Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nebraska the good life

Really.. that's our state motto.. I had to use it in this post. lol It just seemed too fitting for this day. It was BEAUTIFUL out again today. This week has not been the blistering hot August we normally have. It's really been nice!
Cat and I took it pretty easy yesterday morning , and just hung out in our pj's. Then in the afternoon we grabbed our camera and hit the country roads. I wanted Cat to see alittle more of the "countryside".

She's looking like a country girl here huh? lol

Like I said , it was a beautiful day.

We stopped at this old church and cemetery down a ways from where we live .. it's really a very sweet little church. Cat you see Cat in this picture. ( it's kind of like a "Where's Waldo") ha

I'm so glad there are still country churches like this around.

We just stopped the car and got out to take photos now and then.. of things that caught our eye.

Sometimes it's just pretty amazing the things that you find in the ditches. ( I just hope we didn't find any poison ivy) eeek

We just drove up and down roads, probably within 10 miles to the East of my house. I wanted to show Cat that Church , and then I was also looking for this old school I had taken photos of once before. For some reason I can never remember exactly what county road it's on ...but the hunt always leads you to discover new things.. right?

We did finally find it.

We both took alot of photos yesterday... it was really fun just taking a drive with our cameras, chatting and listening to a little Dave Mathews. A really relaxing Sunday afternoon.

I had invited mom and the kids , out for dinner to grill last night. Poor Wes ended up not being able to make it because he worked both jobs yesterday. He was pretty bummed ,and so was I. I love it when the kids and mom come out for dinner in Sunday nights.

Cat had promised to make her Lemon Torte... she did , and it was DELISH!!!

After dinner, Kate, Jarad, Cat , I ( and the dogs), took at short walk up the road to check out the beautiful sunset over the cornfield. We just needed to get out from behind the trees around the house to be able to see it.

We started to think.. Cat should have the ultimate, "Evening in Nebraska" experience.. so Jarad and Kate took the top off the jeep , and the four of us did a little "off roading".

It was the perfect evening for it. Cat commented how fresh and clean the air smelled.. it really did.

I think she really enjoyed... I know I did.

It was a perfect end to a really nice day!

Big plans today... so I have to get ready.... Deb is coming with us also. I'll share photos tomorrow.
Geezzzz... it's kind of like a "Gayle and Oprah" .. one the road thing , this week here on the blog huh? lol We really are having a great time though.. it's been really fun for me. I'm hoping Cat's enjoying it also.
Until tomorrow!


Michelle Wooderson said...

HONEY....doot doot doot doot doot are my candy girl.....Oh I love your songs, makes me HAPPY!! Vicki, can I come to your house and hang out? Looks a lot like Kansas and OH SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your home town pride all the time. It's great to live in small town America right????? HUGS

Sharon in NE said...

Oh Vic, those are beautiful pics. I'm sure 35 years from now, I'll find two little white haired ladies zipping around the country side in their wheel chairs, with the music too loud. What a wonderful friendship you two have. TFS!

Sugar Bear said...

What beautiful scenery. The sunsets must be so wonderful. Offroading sounds like lots of fun!

Nat said...

i'm so loving to see those photos - it is almost as I'm there.

Judy B said...

These pictures are fabulous and you look like you are having such a wonderful time. Would have loved to see that Old School House!!

harrahx2 said...

I have to tell you, I got several days at one time and what fun! I actually felt like I was part of the fun. It takes your breath away to be in one room with lots of friends and having great fun. Life is good! Your pictures are great and I am so glad you are having fun.

Michelle said...

I love viewing all of your scenery pictures!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

WOW ... thanks so much for taking me along on this adventure!! I LOVED the old churches and the beautiful skylines ... so glad you two are having such a great time!!! Life is too short, do what you love!!

Shawn said...

Love all the pics!! So glad to see you two having fun! I miss those country sunsets!

MJ said...

Fun post! Nothing like giving Cat a good case of poison ivy as a souvenir from Nebraska!! You were tempting fate!!

Micki said...

Looks like a great weekend!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

I miss home!!! All these pictures remind me of it... We have not been back since last summer, and that is the longest we've ever had wait... And I think it's going to be next summer before we go... :( Bummer. Thank you for sharing a "bit of home"!

happyscrappy25 said...

Vicki~ I've been reading your blog for about a year now. My sister, who is Jen Cramer's (accucut) next door neighbor, got me "hooked" on your blog :) I just have to tell you how much I LOVE seeing the photos you post of the Nebraska countryside! I'm a Nebraska girl living in Colorado and even though I've got the mountains to look at, I still miss the beautiful Nebraska sunsets and the cornfields. You can take a girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of a girl :) thanks so much for sharing and keep on posting those pictures!!!!

Tabitha W. said...

i finally have some time to catch up on all my blogs....i just love these photos! really beautiful, and the historical architecture is just stunning! thanks for sharing :)