Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Off to see the Tillys

GRRR... something wacky with my blogger posts.. sorry for the confusion.. I tried to time it to post tomorrow,...since something came up and I wont be home ...BUT... it posted. I'm changing things on this post.. and I'll try again with tomorrows post. Sorry for the confusion for those of you who subcribe. It was a blog blurp. lol
I'm totally looking forward to night. I'm meeting Jarad and Kate for dinner before the "Tilly's" show.. and then Kate is coming with me to the show. Jarad would love too.. but he works very early in the morning .. so it just doesnt work.. when the show lasts so late.

Kate has a birthday coming but.. so today I put together a little something for her. ( can show you.. she might be reading) shhhh..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!! if she is reading! lol


Okay my new blog friend Tabitha (Living in the Moontime)... tagged me .. and I keep forgetting to post it. Finally .. here goes.

Six random things about me

Oh.. I've done this a few times.. and I'm not all that so not sure what I can think of??? ...

okay... quickly..

1). My browns have to match! It bugs me if my shoes are a different shade of brown than my purse or shoes. ( sandy is laughing right now) lol, she knows how I am about this. I drive her nuts with this when we room together when we work trade shows .


2). I cant sleep if it's totally quiet. I like a fan on in the summer, and my sound spa on in the winter. lol


3) I have totally messy hand writing


4) I'm not crazy about the color yellow. I'm just not drawn to it. ( I notice this.. everytime I go to my supplies when I need a piece of yellow patterned paper... there is rarely every any to choose from)


5)I dont drink coffee... never have .. yuk


6) I told you I'm scared of snakes.. I still am .. and always will be.. they are CREEPY! ick!


Okay.. it's going to be a busy day and a late night.. so I'm closing for now. I'll be back to share photos tomorrow.

Have a great THURSDAY! lol


Sarah said...

Either Blogger's delayed posting isn't working or my calendar broke. It's Thursday at my house! LOL

Judy B said...

Vicki I love that LO!!! That ribbon is so pretty and that picture is so sweet!!! Such a cute little girl!

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, I cringe and smile and laugh as soon as I click on the blog, waiting for the music. Then I satart smiling and laughing. Then....I read what you have written and laugh some more. You don't like yellow but you ALWAYS take pictures of lovely yellow flowers. I want my blacks to match and they never do. I find it hard to understand so many shades of black. Have fun tonight!

Precious Treasures said...

Did not know you did not like yellow. Has Jenni Bowlins new line changed that at all? hee hee

rose said...

Oh now Iam confused lol!! hope you had a great time at the show!

Sharon in NE said...

Oh don't like coffee? My blood type is Colombia Dark Roast. Well, I will make an exception and still keep you as my friend. :D

stampqueen said...

I don't drink coffe either - even after more than 10 years working night shifts 7pm to 7am ( I only started drinking hot tea when I went to Ireland for a trip). My handwriting is awful too - and I can't type worth a penny either (although since I started blogging my 2 typeing fingers are getting a little faster...)
Have fun at the concert!!! The Dh and I went to see Journey/Cheep Trick and Heart this stuff.

Tabitha W. said...

lol, my brown have to match too! thanks for sharing your fun facts :)