Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday at home

Today , I'm trying to keep myself on task working on class stuff , here at home. I had to finish writing up class descriptions ... (oh gloom, dread , despair)... have I mentioned how I put off doing that? lol I just want to "play" with glue and paper..not write words..blah blah blah.. lol I guess it's just part of the job. It's always amazed me how much time has to be spend on the computer... writing up directions, supply lists, emailing,posting, blogging, forums, submitting, bio's, photo editing, uploading photos to be developed, ordering supplies, on and on... and if your a hybrid or digi scrapper.. lots more
Some days ( okay.. MOST days, I just wanna skip all that stuff and just MAKE STUFF!) lol
I just wanna Play!
okay.. I'm over that now..thanks for listening. lol
*** I can just hear my friend Deb saying "no your not". lol everytime I go on a speal about something .. I say.. " okay.. I'm over that now" and she always says....
"no your not". ( she's usually right) lol

This is one of my favorite photos from yesterday. I was trying to get it to post yesterday when I blogged, but blogger wasn't cooperating with me.. so I had to post it today.
The butterfly pavilion was one of my favorite things for sure!

We saw some beautiful hibiscus yesterday..but I just took this photo out on my deck a few minutes ago. Not as big as the ones we saw yesterday..but pretty, none the less.
I have been listening to this the past few days. For you "Sugarland" converts... you will love the new CD. I found the CD cover so inspiring I actually used it for the inspiration for a layout. Not quite finished...but when I get time to finish it , I'll share.

Speaking of paper work.. I just looked up from my desk at my "inspiration" board.. and well.... it's not looking too inspiring!!!
Something is going to have to be done about this right away, I can see that. lol
The paper work is going to have to go into a file ...because I need something a little more exciting to look at than this. Boy that would suck the creativity out of anyone wouldn't it?

Bye bye boring board! Time for a change!

I know I'll be inspired tomorrow because it's "I inspire Me" blog day!!! Woo Hoo! I so look forward to seeing everyone posts each time! Be sure to check back tomorrow!
And don't forget to put your name in for the giveaway that I'll be drawing for on Friday.
Read about it here.
Now.....Go play in something messy... that's what I'm going to do! lol


Anonymous said...

The butterfly is so beautiful! Your hibiscus is too! I want to see your inspiration board when you're finished with it! I always find them fascinating, as to what people find inspirational about something. I agree with you, that CD cover is inspiring!!

janel said...

Oh, that butterfly is gorgeous. Love the yummy color of that hibiscus...just beautiful.
Hope you get all your deskwork finished and that you can go get messy. Have fun..you are the one that always inspires me. Thanks always.

Shawn said...

The butterfly pavillion was our favorite too. Bethany thought it was so cool to hold a butterfly. Did you see all of the chrysalis? That was amazing!!! We are off to meet some of Bethany's class mates and eat pizza then I'll come home and work on something messy or make a mess :)

Monica Crowe said...

Great photos. Now I'm ready to get to work on something creative.Inspire Me... looks like fun.

Vicki said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful butterfly!

Deb S. said...

i think we need to take a trip to the zoo and go to the butterfly pavillion! they are so gorgeous!
have you seen the new sugarland video? i can't get that song out of my head,"all i wanna do oh oh oh"..:)

Cathy said...

Wow! Do I know how you feel! Too much paper work, too much time on the computer...somedays I could just scream. We all need to take more time to PLAY!!!
Oh My Gosh! Is that the greatest CD or what! I'm off to see them this week at the Buffalo Chip, I can't wait!!!

PaperCutting Kind of Day said...

Yes, the paper work goes along with the fun of creating but I'm sure none of us really like that part! Hopefully you are done! LOVING that butterfly photo!

Tabitha W. said...

wow! that butterfly is stunning and was totally worth it's own post!!