Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fancy Pants/ Altered Photo box

I found this unfinished (spinning) wooden photo box at Micheal's last week. For $ 3.99, I thought it could be a fun altered project. I used Fancy Pants Papers on this ..
"The Daily Grind" line. I seem to use this line alot.. lol I pretty much .. really really like it. lol

The top of the box was just flat.. so again.. I pulled out my handy dandy big wooden beads and added a knob to the top. I used one of the Fancy Pants pins and a round crystal bead to the top also. I just attached them with hot glue. ( I added a little sticky metal brad to the center of the flower pin). This is what they look like HERE.

I love the fact that it's a storage container inside, and that you can change out the photos easily, and that is spins, so you can see all the sides.
Um.. it seem have ALOT of photo of Griff.. so that's what I used. lol

I also altered this little photo holder I found at Micheal's at the same time.
( you can click to see it larger)

Oh.. and this .. this is what you get when you set your camera down upside down .. and it sits on the button , and takes a photo on it's own. LOL... pretty cool huh? Fun perspective?

I laughed so hard when I saw this , when I was uploading photos.... I had forgotten that happened. I was out on the deck photographing a bunch of projects... set my camera down.. and heard it click.. just didn't think much about it at the time.

I was using my small ( but favorite) never fail camera. I guess this is why I've aways loved this camera.. it takes good photos.. even on it's own! ha I guess I better start taking better care of it!

*** Any Idea?
I found this old postcard in a bunch of stuff I bought some time ago.. and thought it was really pretty, but had never really looked at the back.

When I looked at it yesterday, I thought it was interested and decided to share it with you.
I have never heard of " The Grip"? Anyone know what it is? hmmm.. is it just something they called a cold or the flu back then or something else? The postmark is 1910.

boy this post is really .. all over the place. sorry.. just lots I wanted to share today.
Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my sweetie friend Cat.. and it was just filled with little treasures!
This is just my very favorite , new little piece of art of hers.

by: Catherine Matthews-Scanlon
( if you're interested in her work.. I see that she just added a bunch of things to her etsy shop) Woo Hoo!

Look at the goodies that were all the outside of the package. I am going to TREASURE that "Artful" charm... it's SO COOL!

it's the little detail touched that always intrigue me.... just look at this. This little ladybug sits in an accorn top.
Thanks Cat.. it made my day!


Hope you all have something fun to do today.. Just for you!


Sharon in NE said...

Love that postcard you found! "bye bye" ...so cute

oh...the treasures from Cat are wonderful! What a sweetheart!

Donna said...

What beautiful eye candy today, Vicki! I'm a huge fan of Cat, too!

The Rambling Papercrafter said...

What wonderful projects. That postcard is just beautiful. I saw some similar at a antique store a couple of weeks ago.

I wonder if maybe they were wanting to write "gripe" and forgot the e. My DH says that when he has a congested chest and a cough.

cindy said...

Love all of this, great post! Love that cute little box. And I'm such a sucker for old post cards...such beautiful art work. I think (think, not sure) that the grip was intestinal fun...if you get my drift...
And I'm such a huge fan of Cat's too...love those little ATC's, she's so awesome. As are you.


rose said...

oh what a great phto revolver oh I could hide things in the middle how cool! oh what beautiful eye candy you got from catherine very nice!
The grip Iam sure it is/was a term used for influenza!
oh the hand nope Iam still waiting on seeing specialist,thanks for asking!

Sarah said...

Your daily postings always make me smile! The grip is just an old-fashioned name for the flu.

harrahx2 said...

THE MERCK MANUAL, Sec. 13, Ch. 162, Viral Diseases
INFLUENZA (Grippe; Grip; Flu) An acute viral respiratory infection with influenza, a virus causing fever, coryza, cough, headache, malaise, and inflamed respiratory mucous membranes
Etiology Influenza (or -flu-) is commonly and incorrectly used by laymen and some health professionals to refer to respiratory infections that are not caused by influenza...
La Grippe! You always make me laugh and bring back some VERY OLD memories!

KimmyS said...

how freaking adorable!!!! I love that box and the cards, and ,and, and... :)

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Vicki~
The Griff photo box is great! I love using those big wooden balls as knobs and feet. Your art pieces from Cat are beautiful. I was lucky to purchase 3 of her items from Etsy last year (one of them was a killer altered Godiva box) and I treasure them. Her stitching is unbelieveable! You 2 are the perfect crafting team...both have a wonderful sense of color and pattern. So-when will you have an Etsy store???????? That would be awesome. Just remember to email me before you tell the others-heheheh!

janel said...

Great great post. Love that revolving photo holder, and the way you did the top...way cool.
I think grip is like the flu. Called my MIL and asked her and she that that in Arkansas "back in the day", when someone had coughing, and flu symptoms, they called it the grip. Strange, huh?

Scrappy Jessi said...

cute stuff today,
that spinning box is awesome.
and i don't know what the grip is, but i have it this week. yikes.
anywho be back soon.

Monica Crowe said...

Hey Vicki, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Great spinner box. Lots of possibilities there and I really like the fortune cookie card your friend made. Hope your week is going well.

Monica said...

Never heard of the grip before either.
But I love your altered photo box :)

stampqueen said...

What a great package to get in the mail!!!! Love the little spinning photo holder - soo cute what you did with it!!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

I thought the grip was, how do I put this...loose bowels...but why would you put that on a post card and tell everyone.lol...I like that it was the flu.Great stuff.laurie

Tabitha W. said...

call me crazy but i think the 'accidental' photo is fabulous! it's a unique perspective :)

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing all your fun little goodies from Cat! How much fun is that?!?!!
I just received all the new Fancy Pants at the store.. shh(saving it for a big retreat), but I have to say the Daily Grind is by far may favorite. Love it!!! The Altered Photo box is so sweet, great job!!

Scrapthat said...

I just love your spinning photo box!! Now I'll be on the hunt for these...Great Christmas gifts!!
Thanks for the inspiration as always!!

Anonymous said...

Your project is lovely! I love the little *knob* on the top! Love the postcard and I've never heard of the grip either. Too funny! Cat's treasures she sent you are lovely!

Ali said...

Awesome, awesome post, Vicki, I LOVE your Blog. Always makes me smile. ie: What a darling ladybug!

Your altered items are GORGEOUS, and I love that crystal topper you created! ... And yes, I agree with an earlier post...I believe "the grip" = an anglicized term for "La grippe" which meant a respiratory illness usually w/ congestion and cough... way back when, but my Acadian teachers in New Brunswick used it too. Anyway, that's from my French Canadian/French Immersion educational perspective!

Have a supoer day, thanks for the sweet note on my Blog. You're such a doll!

Ketha said...

Never knew that "the grip" was an illness but do remember my parents using the word two other ways. Dad referred to his suitcase as his "grip" and mother always said to me or anyone else when we were upset that we needed to get a "grip" on things. Funny how word meanings change throughout the generations.

Catherine said...

So glad that you got everything yesterday! I was so worried that the acorn was going to fall apart!! Hope you're having a great day - sorry I missed your call!