Friday, August 15, 2008

A little Friday fun!

We are having a blast! Thought I'd share what we did today today. First though.. here are some of the goodies i found yesterday when we we were out. ( the bowl and other two clear containers)

Found some cute little marachas for Neely and these vintage barrettes I just loved. The jar of sea glass and other ocean goodies with the gorgeous tag is a gift from Cat. (lucky me huh?)

Oh.. and I found this little $6 stool

We just lazed around this morning, chatted and check our email. It was so fun to have Cat sitting at my work table with me ..her on the laptop and me on my comuter...just doing our morning routine. lol
We packed and little light summer lunch in a cooler and had a picnic at the lakes on our way into Fremont. The weather has been fantastic for August in NE.. I can tell you that much. We are lucky so far!

We went to the Main Street Bead Studio.. and had so much fun in there. Talk about a plethora of color and inspiration! If you're ever in Fremont.. you sound definatly stop here.

It's not just the bead, or the jewlerly.. just the entire place. The displays are so cool. We left totally inspired.

you can see why

we spent quite a bit of time here. ... lol

Color everywhere

and ... look at this beauiful peice I was planning on purchasing... which ended up... being a gift from Cat. I seriously love this .. so much.

After leaving there.. we took in a few antique shops down town

saw lots... bought... some ( okay more than "some")

I'm dreaming some day, I'll have a HUGE studio.. and then I'll have this cool piece for my island work table .. with all that storage. DREAMING HERE FOLKS! ( not only to I not have the space...but I dont have the $1200 either.

I made her do this. lol
Jarad call and he and Kate where at the house ( in NB) and had come to visit..but we were in Fremont.... So they came and met us in town for something to drink and to chat.

Boy from the photo , you'd think we were out for a big night at the bar.. um... I had a diet coke and Cat a.. club soda.

On the way home the sunset was gorgeous... so we stopped for a photo. I was trying to be sneak and get a photo of catherine .."taking" her photo... and well.. being the jokester that she is...

I cant wait until everyone comes this afternoon... it's going to be so fun to see everyone. Wish you could all come. I'll take lots of photos!


Nat said...

ohhh this looks like a blast!!! Hugs to you girls!

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki

that vintage work table is delicious! Isn't it amazing the $$ these things go for?

Looks like so much fun!


rose said...

oh wow you both are havin a blast with your finds & buys,oh love that work table station ohh nice
ROFLMBO! catherine is so funny!
Oh look at all that glass & color
Have a nice day with the girls!

Vicki said...

Looks like a fun day with more yet to come! That would be a wonderful work station!

chelemom said...

What fun!!! Your friend is too funny!

Micki said...

Glad that you are having a good time and I have to say that I LOOOOOOVVE that store!