Sunday, July 27, 2008

Small town liv'n

See... I told you.. I live in a Small

I have to say.. I love it... and every time I go through town .. I see another thing that makes me think small town is good.
Like... a corner cafe. (that used to be the old bank building). It was really fun when Tera and her mom met me here for lunch one day when she was back. Tera and I met through blogging. It's defiantly a small world when things like this happen, because she and I had never met before..then after reading my blog one day, she realized I must be from her home town. ( she now lives in FL with her husband and kids.., but grew up here). She emailed me and we became instant friends. When she came back to visit family, we met up for lunch at the corner cafe. Crazy how things happen huh?
ps. What's really sweet is , when my mom was sick and staying with us for a while this winter, her mom stopped over with cupcakes and a card for my mom, and we all had the nicest chat
See what I mean about the great people I've met through blogging.

Not only do I love the old buildings on main street ( and the fact that main street is approx 3 blocks long)...but.... get the biggest kick out of the hollyhocks growing in the alleys between the buildings. Oh... hollyhocks so remind me of being a kid, and staying at my Aunt Ede and Uncle Gorge's house. This is one of those times I could really go into a spiel about special people and how some just have such an impact on a young persons life. (but I'll save that for another day)lol
My Aunt Ede and Uncle Gorge where just the BEST!

I just love old houses.. and every time I drive by this house.. I just admire it so much. It's so
perfect.. in my eyes. I love big two story white houses, with huge porches and giant lawns ... for kiddo's to run through the sprinkler in , of course... Oh.. and a huge side yard with a clothes line with freshly washed clothes blowing in the breeze. ( if you're gonna dream.. dream big right?) lol
We lived in our old house for 20 years before moving to where we live now, and although I love living in the country and like our house now.. I still miss the old house. It was a big white two story with a front porch and a porch swing. Although not nearly as grand as the one pictured here, it was "home" and we loved it. Lots of great memories there, of the kids growing up.

You know you're in a small town when the first block after the grade school , the pavement ends and the gravel and cornfield begin.

Just another block up(heading towards home).. I get to enjoy this quaint place . I enjoy it every time I drive by. In the fall these trees are just gorgeous, hovering over this white fence.
I was really wondering as I was looking through these pictures deciding which to post, I wonder what it is that makes us so "drawn" to certain things? Silly things.. like white fences, hollyhocks, ect... is it because it reminds us of a slower time, when we were kids, when we didn't have the responsibilities of being parents, and all that comes with that. Each person has certain little things that they love and find comfort in. I'm sure my kids we think back on their childhoods and remember "grandma jelly", pulling up rhubarb and sprinkling sugar on it, or chasing little pigs around at Aunt Donna and Uncle Al's farm, ect...
You never think, as those things are happening , how they become such great memories that you carry with you.. all your life.

I'd love to hear about your favorite memories from your childhood.

please..... pretty please?
( I used to dig way down in the sand in my sandbox until I got to the dirt.. so I could find night crawlers).. see what a weird little kid I was? lol
See , you have nothing to fear, you story can't be worse than that. Can it??? lol


Sharon in NE said...

My block had 6 girls all my age so we did LOTS of running around through peoples yards (fewer fences back then). My favorite spot was Villager Motel at 52nd & "O" Street. It had a swimming pool in which all we had to do was squeeze past my neighbor friend's back fence, run across "O" street, dodging the traffic like on Frogger, and we would swim for hours all day, any day. Ah...the careless days of childhood.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and stories Vicki! We are from a small town too and love it.
What I remember from my childhood is moving - A LOT- lol! I guess that's why I'm such a homebody now!
Sounds like you're enjoying your summer!

happiness blooms said...

I love it when you take pics of your hometown! I was talking to a friend who grew up in NE the other day. She said she goes *home* when she needs to stretch her eyes. I asked her what that meant and she said her eyes can see for miles there! I loved that!

My fav memory was that on Saturday mornings, my mom would take me to the bakery where my dad was a baker (IF I had been good that week! LOL) He would be frying donuts as we came in and let me tell you... there is NOTHING better than a fresh cake donut from a small town bakery! I can still imagine the smell of flour and sugar and mmmmmm' goodness!

Robin W. said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures Vicki! I have many fond childhood memories but I guess the one that comes to mind is picking blueberries and blackberries by the lakes in northern Wisconsin. I remember that it took a long time to get enough blueberries for a pie but that was because I was eating them while I was picking them! The blackberries weren't as much fun because of those darn thorns!

janel said...

Oh, these photos brought back so many memories for me. First all...those hollyhocks. We used to have hollyhock weddings. We used toothpicks and made dolls out of them. Always had a bride and all the bridesmaids...and played for hours on end. I don't actually think we ever had a groom though. And, we rode our bikes through the alleys, went all over town and then if we had a nickel from our dad we might go to Reed's ice cream and get a treat, or the Corner Sundry and have a Green River or Cherry Coke. Then maybe if no one was looking, we would sneak a peek at Katy Keene comic books. Loved those hot, slow, dog days of summer...especially with the crickets at night and the lightening bugs. No air conditioning, just a big fan. Well, I have taken enough space.
Have a wonderful evening.

Linda said...

I spent part of each childhood summer at my Uncle Palmer and Aunt Reba's house in Arkansas. Every day I rode the tractor with my uncle. Mid-day we would go to the house for a big dinner (Southern for lunch) with my aunt's homemade bread and butter pickles, cornbread, sliced tomatoes from the garden,fried okra, sweet iced tea...a feast every day. Then Uncle Palmer and I would head back to the tractor and the fields. We always took a Mason jar of iced water with us. Looking back, it never occurred to me how hot, dusty, and dangerous that was. I just knew I loved my uncle and wanted to be with him. Linda in TN

Miriam said...

I grew up in a small town too, New Richland, MN. I have wonderful memories of gentle times when people had more time to enjoy life's simple pleasures. There was no crime to speak of. No one locked their doors and young children could walk down town by themselves and feel safe. My grandmother had hollyhocks too and I loved to make hollyhock dolls. I recently saw some hollyhocks growing in a yard when I passed though a nearby town. I wished that I could pick a few so that I could show my 2 year old grand daughter how to make hollyhock dolls. These are things that make us remember our childhoods and smile.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures and memories.

Susan said...

when my parents built our home there was our house and my grandmothers on this street. and a cow pasture on the land in frontof our house(i have pictures)
we used to could play on the road not worrying about being hit by a car,you might see 10 all day. Now it has grown so big that now you hav to be careful to cross the street to get your mail. there are at least 50 cars an hour now. I miss the quietness of what was.

Micki said...

I grew up in a very small town as well. It took 3 towns to make up our high school in fact!

Anonymous said...


I just love your blog and your daily posts. I grew up in Bad Hersfeld, Germany and lived at the edge of town. My favorite memory is Sundays. In Germany, one can still tell it's Sunday because it is quiet, and families are out as a family. We moved to Wathena, KS from Leavenworth 3 years ago and although we live 'in town', to us it's like living in the country. Neighbors looking out for each other, everybody knows everybody. We love it!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. PS: I love that house too. We have an old Victorian but it doesn't look as great as the one in your picture :-)

Sugar Bear said...

It was so fun to see these photos and read your stories!

cindy said...

Love holly hocks and small towns. Favortie childhood memories...blowing through glass blades (sounds like a kazoo) and pulling the stems through honeysuckle blooms to drink the juice. Now what in the heck made us think to do that? LOL.


DeniseLynn said...

Oh how fun to see the photos and hear about your small town. My parents moved me to a larger city when I was just starting school but my favorite memories are ones from going "up north" to the small town I was born in. I would stay with relatives during summer break and let me say walking into town and going to the drug store for penny candy was the best!! Sipping a cherry coke while sitting on a stool at the counter there in that phramacy was SWEET. ahhh life was good. I am {only} 42 - as of YESTERDAY and yes I did enjoy penny candy and cherry coke. *wink* Thanks for making me think of that for a while - it put a smile on my face that's for sure.

Deb said...

I have the best summertime memories from staying with my Grandparents on their farm in Wi. I have fond memories of laying in bed with my Grandma Tande listening to the wind in the pine trees and the whipperwills (sp?)calling out.

Catherine said...

When will the corn be ready, around August 15th or so ;-) THANKS for sharing, can't wait to see it myself!

stampqueen said...

Lovin the pics from home - I love hollyhocks but they won't grow for me here - too hot I think!!!

Becky H said...

I miss your music. It's kinda' like your signature. It's a part of you that you share. Please put it back. Good sounds!!!

Kathy said...

Are you from Nebr? North Bend Nebr? I grew up on a farm near Pender Nebr and now live in Iowa. Just wondering when I saw your picture with the sign.