Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Out and about again

Yesterday was the day we had planned on going to Omaha, down to the "Old Market" , Hob Lob, Archivers ect.. We invited Deb to come with us. It was a really fun day! Again.. beautiful weather.

The Architecture down town, with all the old buildings is Amazing.
We had a great time just walking, shopping and chatting.

After lunch... we were needing a little something for our sweet tooth... so we made a stop at this candy shop.

After leaving the Old Market.. I wanted to take Cat to Archivers.. since there are no Archivers in Maine.
After getting back home we chilled here in the evening , worked on our "inspiration project" for the blog.. and then watched "27 dresses"
I think today we are going to Amy's store and to Venice antiques. The days are flying by. It's hard to believe she has to head home already tomorrow.
Hope you all have a great day!


Deb S. said...

oh vic it was such a fun day! i really enjoyed it....so glad you guys asked me along,loved getting to know cat better and hanging out with you is always fun for me!

Nat said...

Love you girls :-)

harrahx2 said...

Okay, you are just having too much fun. The flowers are always wonderful in your pics and I now expect to see you make a card that is like that candy store sign. I am so glad you enjoyed your time.

Rainy said...

Ok, I have so much to say since I haven't bugged you in a while. I love, love, love the old school. There use to be one on our way through Nebraska, but they tore it down. I went to one of your friends blog and they have pics of your craft room. We need a whole layout please, would like to see more. Also there is an Archivers in Omaha? I'm driving through in September, and I'm really trying to get DH, and DS'S to stop at the Gretna Scrapbook Store. I haven't had a real vacation in years and this isn't one, so I thought I should get something out of the deal. Right! We normally come up 75, so it wouldn't be that out of the way. Looks like you and Cat have had a great visit. As always your art is great!

Sharon in NE said...

That looks like so much fun!

stampqueen said...

I am really loving the pics of you and Cat out and about - missing Nebraska sunsets. The sky just doesn't seem to look that big except in the midwest (except sometimes sitting on the beach - but even then the horizon seems closer because of the clouds). Old market in Omaha looks alot the same except more shops than when I lived there.
Have fun!!!

Gail S. said...

You look like you both are having so much fun! I love going to Omaha and going to Archivers! I always spend too much $$$ there. I hope Cat is enjoying Nebraska.

MJ said...

You are having such a great time! Glad to see you are storing some creative memories for future projects!!

Precious Treasures said...

We love that candy store. No matter when we go to the Old Market we always stop there and the Sundries store connected to it.

Hard to believe it is time for Cat to go home already. I think we all need a trip to Maine!

Missed ya, I am sure time flew by. ALL the Jenni Bowlin stuff came in. BEAUTIFUL!