Friday, August 08, 2008

Busy couple of days

I wanted to get my TECC posted this morning first... so I'm doing a separate post now to share some photos from the Tilly show last night... and of Gabby and Williams Wedding this afternoon.
No time for anything much in the way of "creating" the past 24 hours.. but I did make this for Neely, it's a little note and a little something for her.
( I love these plastic test tubes. Martha Stewart pens came in them last Halloween.)

Jarad met us for dinner but couldn't stay for the show, since he has to be at work so early. Wish he could have stayed ,but it was really nice to be able to sit down and chat with him and Kate. Jan and Keith met us later, and we all went to the show together. Brent , Diana and Nathaniel came after Nathaniel's football practice. They joined us up in the balcony , so we all sat together.
Lots of times we stay down on the main floor..but it was really nice to have a place to sit up in the balcony. I only took a few photos this time. Sometimes I just like to enjoy the show, with out the camera in front of my face the entire night. Keith, (Neely Dad), was there with his Big ginormous mega, ultra, huge , snazzy camera, with that rock'n room lens.. so I know he got some amazing shots of the night. I gave my camera a bit of a break. lol
Jan ( my sis.. Neely's mom) and I always take food backstage for the band. Here is Neely and Kate (Jarad's girlfriend), backstage.
Kate has been to see the Tilly's perform before.. it was fun to have her there with us again.

It was a great show.. and it's always cool to see so many people enjoying the show.

The Tilly's have been on tour for the past few weeks.. and playing at home in Omaha , was the last night of the tour. Neely called this morning and we chatted for a bit.. she said it felt so good to sleep in her own bed last night. I'll bet it did!

The Tilly's have a new lighting system.. and it was really great. I thought it was cool how this looked on the ceiling.

Neely is back against the wall in this photo. This is after the show..shes signing autographs and taking photos with people. She is such a sweetheart..she takes time for everyone.

I'm so proud of her ( all the kids in the band). They put alot into this .. they are a really talented and sweet bunch. It is just so totally cool to see them doing what they do , and loving it.
I get a little teary at each show.. I have to admit.
Go Tilly's!!

Here is "Tilly and the Wall's" Website if you are interested in seeing their videos or what their upcoming tour dates are.


This afternoon was Gabby and Williams Wedding. It was a beautiful Wedding held on the lawn at May Museum. Again.. in our old neighborhood in Fremont. (last weekends wedding was at the church ..just to the left of the museum). Actually, Gabby is the granddaughter of the couple that lived right next door to us in this neighborhood , for over 20 years. They are so dear to us!
That is actually how we grew to know Gabby and her brother Clint. They were Wes and Jarad's age and spent summers at their grandparents the kids grew up playing together.

This little ring bearer was cracking me up! It was hot.. and he had just had he just laid down on the cement at the groomsmen's feet. lol

See him? lol

May Museum is a beautiful place for a wedding.

Here they are..the worlds best neighbors. Chuck and Jo. Geezz... I miss having them right next door. We made plans to get together with them in a few weeks and just catch up.
I have been thinking for a long time , that I needed to get a photo of the two of them , to do a layout. I think this is it.
They have had a huge impact on our lives and our kids's over the past 30 years.. I can tell you that much. ( Chuck and I still laugh about how he used to oil the boys' tricycle tires when they were little) lol
I just love em!

Time is going by so fast.. and I have lots to get done still! I want to be all caught up on my work, so I can enjoy free time when Cat gets here. Which is THIS COMING WED!!! Woo Hooo!!
Cant wait!


KimmyS said...

Awesome pictures!!! I love the ones you took of the Tilly's lights - that was so cool.
It was so great to learn of the relationship you had with your neighbors, they were really more like family, weren't they?
And that little boy...I had to giggle so much when I saw that picture

rose said...

love your altered tube. What a beautiful place to get married,oh that little one has me smiling,oh if only we could get away with laying down like this lol!! Looks like a great show was had by the family. Love the piccy of your neighbours and yes cannot wait to see the layout!!
Have a great weekend!

harrahx2 said...

That is such a cute idea with the test tube. I save everything and then can't figure out what to do with it! Now, I come here and get all kinds of ideas. Thanks so much!

Susan said...

Yes, you've been busy! I'm sure you enjoyed the concert and it must have been fun to see old friends at the wedding. Cute "test tube."

Shawn said...

Sounds like a fun evening!!!

Vicki said...

Wow! Tilly and the Wall's have quite a list of upcoming venues on their site! You must be a proud aunt, for sure. Love the wedding setting and I think the ringbearer had the right idea! I'm sure your former neighbors will love anything you create for them with their picture. I wish I had some of those plastic test tubes. They are awesome. I can think of a bunch of things I could do with them.

Catherine said...

Looks like you had a pretty FUN and busy weekend!! The Museum looks beautiful!! See you SOON!!