Sunday, September 14, 2008

brrr... I think it's FALL

Boy has the weather ever cooled off. You can just feel autumn in the air today. When I start wearing my slippers... it's chilly. ha
We've just been working around the house today, so I'm sharing a few photos of the "Autumny" thing I've been digging out to enjoy.. and I'm sharing a project I made a LONG time ago. But I shows off the Crafty Secrets images from the "Autumn Blessing" sheet of Cuts, and the fall images from the "Seasonal booklet"
The accordion album I used was the "natural" color. I first did a rock salt and ink technique on it , and then stamped on it with a large leaf stamp. I did this project before Crafty Secret even had papers and stamps of their own.. so you can tell it's been a while..huh?

It was a fun project , and I still really enjoy it... maybe..

because it's filled with these darling photos of my nephew Tate. He's sure grown alot since these where taken, I can tell you that much! I don't get to see him as often as some of my other
sweeties, because he lives in AZ. ( these were taken one time when they were here for a visit)


I did "housework stuff" today , and put up some fall decor

so glad I go those little pumpkins yesterday

I got these more "fallish" plants for the vase on the sofa table. I so love this photo of the boys, given to me by my friend, and ultra talented photographer Becky Novacek

I always know , when I look out the window from my work room and see the field is no longer green. Fall is defiantly approaching.

I love the cool crisp air that fall brings, the rich colors of the season, and the over all "feel" of it...
but... I dread the thoughts of winter coming. I guess.. at this point .. just enjoy fall , right?

I found that little pumpkin light , the other day at Gordmans.

As I worked inside.. Dan worked on chainsawing the "tree issue" that's been needing attention , out in the side yard.
Still need your prayer for my brother-in-law.. if you would please.
But my friend Leslie's son who was injured in Afghanistan over 3 months ago, did have a great day yesterday!!! I talked with her late last night after reading the posts from yesterday, and I was just SO HAPPY for them. They needed this so badly. Kevin showed so much improvement yesterday.. and so suddenly. It was just fantastic.
You can read Leslie's journal (blog), about Kevin's Journey from the beginning, here "Mended Wings".
I read everyday, and everyday, it's a reminder to me how lucky I am to have my boys , here, happy and healthy, When so many other mothers have sacrificed their sons for our freedom.
Her blog is an amazing story of a brave solder, and to a mothers love for her son.
I know she would appreciate encouraging words from any of you.
Thankyou friends!


Catherine said...

Looks like a great day around your house!! We need to cut some trees down around our house too!! Hope your BIL is getting well soon!! xox.

janel said...

Your home looks so cozy and warm. Absolutely wonderful. Keeping your brother in law in my prayers, and now off to witness how prayer DOES make a difference. Warm hugs.

Shawn said...

Love all of your fall goodies you put out! I think winter is around the corner I just hope fall is here for a bit longer :)

Anonymous said...

Your decorations look very nice! Those tiny pumpkins are adorable!

Jessica said...

Your fall booklet is adorable and I love how you've decorated your home. It looks so warm and inviting!

Jacquelynne said...

Love love love the colors in your album!

harrahx2 said...

Your album and ALL your creations are a marvel to look at and drool over. I am keeping a prayer for all the young men coming home and for your brother-in-law. Please, when you are up to it, come decorate my house? Thanks! Oh yeah, and what it the salt thing?

lori said...

vickie, the photos of your house are just beautiful and i love your fall accordion album.

i have been following kevin,leslie and breezy since nearly the beginning of their journey. what great strides he has made. i continue to pray for them. thanks for being the link to them for me.