Sunday, August 03, 2008

Christmas Card Class

It would be a huge understatement to say it's been a busy weekend. whew! And the upcoming week and weekend are looking about the same. The days just seem to fly by!! ( which in a way is good, because that means, it's getting closer to the time when Cat comes for her visit! )yay!
I needed to finish up preparing classes for Albion in November. The descriptions need to be written up for their newsletter.. so I needed to get on this! I have to admit is was a bit hard to get in the mood to make Christmas Cards when it's about 100 degrees out here today. lol Seriously!
Good thing these images make the cards so easy to put together...because in one hour we are going to do these 6 simple cards ... and a decorated paint can to keep Christmas cards in ( um... which.. I do not have finished yet)
These images ..of course are from the Christmas Image and Journal Book. (The Christmas book ,will be part of next weeks give away)
This week I'll be giving away The Halloween , and Girlfriends Images books. You can read about it and leave a comment HERE , if you are interested.

With these gorgeous images , there simple class cards go together in a flash. I did these up in just a short while this afternoon. ( right after I took a nap) lol






I have to say ... it was so good to see this family yesterday... ALL of them! I 've known them since I was a kid, now watching their kids marry and start lives of their own. As I watched Jenny yesterday looking so beautiful on her wedding day.. I couldn't help to think of her as a little girl, and how fast the time as gone by. I think that, more and more lately... must be because I'm getting older, but boy it just really seems like life goes by fast, huh.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Kleinsasser

The church they got married in , is in my old neighborhood, so it was really fun to be back in "my old stomping grounds" (as my dad would say)

I have to say.. these people know how to have a good time! lol I have lots of photos from the reception.. but this one pretty much sums it up! A good time was had by all! lol
( you can tell here..but that's a table she's dancing on) lol

I'm excited about tomorrow. Nathaniel and I are spending the day together. We had planned for me to come to Lincoln one day this summer , so that he and I could spend the day doing something fun, before he has to start back to school. Tomorrows the day! We are going the Zoo, the sunken gardens , and where ever else our little hearts desire! It's supposed to be hot again tomorrow.. so I'm pretty sure ice cream will have to be part of our little endeavor. lol
hhhhmmmm.... I might need another nap tomorrow? lol
Anyway.. hope you all had a great weekend and are having a super start to your week!


Jessica said...

Vicki, you sure know how to put together cards! I love them all. I don't know if I could make a Christmas card right now, but I guess Christmas is not that far away! Ack! ;)

Lana said...

Have fun with your boy! :) I can't imagine Jones being at that age yet ! yikes! =0 i'll be heartbroken from missing him ..

Anonymous said...

Wow Vicki, those are great cards! I can see me getting Christmas cards done this year thanks to those Crafty Secrets Notes & Journals Books! Yippee!!! The bride looked beautiful! Her dress was gorgeous!

Catherine said...

What a beautiful bride! I love your cards Vic.....have a beautiful day! I'm counting the days!

Michelle said...

Your Christmas cards are awesome! I can't beleive its time to starting thinking about the holidays! The wedding pictures are fabulous! What and beautiful dress!!! and a handsome couple!

Micki said...

Those cards are beautiful!

janel said...

Enjoy the day. I am sure your camera will be clicking too..and I can't wait. Oh if the ice cream doesn't melt before it gets eaten...Darling cards and the wedding looked beautiful. I loved the covered vehicle...what is that. Looks like such bus?
Have a wonderful day.

Deb S. said...

oh i bet you will have a fun time with nathaniel! he is such a cutie and a great kid! love your cards but, it's hard to think about christmas when it's soo hot &humid.!

Shawn said...

Your cards are adorable! Maybe it will make Fall get here sooner. :)

Vicki Sullivan said...

I especially love your bird card - no. 6

Susan said...

Love your Christmas cards - that's one way to trick yourself into feeling cooler! It was 107 here yesterday! Have fun with Nathaniel and we'll expect some cute pictures.

Miss Shawn said...

I love those christmas cards. anyone who puts in the time and energy to make christmas cards AND send them goes under the Martha Stewart List. Have a great week!

KimmyS said...

Holy Moly - those cards are ADORABLE....yummy

And what a beautiful bride!

harrahx2 said...

I've not used the Crafty Secret books and I will have to try them. Great cards.

Bevie Pearl said...

I sure hope you have fun in Lincoln. I think that Lincoln is a great city. I hope you have a chance to eat a Runza. (I just love those.) Enjoy your day!!
PS Your cards are gorgeous.

A Robin's Nest said...

Love all the cards you made! Those images are just so nostalgic and vintage looking!!!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

The Christmas cards are ALL fabulous, this booklet is also a MUST HAVE for me and thanks for sharing the wedding photos ... what a BEAUTIFUL couple!!! Great photos, you could make some pretty fancy cards with some of those shots!!

DeniseLynn said...

Vicki the cards are soooooo yummy ... girl I adore your style that's for sure.

MJ said...

Each time I see X'mas stuff on your blog, I'm reminded that I need to get painting my X'mas ornaments! LOL! I feel the little push each time!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hello Vicki! Did you really design and put all those cards together in a matter of minutes? It would have taken me forever to design such pretties much less putting everything together.

Glad you had such a good time this weekend! I've have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog hop and I'm missing my friends something terrible!


josie said...

Hi there.Love all things Christmas.The cards are gggrrreat

Gracie and Fred's Grandma said...

Beautiful cards. I my get in the mood myself!