Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Where is the summer going?

I just can not believe how fast this summer is going. Last winter was SOOOO long and cold and deary.. I am NOT ready for it to come again. I don't mind a cloudy day now and then... or even really cold days.. but another winter that seemed as long as last winter , did to me.. and I'll be ready to move some place warmer. blah... I do love Fall, so that's something to look forward to.
Today is beautiful ,.. nice and cool too. I guess I should just go out and enjoy it , instead of worrying about it coming to an end huh? lol
This is an invite I did with one of the pages out of the "Little Dolls" Image and Journal Books from Crafty Secrets. Even that little fringe piece at the top is from the page I used. I just cut it and used it at the top , with some foam squares under it.
There are so many different things in the books that you can mix and match, use, or change, it's amazing. The shadow box I made yesterday, has lot of different pieces that I cut separate and added. The hat, wings, and background pieces are all in the books , you just pick out what you want to use as you go. I love the idea that you can use the page as a whole or mix and match, cutting and adding as you go.
They are really cute to use at just a not pad also. I've been using them to write little notes on to stick in with pages when I send them.


Monday night was my volunteer last at Building Families Boutique. I cant tell you how much these girls enjoy this 1 1/2 of time to create and socialized with each other. HUGE thanks to Amy Stewart and the girls at Precious Treasures at the Gretna outlet mall Scrapbook Store, for all the donations of supplies. You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for helping out with this cause!
Read more about it here in Amy's post.


I got my Altered ART's Mag yesterday.. and lookie here... The altered form I did was made with Crafty Secrets Papers and AccuCut dies.

Speaking of AccuCut... Here's a little Fall project I did for them for CHA. (Isn't that little nephew of mine a cutie? lol)
Every time I'm in the store lately I keep seeing these. They must be calling to me or something, so yesterday I picked some up to put in a vase in the kitchen.

I also picked up this cool funky thing.

and I put it on the nightstand right new to the little beddy by,,,,,,,,, that is all ready for Cat when she gets here TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!

Oh.. it's going to be a fun week, coming up!
I'm especially excited about Saturday. I've invited some girls over in honor of Cats visit.. and it's going to be a such fun time.. just to chat and have some yummy food. I've invited some Nebraska girls I know through blogging that I've never gotten to meet in person, also.. so it's going to be fun all around! Cant wait!

Go enjoy this beautiful day!


Vicki said...

Oh wow, I wish I lived in Nebraska and was coming to your Saturday soiree! Sounds like a fun time waiting to be had! Love that funky little thing on your nightstand!

Jessica said...

I'm in denial that it's August! LOL! I'm not looking forward to winter at all, although fall is nice.

I love your altered dress form! I remember the first one of yours that I saw, I think was what made me had to find out more about you and see more of your projects!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

You card is fantastic ... love the fringe idea ... perfect!! Looks like the ladies are having a WONDERFUL time together!!

As far as your "floral" purchases, I'm not sure what the first item is, but I do believe the second item you placed in the bedroom for Cat's arrival are called "kangaroo paws". They are both SO artsy plants for decorating!! Nicely done!!

Catherine said...

I'm almost ALL packed....don't have any room for the ocean though!! LOL. That bed looks mighty comfy!!

Sarah said...

As far as your floral purchases...Darlene was right, you bought kangaroo paws! The other item is hypericum also known as coffee berry or St. John's wort.
Enjoy, they are both wonderful botanicals.

Gail S. said...

Have a great weekend visiting! I really like your invite - too cute!

Monica Crowe said...

You might want to consider moving to the deep south where I fret upon summer's coming and wish the one month of half way cold weather (30-ish degrees) would last a little longer. You girls have a blast this weekend.

KimmyS said...

That invite is to die for and the altered dress?? YUMMO!!!!

Have fun with Cat!

Michelle Wooderson said...

Hi Vicki, I see you visited my blog so I just wanted to say HEY! I want that plant with the red pod things on it, cool! And NOOOOOOOOO winter. Fall yes, and summer can stay as long as it wants. Once the time change hits, it's all south baby..I go into hibernation mode. Oh, and I was singing along to your blog shack, baby love shack......tin roof, RUSTED!! LOOOOOVE that song, thanks for a blast from the past. Mish

Scrap for Joy said...

Catherine is a wonderful artist...just like you. I was lucky enough to purchase a few of her things from Etsy. You girls will have a wonderful time I'm sure. And who wouldn't love your guestroom? Have fun and please post your creations.

Sugar Bear said...

Lots of good stuff going on here as always!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about summer flying by...where did it go?? I do love fall but hate what follows. Maybe this year won't be as bad because I won't have to drive in it daily. I love your card and the fringe at the top! You are such an inspiration, lady! I love your room for Cat but why didn't you invite your Michigan friends to the soiree? LOL I have never heard of kangaroo paws or glad you have some knowledgeable readers! They both look lovely!