Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I inspire me 6 blog post

Woo Hoo... today is the "I inspire me" blog post day! I LOVE seeing what everyone comes up with. I always look so forward to it.

This bracelet was my inspiration piece for this post. Jewelery was the theme of the inspiration this time.

This is the layout I did with the bracelet as inspiration. You can click on it to be able to see it larger.

Be sure to pop on over and see all the "jewelery inspired" projects. You'll be so amazed by the inspirations these girls come up with and what they create.

I inspire me blog

Hard to believe Cat heads back home already tomorrow.....the time has gone by so fast, I cant believe it.

Today we headed to Venice Antiques. We spend a nice relaxing time just walking down all the isles just checking things out. Taking our time, since we weren't on any schedule. We didn't plan to try to cram alot in today... just taking our time.

Catherine and I both think this would be a fabulous studio piece also. Every time I see something like this.. I want a BIG room that I can have one of these in and fill it with tons of supplies. Not happening anytime soon... lol.. so I'll just keep dream'n.

I thought this was cute.

Mirror mirror on the wall... lol... I see you Cat.

I have one just like this

I love red and yellow in my kitchen.. so I was drawn to this right away. (but I was good and resisted "this" temptation)

There is alot to take in here. Each of us made numerous small purchases.. I just haven't had a chance to get photos of the goodies yet.

We stopped for a little ice cream treat and then hit one more store before heading back home. We made a quick bite for dinner and then just hung out.. chatting and looking through scrap mags. Sure wish Cat lived across the street, so we could do this alot more often.

Have a Fantastic Day!


Sharon in NE said...

I love the layout you made based on the bracelet. Beautiful colors!

I'm sure it will seem so quiet without Cat around. She is always quick with a smile and what a smile. It lights up the whole room.

Thanks for sharing her with us.

Shawn said...

Sounds like you had a great visit! I love your lo what a great inspiration, jewelry! Love all the pictures thanks for posting them :)

Charmingdesigns said...

Love love love what you did! That was so much fun seeing what everyone else did too, I never think to look at something as an inspiration piece but you guys really did a great job! Looks like you two are having a good time, cant wait to see what kinda goodies you bought. Laurie

harrahx2 said...

No matter the distance friends are together always in the heart. Email helps too! :^}

Elly said...

Your butterfly-l.o. is gorgeous! What a beautiful colors! I would love to have a bigger craftspace too! Now I've a little (well, it's growing little by little! Strange hey!)spot in our livingroom,but I dream of my own studio! I keep on dreaming too!

Deb S. said...

i love love love your lo!! such warm colors and well butterflies are so cool!
i can't wait to cee the goodies you got when you were in venice! ;)

Michelle said...

There is never enough time when having fun with friends!! I love your inpiration layout! Beautiful!

Cathy said...

Love the layout! So many beautiful butterflies this time of year!
So happy that you had a great week with Cat! Love all of your photos!!!

Rainy said...

Love your layout and your jewelry. You and Cat are so cute together, just like best friends. I too love those big pieces for a dream my dream craft room, the old farm tables also. LOL Hugs

Precious Treasures said...

ok how much is the island? I love it!

Precious Treasures said...

ok how much is the island? I love it!

janel said...

Oh, such fun to see all that you and Cat have been up to. So glad that you have shared so many things that you love.
Have a great day and here's to fond memories and to knowing that looking forward to more memories together with friends and family is what makes life the wonderful thing that it is. We really are blesssed, huh?

Melissa said...

Ohhhhh dear. That layout is so beautiful--love all of your special Vicki touches---so lovable!

MJ said...

Soon I'll have that great big craft room that you've been wishing for! Now I'll have to start finding fun things to fill it with! You got a head start on me!

So glad to read that you had a great visit with Cat!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Vickie I love the photos of Wyatt in his special outfit. So cute.