Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lots to share

My cousin Paula gave me some amazing lace and some of these cool "little" cigar boxes.. that I love! I was just messing around in my room last night making this.. as I was catching up on my blog reading... with everyone talking about getting ready to get back in the "school routine" with their kiddos. All of these images were taken from the "Childhood" Image and Journal Books from Crafty Secrets.

Working as a Para Educator in Early Childhood Special Education for almost 10 years... I know .. teachers can always use little thankyou notes, so ....
I made little blank cards to fill the little box. Once the cards are gone.. the teacher can always use the box for her little chocolate stash in her desk. lol

The cards are really simple. (you can click to see them bigger if you want)

Ah... the poochies hated to see thier friend Cat leave as much as I did. Lucky thing she is totally a "dog lover"... so they all became pals right away. Molly and Cat really bonded. Molly wanted to be with her everywhere she went. EVEN at night. I told Cat to shut her door so Molly wouldnt want in ..but Cat said... "I invited her". lol They had some crazy bond... we were thinking maybe they knew each other in a previous life or something??? lol

We left a bit early for the airport to stop at a couple places on the way.
Here's Cat at "The Aardvark".
We both found a few things. Cat found a cool wire basket, but no space in the suitcase for it... so I'll be sending it. (well.. maybe) lol

I found this little treasure ..that I'm so happy about! (the little blue/green cabinet)
You can click to see it larger.
Just starting to fill it. But it's going to be great.

These are some of the treasures I've picked up while Cat was here this past week , as we've hit numerous store.

Look at these darling little figurines. I have a plan for these, involving my friends but....

she is going in my kitchen.

These little shoes.. I found right here in the store in my little town. Can you imagine the story these little shoes could tell? So sweet!

The orange book in the first photo of the goodies.. "Childhood Songs" is just so totally sweet. The sheet music in side is all large print with darling nursery rhyme songs.
Below is the great stash of lace my cousin Paula gave me. Her and I are forever sharing goodies back and forth. I think it's my turn to share with her , after this! OH my!
These are two of the great pieces Cat gave me. She is doing a give a way on her blog right now.. of a similar one.. so be sure to go over and get your name in. They are beautiful!

And Shawn made me one her famous pin cushions!!!!! How cute is this???? You can see some of the other ones she's done HERE , on her blog.

The last week has gone by so fast.. and each day I just put away what I gathered whatever I purchased that day.. so taking it all out today was just like Christmas. Woo hoo!
I did here from Catherine and she got home fine. I'm sure she is happy to see her family! I know little V , was probably missing his momma. I know she was missing him.
Hope you are all having a great day!


Catherine said...

I LOVE your little card box, I'm gonna have to make one for Ian's teacher this year! THANKS again for everything - Guinness was (and still is) a little bit mad that I came home smelling like a couple of dogs...she thought I must have been cheating on her ;-) xox.

DeniseLynn said...

Oh what a sweet gift. Vicki you never fail to amaze me with your talent. I am so glad you have chosen to share it all here on blog land. You and Cat are so cute and I have been following both you blogs for some time now. I so enjoy being able to hear all about you fun - so green with envy that you have the best antique places there. Thanks for sharing!!

KimmyS said...

Ok now never mind about the gorgeous little cabinet I am SERIOUSLY drooling over the pom pom trim and your, i so envy you having all those junk and antique shops around.

i am so pleased that you and Cat has such an awesome time. One day I will be able to join you gals

Jessica said...

Your box and cards are so adorable! I love that vintage theme. Cat's cards are gorgeous, too! Her stitching is perfect.

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

What a fantastic little card gift box ... love it! I want to thank you for sharing this weeks adventures with all of us ... I felt so many times like I was right there with you and had such a great time ... thanks for sharing that!!
It was so nice to see you and Cat enjoying/sharing your hobby and love of friendship! I must say, you certainly found some nice "goodies" along the way!! Glad Cat got back home safe & sound!

rose said...

love your little teachers card set beautiful!! wow you did find some wonderful stuff ,adore the figurines and yes you had to have the red & yellow cutie lol!! Oh the shoes I wonder what the story is behind these,bet the girl had to wear these until she could not get them on beautiful,love stuff like this oh if only!! love that cabinetand your flling it pretty quick!! What awesome yummy lace!

chelemom said...

I love visiting your blog everyday! You always find the coolest stuff! As a teacher I would love if someone made me those notecards! Probably won't happen, so I better get making my own cards! LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little box! I love all your treasures who were able to snag! That little green cabinet is so cute and talk about have buttons!!! It looks like you might have a cigar addiction though! LOL The cards Cat gave you were really them! I glad the two of you had a great week. It certainly looked like you had a fun time together!!

Shawn said...

I love your notecards in the box, I think I may have to make some for Bethany's teachers. So glad you had a nice visit and you like your pin cushion :) It was good seeing you we need to get together again!

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh, wow, your little black shoes are darling!!! Your box is wonderful!!! What a treasure your little cabinet is!! I like how you put your lace on hangers...I think I'll go do that! Laurie

janel said...

Oh that school box is absolutely adorable. LOVE it. Looks to me like you hit the jack pot at the store..what great finds.
Those little shoes are just too cute, and I can just imagine the little girl that was so proud of her new Mary Janes, and all the fun she must have had in them. Treasures!
Have a great Friday!

Deb S. said...

omg i love all the goodies you got! that green cabinet is perfect for your studio,very cute! the card box is darling by the way!

cards4u said...

Your notecards are absolutely wonderful! TFS

Patricia said...

I have enjoyed viewing all your ~finds~. The tiny dolls are beautiful, those wonderful worn shoes and the crocheted piece - all lovely. I really enjoy your blog and art work.

Michelle said...

WWow! What fun stuff! We don't have many treasures like that in my area!

Pearl Maple said...

Wow now that is a cigar box with a difference, those cute images are a real find. Thanks for sharing your creative spirit with us all.