Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday stuff

One more AccuCut project to share. This one is done with License Plate #3 L1408J. It s a great die, because it's so diverse. It can but used like this ... hung vertically, made into an accordion album ect..
You can see other ideas using this die here.

I've used a number of photos from this little photo shoot with Jayvier over the last couple of years.. just because I love them so much. J usually isn't crazy about having his photo taken.. but this day was defiantly the exception. He was having a blast in the leaves!
He's grown so much since these photos were taken. I think Aunt Bic better be lining up a photo shoot again soon.

Some of the other dies I used on this project where
Brackets-Mini B1049
Tabs=Mini T1012
Border Scallops –Small #2 BR335XLC


This morning was Jill's funeral, so I picked up mom and we went together.. she also knew Jill.
It was so very obvious how many lives Jill touched as the church was over flowing. She had a way about her.. always smiling. She is going to be missed by so many.
Mom and I did a little shopping, and than had lunch sitting outside at Sonic. guessed it. I DID have a diet cherry limeade!! They are the best!

The Sweet momma... just tolerates me and my camera. lol ( she was scolding me about taking her picture , can you tell?)


We don't have big plans for the 4th this year... we'll just be at home. Hope whatever you have planned its tons of fun. Be safe and enjoy the day!


Mary Duffek said...

Hi Vicki! I was one of the 20 who received your card challenge kit. I lost your instruction sheet and I posted the card on my blog and I can email you a photo of my card, if you need.

Many Blessings!!!

Catherine said...

I have never been to sonic, they don't have them this far east yet! HAPPY 4th of July!!

Judy & Sheri said...

Happy 4th of July Vicki from your new Canadian friends Judy and Sheri. Have a wonderful day!

Deb S. said...

hope you have a nice 4th of july vic! i love the photo of your mom!

happiness blooms said...

OMGOSH! What you do with those Accucut dies is way beyond amazing! Jayvier is sooo adorable!
I hear we just got a Sonic in St. Paul... lines around the blocks waiting to get in. That cherry limeade must be something!
2 more weeks to CHA! Hope you're ready for a BIG hug!!!

Michelle said...

I love that you pack your camera around an take lots of pictures. I need to start doing it. Its a great way to journal your daily life. That diet cherry lime sounds fabulous

janel said...

Mom and I often went to Sonic often and had a "car picnic". Here favorite was the breaded chicken sandwich and onion rings....lucky you that you could share this time. Wish I would have gotten some photos of us at Sonic.
Enjoy the day.
You project is beautiful, and what wonderful photos.
Happy 4th to you!

TheTatums said...

I LOVE cherry limeades!!!! We don't have Sonic here in northern CA so I try to have as many as possible when we go visit my family back in TX.


Michelle M White said...

Ooohhh Sonic! When Helle and I go to Arizona, that's our favorite stop! Can't wait to see you at CHA!