New "Happy Holidays" line.
(that's printed chipboard pieces and they are all self adhesive)

And now ... decorative brads and clips.

These are photos of Kirstyn from last Christmas.

Those little mini file folders are new also.

All the new transparent die cuts are great. I used the new clear "Mix and Match " set to create this clear mini album.

About the time I think I've seen it all from Fancy Pants , they amaze me again. It's just tons of fantastic product.. AGAIN!


I mentioned above that I got to see my friend Marianne (and her sweet mom) yesterday. We've been friends since probably 1st grade , when we moved into the neighborhood. Our parents have lived just across from each other all this time, until just a couple years ago when her mom moved after Marianne's dad passed away. We walked to school together everyday in grade school, car pooled though junior high and where best friends all though all those years and high school. After high school we were roommates, in our first apt. I'm talking .. friends for a stinking LONG TIME! lol You know how you have one of those friend who just "gets" you... you laugh at the same things, all that stuff. Well, that's her.

Marianne has always been so independent... moving away to the big city, getting her masters, becoming an attorney.. And then me... here just playing with paper. lol... but nothing changed ... no amount of years or miles can change some friendships.

I admire her so much for her commitment to animal rights causes , and how passionate she is about it.

It was so great hanging with her yesterday. Makes me really wish she lived closer.

I do have to share this though... because I laughed so hard about it. One thing that has never changed about Marianne was confirmed yesterday, when she showed me this box she was sending back to PA where she lives. Yes..that is one serious box of sunflower seeds. The girl has "a thing" for them , and ALWAYS HAS for as long as I've known her. It's like her trademark. I think of her everytime I see sunflower seeds.. seriously! Anyway, this is obviously her favorite brand , and she cant get them were she lives. Makes sense to me ... live near NY ,but come to NE for sunflower seeds. lol ( I would do that for Diet Dew..but not sunflower seeds , lol)


And... I just HAD to share some photos of this darling little trio, I took yesterday at the Birthday Party.

They have a baby sisiter coming in Oct.
By the photos... I'm thinking theirs enough love to go around! lol
(I can remember their mom , when she was this age.... ahh.. I'm feeling very old about now!)

What Characters! lol


I know I'm bouncing all over the place with this post, but missing a day really throws me off. lol..(I have to blame it on something right?)


Well, Miss Liv , bestowed me with these awards... THANKYOU LIV!

The rules for receiving this award are:

1) Put the logo on your blog.

2) Add a link to the person who awarded it you.

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4) Add links to those blogs on yours.

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Now I have the honor of selecting some other inspirational and talented artists to pass this award along to.

Faerie *Dust* Dreams

Each one is so talented and inspiring.... pop by and check out their blogs if you can.

Okay... back to work for me... the CHA countdown is on. Less then 3 day to go....eeeekkk


Shawn said...

What a bunch of fun goodies!!!! Thanks for the awards! :) Looking forward to August it will be here soon, I promise to bring marshmallows!

janel said...

Oh you are in a creating groove! I LOVE that clear FP and the transparent die cuts look fabulous. Loved the colors for the book. Now those little guys are the cutest ever...I can just see them with a cute little sister. Wonderful eye candy....remember to get some sleep before Wed.
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Nat said...

what an amazing album- love this!

Gail S. said...

Love the story of the sunflower seeds!! Usually it is Dorothy Lynch salad dressing that people from NE what to take back "home"!! I am orginally from California and whenever I go back there I have to bring back Abba Zabba's (it's a taffy/peanut butter candy bar) Don't we all have our weird cravings?!

Country Liv . . . said...

Well! A great post except for the line about "and me just doing things with paper." My goodness Vicki! You must know your talent is the inspiration for the entire US if not the whole world? Your ability to flit from one type of creation to another is legendary and all of your friends know what iron control you have over those 'paper elves!' Now climb back up on the top of that mountain with Marianne, hold your head up high, and send a kiss to the Lord for your astounding success! I have no 'lower valley' friends-only 'top of the mountain' ones.

rose said...

oh this new fancy pants stuff looks delish thanks for the sneek peep.
Oh what fun photo`s and looks like everyone had a great day
Sunflowers seeds na-na not for me
Oh congratulations on your awards,so well deserved

Susan said...

What a beautiful yummy album - love the FP products. And what darling photos of those loving little boys - they will be so cute with a little sister! I can so identify with the sunflower seeds story - every time we go back to Albuquerque, we come home with a suitcase full of green chile! Thanks for the awards - means alot coming from talented you.

Rainy said...

Girl, just playing with paper!!! I play with paper, you create art with paper!!! Some of us only dream of being as creative as you!! Yeah I can leave the sunflower seeds, but let me tell you when I hit Iowa it is all about bringing home a Twin Bing made by Palmer Candy. UMMMMMMM Have a great week!

Cathy said...

Oh!Oh!I can't wait to order all that new Fancy Pants...justlike your album! YUM!
Thanks so much for the inspire me so much everyday!!!
I'm definatly not worthy!!!

Sharon in NE said...

How nice to reconnect with your friend Marianne and the sunflower seeds are funny. Guess we take some things for granted.

The FP projects are wonderful! I want it all!!

Hope you're not getting worn out with CHA coming up. Big hug! (:)

Juliana said...

What fabulous photos and I love looking at your work--VERY inspiring!

CalicoDaisy said...

Pretty Blog Banner (I have birds, too). I came over from Michelle's at faerie dust dreams. I like your artwork. -- Michele

Natasha Burns said...

Love the new fancy pants colours, and that box of sunflower seeds cracked me up!

Precious Treasures said...

See you in Chicago!!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Such fun photos! The sunflower seeds story is too funny. I would definitely do the same thing.

Nancie Rowe Janitz said...

Oh my goodness - what a treat to wake up to this this morning Vicki!! I absolutely adore that little album!! Can't wait to see more - what an inspiration!


Michelle said...

Wow! you've been busy with all of those new goodies! Your creative table looks as bad as mine when I'm busy!

D@nielle said...

don't you just love winter/x-mas lo's in the summer :D They are cute !!