Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Share and share alike

I can not believe I'm running so far behind.. I'm thinking ..Why I'm I even bothering to post anything at this late stage in the day? But.. I'm excited about tomorrows post, because the Crafty Secrets Design Team is playing along with me , and we are all posting projects make with the "Girlfriends" Image and Journal books, and then linking to eachother.. so everyone will be able to check them all out. These girls do fantastic work.. I cant wait to see what they come up with.
I forgot to show you this. Cat and I found two of these pins in one of the antique stores we were in , one day when she was here. Of Course.. WE HAD to have them! I have mine on my purse. I think if the would have had a hundred, I would have bought them all. lol I would have just passed them out to all my friends...who's lives.. like mine, seem to revolve around art.
( i do need to get that sticky stuff off it, that was left from the price tag.. wonder if Undo would be okay?)

I had to title this post, "Share and Share alike".. because that's just how it is with my "junk'n" friends. lol We all share our finds with eachother... share'n the luv. lol
When I stopped at Paulas yesterday , she had been out and about , and shared these goodies she found with me. YIPPEE!
Seriously fun stuff!
There is a word book and ...
these definition cards. Paula had already pulled this one out for me. lol I've dealt with migraines since I was a kid.. so I think it's like my trademark now or something. I am SO keeping this card and putting it up on my bulletin board above my desk. If you have come to my blog and see nothing but this posted.. you know what's up. lol

How thoughtful was this?... my letters.. all ready to go. My family and friends all call me "Vic" not "Vicki". Which has me wondering .. do other "Vicki's" .. go by "Vic"? hmmmm... well, if your a "Vicki", "Vickie", or "Vicky".. or know one, please step up ..and do tell. I'm curious now. Guess you gotta have something to wonder about huh? lol
Yeah.. it's just me working hard to solve the problems of the world. Just do'n my part. ha ha

It's a good thing no one takes me seriously. ha

until tomorrow..


Anonymous said...

Can't wait until tomorrow's creations by all the CS ladies! Your friend found some seriously cute treasures! Love the definition cards...way cute! UnDo or Goo Gone will take off the gunk on your button!

cards4u said...

Love your new stash!

Gail S. said...

My Mom is a Vickie and I am always calling her "Vic" when we are in a crowd! She always responds so I guess she doesn't mind!!

Bev said...

Oh what fun you will have with your new stuff! My mom is a Vicky. Short names are cute and sometimes necessary - it takes a year to say B-e-v-e-r-l-y...that's why I go by Bev!!!LOL!!

TFS your fun stuff!!

janel said...

Love those letters Miss VIC. How cool. Hey, those spoolie hair curlers, I actually had some of those, but mine were pink. I thought it was great because I could sleep with them in and they didn't hurt...funny though, when I woke up, they were always lost in the sheets somewhere. Love seeing those oldie and goodies.
Will tune in tomorrow to see the fun. Have a great evening.

happiness blooms said...

I am so far behind reading your posts (I've been out of town training for the new job)that I had to take a minute (or 5) this morning to read your fabulously fun stories and giggle over your pics of the children and drool over your pics of art and flowers. My day is always so much better when I start it here with you!

Micki said...

Oh I love going "junk'n". I more stuff than house so I had to stop! So much of it is packed up in boxes in storage!

Paben said...

Love The Altered cigar box a few blogs back!Glad you found some cute use for it!The pic. of the stash I gave you looks so yummy!Yes we call Victoria Vic,all the time!We call you Vicki mostly to differentiate when she's here,but when we are alone I call you Vic!

Love the Girlfriend layout!

Kristi said...

OOoooo, Taboo cards, didn't think of that! I used to love that game! That vintage kit is wicked cute, thanks for sharing!

Staci said...

Love the photo's of your stash...you can also use a little WD-40 to get the sticky off of hte pin. That is what we used to use on books at the Read All About It bookstore in Kearney.