Saturday, August 23, 2008

Black Bart??

Nope.. just Griff. lol I have a little project coming up that I *really* needed some "cowboy" photos for.. so Kiley got Griff's "gear" together and met up with me this afternoon.

This kid is HILARIOUS! He is just so expressive with is facial movements... he just has me laughing all the time.

I know I'm a proud Aunt.. but come on ..this kid is CUTE! ha

I messed with some of these photos a bit in photo shop.. for a bit more vintage look.

Can he see what he's aiming at? I think he told me he was hunting for ducks. (eeekkk...not in front of Aunt Bic.. I like ducks!)

This is one of my very favorites.
The kid is just a hoot.. what can I say.

I got tons of great shots ..certainly enough for my project.. plus more. The one below is another one of my faves.
It was a gorgeous day out today.. it was so great to be out in it.. and especially with this little cowpoke.

When I got home , the dogs were ready to go out side for a bit and enjoy the nice weather also.. and of course Miss Molly was wanting to play Frisbee! This dog is totally obsessed with "Frisbee".. TOTALLY!
So being the nice mommy that I am.. ( and not being able to resist this face).. I play!
Well after she caught enough of them and was getting tired.. she was easily distracted by gopher holes .. and would NOT bring the skinking frisbee back in to me. I have bought enough of these "special kind" of dog frisbee's to be a FREAK about them being put back on the hook in the garage for the next play time. They are not cheap and not always that easy to find... so I'm forever nagging at Dan and the boys NOT to just leave them out in the yard. Okay.. you get the idea... I need to get that frisbee.. and she is NOT going to cooperate and bring it in.
I'm so afraid of snakes .. I don't even like walking way out in the side yard with flipflops or sandals on , let alone barefoot!!! I had worn tennis shoes to go take pics of Griff.. and free'd my tootsies from them the minute I opened the door to let the dogs out when I got home. I hate wearing shoes. ( but I love "shoes".. I know .. wierd)... ANYWAY...
After trying to trick Molly into bringing me the frisbee ... to no avail. I finally think... "Oh.. just go get the stupid frisbee without shoes... what are the chances I will actually see a snake?"

nuff said!
( I know.. crazy huh.. I still had my camera in my hand from taking that photo of molly. )

I was too scared though.. so that's all I got. lol


Catherine said...

I wish I had been there to see that snake fiasco, poor you! I probably would have screamed too! Griff, now he's gonna be a heartbreaker when he grows up!! Don't work to hard sister!

janel said...

Oh my GOSH!
Vic, what darling photos. That boy is just a doll.
I can hardly wait to see what you are working on, because these photos are just adorable.
Now the snake issue...that is another thing. I can't believe you could hold the camera still to take the picture. You don't need shoes, you need high boots!
Be careful!! Happy Sunday to you!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Oh my're not kidding...your nephew has given you some prize winning shots there! What a doll! As for the camera would have broken when I threw it at it....

KimmyS said...

Oh my world - Griff has to be the cutest cowboy I have EVER seen...and i can't wait to see the finished project.

Man, us here in the UK we would never think twice about walking barefoot in the grass....eak, I would have popped myself!

Deb S. said...

black bart/griff is a cutie! i love the photos esp. the one with the straw in his mouth....omg i can't believe you were out in the yard without shoes girl!! yikes!

Angie said...

Griff is adorable, I can't wait to see your finished project.

EEECK! Sorry about the snake, I would have freaked out.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Vicki- you captured some beautiful photos- he is some sweet! Cute snake story,we have them in our yard too!

harrahx2 said...

Girl, you are just too funny. I can't imagine snakes......freak me out. Fav pic is of the little one walking away with the jeans slouching slightly....I could just invision in a few years, the heart break he will leave behind!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

What an adorable little cowpoke!!! You got some great shots here ... hope his mom scrapbooks!! Thanks for sharing the "creepy crawly" photo ... yuk!!

Anonymous said...

Griff is certainly a doll! What a precious face! Molly looks so sweet with her frisbee! That snake didn't look too big...just kidding, I would have had a hissy fit seeing it! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve with Griff's cowboy pics!

KatyJo said...

OMG Vickie, I'm SO in love with the last picture of Griff... So darn cute! I want to dress my 3 yr. old up and take pics from behind!!

mimi said...

Oh Vicki I just love the pictures of Griff. I think my favorite two are the one with the piece of straw and the bottle of rootbeer. I think you sould send it to A&W-- you may have just discovered their next spokesman. I can't believe you remained calm enough to take a picture of that snake--even if it was only of his tail (lol)

Scrap for Joy said...

Griff has the sweetest little face..and he's so patient while his Aunt Vic snaps away. I love the shot of "taking aim" with the hat over his eyes!
The snake part of your day....I'm sure I would have blurted out something Griff should never hear!!! Ooooo-hate snakes!