Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Altered Stool

Well, I'm running late posting today.. simply because I thought I was going to be on top of the game for today , (since Paula was coming over), and get my post all ready last night. When I went back this morning... " save" obviously did not work..because there was only photo, no text. bummer!
Any way... I wanted to share this my little altered stool I finished the other day. I only paid $6 for it in the first place.. and liked it..but I could no longer contain my self .. and decided paint and alter the top.

After I painted it.. I added the flower pieces with Mod Podge and the buttons with Diamond glaze.

It was a fun little "no brainer" project that is looking much more cheery now.
Yesterday was a really really nice day. The weather was perfect, and I spent most of the day with Wes, looking at apartments. He's wanting to move closer to his work. I think he found one he really likes.. so hope it all works out. I enjoyed spending the day with my boy.. so much!
I wish I wouldn't have to take this photo through my dirt windshield..because it's was quite a truck load of pumpkins I saw along the way. As I got closer.. I kept thinking .. I hope those puppies are strapped in there, because if they start rolling out, it's not going to be good. lol

Talk about a beautiful blue sky.
State Capital building in Lincoln.
Where Wes works.

Paula was here today. I haven't taken photos of what we worked on yet...but we had such fun just creating and chatting. And look at what her and Ron brought us!!!!
They had a big garden this year and have been canning like crazy. It just looks so beautiful all sitting on my dinning room table right now, I don't want to even move it.
That's homemade apple sauce and apple jelly , in those jars... and it looks d*e*l*i*s*h!

Sorry for the short post..but since this is the SECOND time I've done it .. I guess I'm loosing my enthusiasm for it. lol

Dinner time.. gotta run! Hope your day was great!


Deb S. said...

hey vic that stool turned out cute! how nice of paula & ron to bring you some homemade goodies.yum!

Country Liv . . . said...

Wow! I love your pretty little stool but make sure no one sits their butt on it or they'll be buttoned! My gosh, Nebraska has such a deep blue sky-must be from the flatlands and fields. My mom and dad use to have a garden every summer and mom canned and pickled and jellied everything. Boy I miss those canned tomatoes. Have a great weekend, friend!

rose said...

oh love the stool beautiful!What alot of pumpkins look big seeing they said we would have smaller ones due to the weather
homemade jelly`s taste far more better than shop bought

Catherine said...

oh my gosh your stool came out so awesome! Your goodies from Paula look delish!! Have a great day, xox.

Sugar Bear said...

Such a sweet stool. I really love how the bottom is still shabby but the top is so sweet and cute!

Sharon in NE said...

Now that is NICE to bring you the precious goodness of their garden already made up! Paula and Ron, you can come visit me too!
I always have to stop and admire the capital. It is so beautiful. Love that art deco.
Regarding the truck ahead, I wonder if that's where the group got their name The Smashing Pumpkins...
Cute stool. The music petal is my favorite. ;)